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  1. Isn't some of this a by-product of being more well-off? Before we established adolescence as a tangible period of time when children transition to adults, kids didn't have the luxuries of extended education, time for leisure, recreation, etc. They would have to work or the family would starve. Some of the leagues I played in were too poor to give out trophies. Kids who were entitled didn't become well-adjusted because they didn't receive a participation award. It's like that Ali quote..."Champions aren't made in gyms." You either have the desire, the will, the skill or you don't. Getting a meaningless trophy doesn't change a thing for those who innately have it.
  2. I remember this happening last year. I can't comment on some of the things but will say that some of those guys got shuffled around to other places and still held jobs. We did just recently meet our outsourced IT department via phone call a while back.
  3. Lol Inland Empire can be pretty ****** cause it's so boring and high in crime in some places. I head out there sometimes for work and the drive to and from West LA isn't too bad. Southern Coastal California is a different culture from the rest of the state, and may not be what the OP is looking for. Just giving my $.02
  4. Don't know why this made me laugh so much. If you're looking to stay in SoCal you'll probably be best staying off somewhere in the Southeast suburbs of Los Angeles...maybe even somewhere in the Inland Empire. It's still a decent (~ 1 hr.) drive away from LA and even Orange County. As for jobs...that's a different story. You can always try a temp job but it's iffy from person to person. A vacation here would be much nicer. Stay at a really great hotel in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, etc. if you want to see Los Angeles. You can also go north along the coastline and stay somewhere close to Malibu, or south towards Newport Beach/Laguna Beach or even San Diego.
  5. You literally quoted yourself. You responded to a post you made. Seriously, this board has a hold on you. Take a hiatus.
  6. How is this guy still pissy about a name? These boards control all your lives way too much.
  7. People with liberal arts degrees can still have administrative jobs. The only two Art History graduates I know of work for a PR firm and the university's graduate school. It's a matter of application I guess.
  8. Those socks remind me of socks girls wear with flats smh I try to hide my ashy ankles
  9. Old frat guys still rock the new balance sneakers here Thanks Drake. I think I'll still wear socks with shoes though. Can't imagine going barefoot ever. I was digging the second pair you posted, my only concern is that I always find them to be bulky, which sucks because I have a narrow foot.
  10. Alright brose I'm thinking of getting some Sperrys but know nothing about that boat-shoe culture. I know some in here (Drake, Trigger) wear them. Could use some suggestions. They all look the same to me.
  11. Two years ago we went over this in one of my classes. Men who are married with kids make so much more than every other combination. They're seen by companies as dependable and less likely to leave.
  12. States in thread topic that trolls not welcome. Gets upset when he is inevitably trolled.
  13. QFT. I thought it was kind of cheap what happened to Quentin at the end though. And the ending somewhat implies Thea is going to end up as a "real" character now...prob some kind of villain.
  14. I liked it. I don't see how it compares to Batman Forever in any way.
  15. Terrific episode. Very excited for the next three.
  16. This easter egg was good. They expanded briefly on it this week too.
  17. I've seen this very recently with Motor Club of America. It pays out twice in commission of the new customer. Doesn't seem to be sustainable. It also seems like poor business. It's sales, but you have to get more salesman to compete against. Then again, every new salesman works under you, so you get a kickback of their commission. Sounds pyramid like
  18. Their business practices are annoying, and at some points, unethical. Some, like Herbalife and Avon, have been probed and not been declared pyramid schemes, but their operations look familiar. There are a handful of business owners here: what do you think about them?
  19. Yes haha. The stereotype is true. I think UC Irvine might be more Asian though.
  20. I'm part Mestizo, but that's not a race. Since I go to a predominantly Asian school, sometimes I get confused for Filippino, especially because of my last name. But I've also been mistaken for Black by college coaches when I was getting recruited for track in high school. Someday I'll figure it out lol
  21. Whoa I was not intending to illicit this response. Legit question as I have to occassionally do this when I apply to internships and get the option of White, Black, Asian, American Native, Alaskan Native, and Other. I switch between White and Other. Since Race =/= Ethnicity, I've been told to put White for race and Hispanic for ethnicity, but that doesn't make sense to me. I assume if I'm to put White and meet with an interviewer in person it would be quite a shock. What would you suggest?
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