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  1. Man I got both a receding hair line and a widows peak. I gotta cut my hair all the time to prevent myself from looking like Vegeta from DBZ smfh.
  2. I don't remember where I saw it but someone posted his facebook.
  3. I forgot about BWD too. Things have really fallen off. And Justin got married?
  4. Can't I just substitute cardio with sex and still get the same results?
  5. Falcons can't win in the state of Pennsylvania will be the eventual conclusion...
  6. Only on AFMB will a fan say that losing is a blessing. Grow some balls -_-
  7. Well pretty soon Roddy will be up there in age and Tony G will retire. So our "weapons" will be pretty weak, and since we insist that our receivers are decent enough, I doubt we address the position in the draft. We're improving our defense undoubtedly, but why not continue to improve our offense as well? We have decent receivers, why not want great ones? Its that settling mentality we've developed as fans that will continue to lead us to disappointment when we wonder why we can't keep up with the better teams who have more talented players than we do. Out here USC is a kingpin, and any mista
  8. I don't post enough here for you to think you know what I want in this team, so stop assuming. Matt Ryan cannot really develop if we continue to rely heavily on the passing game...at some point we need to hand the reins over to him and let him unleash Roddy and Tony and hopefully HD if he ever develops to where he should. Its ok for our GM to make a few mistakes here and there, as long as he makes enough good decisions to counteract them. Denying the fact that TD may have blundered is only being ignorant and unrealistic. Matt Ryan is 25, Roddy is 28?, Tony is only gonna stick around for a coup
  9. You're right about the first part. Jenkins really needs to go, saying he's a good run blocker really says something about his receiving skills. Hines Ward is a terrific blocker, probably the best blocking receiver in the league but he's still talked about as a receiver first. And at 6'4" 220, he better be **** good at blocking anyways.
  10. McMVP and PittMan4Two>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>A lot of Falcons posters -_-
  11. You obviously haven't been here enough to get that. See rule 5 of AFMB. I've been here longer than you have, therefore, I will always be right and you will always be wrong.
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