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  1. Quinn had the misfortune of having a breakout first season that saw the birds go to the dance, only to get their Wheaties peed on by the Pats and Refs. He inherited a solid team at the time and, has since orchestrated losing seasons since that breakout. Changing Assistants to former Assistants has not brought the expected result. This Team has quit on the coach and seem to be playing just for the check each week. Sure, yesterday was a close game. Between two cellar dwellers. I’ve seen some really bad seasons from this team over the years. But, this is a new low. There seems to be no cohesion, or, perhaps the Coaches have already lost the team?
  2. The league is changing, the rulebook is changing, it only makes sense that the game has to change to fit the way the league wants to see the game played. Quinn came into Atlanta and stated that there wouold be changes, especially with tackling to make it safer as the league has made rule changes to meet. Quinn, and, Carroll adopted those changes, and came up with a scheme that won games and went to the big dance. It only makes sense that Quinn would do so in Atlanta to bring the club up to the level of winning under the rules that are now in place. He stated as much in his announcement comments when hired. I don't care if the team resembles the Seahawks, if it produces wins, that as fans is all we ask for.
  3. Bartu and Worrilow were UDFA's... Tuggle UDFA. Allow TC to determine the value of the pick. Stop second guessing, it'll drive you nucking futs.
  4. Rev, Stopping the run at or behind the LOS will make those lesser known LB's drafted and currently on the roster look like 1st rounders. Look at Worrilow and Bartu from last year... UDFA's that BEASTED in a disaster of a season. Hold yer head high Rev, don't despair, once the rookie camp is done, we'll see just who is left standing and moves on to TC. And, weekly and daily reports from fans attending and talking heads on sight evaluating should make everyone happy with those daily insights. I believe the D-Line will GLOW this year
  5. OK, So, I thought Aaron Donald would be the Falcons first draft pick given that Bryan Cox was so high on him. But, I'm truly pleased with Matthews as the first rounder. Dee Ford is gone, and the next round will be the tell all of the "Not sitting on our hands" statement Dimitroff made before the draft. But, Since the O-line has had improvement with drafting Jake Matthews, The time has come to give Nolan and Cox what they really need to improve the D. A Frees or Strong Safety or an undersized yet high motor Line backer. Ealy, Lawrence, or, Attouachu w ill be available in the 2nd round and for this to be an outstanding draft for the birds then In the 2nd round you take the best available attitude in Lawrence. This is My opinion. In Lawrence you have a guy that has stated "if you don't pick me you will pay for it". I , in my opinion having hire d and fired guys, this is telling, Just get it done, Lawrence has an arrow to burn, don't take it lightly....
  6. If Robinson or Mathews are still there through 2 I see a trade up, if not, I see the Falcons staying put at 6 and taking either Donald or Ford. But, they could trade down a few and do the same thing, have an added 2nd round pick then trade back into the 1st late or early 2nd to get a FS. OL can be addressed in 2nd & 3rd round. Cox is way high on Donald and Ford to not consider. Sure they resigned Babs, Peters, Robertson and Jerry, but an impact needs to be felt defensively and I'm not sold on Clowney. "IF" Mack is there at 3 could be a target and will need to be a long stroke of luck to trade up without mortgaging the future. They (Donald/Ford) have tangible qualities he and Nolan coached and observed first hand. FS is also a HUGE need I believe before OL. The Defense was horrid last year with no penetration from the D line and our CB's kept them in games only to fall because the OL was run over with the existing players. There has been some change, and, Tice and Co have been very quiet about needs. The available talent on the OL stretches into the 3rd and potentially 4th rounds. OL will be addressed, BUT, I believe BPA AND impact on the D will prevail on the first pick for the Falcons whether that be a trade up, down, or staying at 6 depending on how the picks occur with early QB picks, and well, where Watkins is taken as the BAWR by a needful Jaguars and Raiders. In all, I believe Donald or Ford because I think Robinson will be gone by 3 and D is a greater need than a potential work in progress in Mathews. Unless of course, Baker gets a hangnail....
  7. Arthur, you want tough and attitude to replace wimpy and complacency? Two words for the fix, right after Bryan Cox, "Chuck Smith", period....
  8. Now bring in Chuck Smith as his assistant and lets see the results...
  9. And, to add a thought on this discussion... UDFA Jessie Tuggle didn't progress into a very good LB until his third season.... Give the kid a chance to play AND learn the game at the pro level before condemning him. Both Desmond Trufant and Paul Worrilow made defensive headlines during this pathetic season. We as fans should be proud of their efforts and play. Compared to the rest of the team that played on both sides of the ball, few would be honorable mentions of the 2013 season. Exceptions would be Gonzo, Jones, White, and, Douglas, and, Antone Smith. Heck, UDFA Bartu made early impressions and came back around during the last few games.
  10. Trufant as a rook has shown almost pro bowl skills, again he was a first round selection and you would almost expect nothing less. Worrilow, an UDFA not only made the roster but when his number was called by virtue of injuries, made the best of it got better each game. I feel he outplayed the phenom Keuchly yesterday with more tackles and a sack. Moore who is now 5th year should be the leader of the secondary skills and production. Peters is absolutely a beast when playing. I can only hope he recovers to full form next season. Torn Achilles brings additional long term problems like plantar fascaitis that can be very bothersome down the road. Babs on his career twilight is still playing well. Overall, Trufant followed closely by Worrilow.
  11. Maponga played rugby, he has the experience throwing people around while not wearing pads. Pads make him both more fearless, and, fearful to the opposition knowing he has played Rugby and knows how to use his body to get leverage. Didn't the 49ers bring in that Rugby player from Great Britain to try out as a DE??? Seems to be the beginning of a trend....
  12. For those of you ridiculing the tattoo, at least he has his own lifelong pride on display where he chose it, and where he is happy with it. As for the picture of the fan standing on what appears to be a folding chair to show off his tattoo.... That's definitely a "Hey y'all, look at this" moment....
  13. As much as everyone hates to admit it, Falcons released Dunta Robinson, and let Miko take her husband elsewhere so she could make more money. It only makes sense in Nolan's defense to draft 2 younger high caliber CB's to replace them with as the most pressing need was CB. I think too, that JA55 will return and bookend with Umenyora, that will make a total of 5 DE's on the roster. I also believe there will be a sleeper DE drafted to groom over the next 2 years that will make 6 DE's on roster. I can see a small school DT/NT drafted to fill the hole in the middle. Babs, Peters, Travian Robertson, and yes, dare I say it, Jerry on the roster listed as DT's. The Birds still have 6 TE's on the roster including 88TG. So, having used 4 picks (3 with Trufant trade to Rams) and the 30th Alford, there are still 7 draft spots available to pick up the later round gems TD has been known for, or, use them to trade up and get the defensive line BPA in the 3rd or early 4th rounds. IMHO - TD and Smith are crazy...like foxes...
  14. Cuts were made to get the cap space widened for new young draftees. A first rounder is not going to come cheap. I strongly believe these early cuts are not a harbinger of fate for all of the players cut. Abe and Dunta will be back at a more economical price IMHO. Falcons need Abe and Dunta for another year to mentor. Turner on the other hand doesn't fit Koetter's offense. They need a receiving threat out of the back field that has cut ability and speed. Turner ran like he had lead in his legs last season.
  15. Not to mention MARTA had a credit/debit card system down and they only took cash for fare.
  16. Until a formal depth chart is caste, there is no reason to consider who gets which play time. These games are all and only about player development evaluation and how they can progress, or, regress from training camp activities, and how well they have learned the plays of the scripted schemes. Trust me, the HC sees exactly what happens in situations in camp and in pre season games. Davis will have shown greater aptitude to the game after last nights play time and Mike Smith will surely move him up so he can play in greater pressure with the better players on the field at the time.
  17. Tandy, First off, my sincere condolences for the loss of a family member who was so dearly loved. Secondly, the Falcons will be missing a great fan and supporter. He sounds like a young man of quality and internal strength most will never know. I shed tears reading your very loving admiration for the description of his integrity and unwillingness to lose a battle so hard to win. He succeeded much longer than the experts predicted and showed his family just how much his presence in your lives was driving him to remain there. I never knew him, but I can tell he was a warrior in heart and spirit. God bless you and your family and I know those seats will be filled with presence if no longer physically, spirtually and I agree that that will help you and your family endear to him throughout their lives. My heart cries for you all at this time. But I also feel enlightened to have read your positive message of celebration for a life so meaningful.
  18. As with others, I too would take a LT or Beastly DT to get to the final curtain. I'm not convinced there is adequate talent at the LT position first and foremost. In order for Koetter's game to develop, the team needs blind side protection. IMHO the AFLAC duck would give better.
  19. Agree with this. I posted similarly last season when the "Bend, don't Break" game plan nearly gave a few games away laying off in the 3rd and 4th quarters. Play to win, don't coast because you have a 20 point lead. 3 TD's can be made in a very short time in the NFL.
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