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  1. When the Saints lose or the falcons win I always say the game was fixed also
  2. I see why there is so much hate for the Saints. I mean this is the equivalent of taking a an artist's masterpieces and spray paint WHODAT across it!!
  3. Or it could be like 2006 all over again but with a new run heavy/ clock control scheme. no one really knows what will happen, but with the Brees and a stout Oline, there's always a chance
  4. It's ok, I refer to Atlanta as a deseased craphole myself. BTW you ever seen those videos of that security guard at that downtown mall in Atlanta? That has to be the worse job in America lol
  5. 2 things. Jared Allen was a viking= mass butthurt, and N.O. IS the south, the deep south, so haters gonna hate, but envyers are also gonna envy.
  6. You calling my city/dome a toilet bowl??? Oh really ?? How many superbowls has atlanta hosted??? next..
  7. What tha HEY ?? We don't pay these guys millions to play nice to atlanta!.... OHHHh that's right, it's a psychological game they're playing.
  8. Let it be known that the great majority of these 5,000 + posts were made 'BL' (before Lombardi) a few years before and leading into the Saints' winning the SB. Of course there were also quite a many posts made 'AL' (after Lombardi) serving healthy servings of crow gumbo to the masses. I was really busy back then trying to convince the falcon fans the Saints would win it all. My previous handle was Saint Anger and I would post picture edits leading up to games. Speaking of which, why does this game feel like a playoff game? It seems the Falcons and their fans have given this game an air of f
  9. This is funny no matter who you are! Posted in the Times Pic when Smith went for it on 4th down on Saints side of the field!
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