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  1. I don't remember where I saw it but someone posted his facebook.
  2. I forgot about BWD too. Things have really fallen off. And Justin got married?
  3. Can't I just substitute cardio with sex and still get the same results?
  4. Orthodics>>>>>> I don't feel pain when I run no more.
  5. I need orthodics.
  6. You wet your foot (feet) and then imprint them on the ground. Depending on how flat footed you are, is the type of shoes you should get. Flat footed people need stabilizer shoes, whereas people with medium-low arches need support, and people with normal arches can wear pretty any other shoe the company makes.
  7. Asics>>>Saucony>>>>Nike>>>>Brooks>>>>Adidas>>>>NB Also, make sure you get shoes based on your arch. That's how you end up getting shin splints and other injuries.
  8. Wow. That's great advice. Thanks.
  9. Lol really? Oh well. I got protein too so I'll just take some off that afterwards and just take the creatine before.
  10. I hate taking suppliments but I took Creatine recently after a workout and felt like a beast. Went running and jumping afterwards and still wasn't tired.
  11. Deadlifted 315 Friday
  12. Maybe but I'm no Sam Baker -_-
  13. Yeah, especially considering that I'm only 5'7" 132. -_-
  14. Benched 225 a week ago...
  15. It was a freak accident. I was leading off on the 4x1, and my blocks weren't nailed in. They shot backwards, but my spikes got stuck to the blocks, and while I was trying to shoot forward, the blocks (and my right leg) got shot back, and the pull happened. It also didn't help that I kept trying to go through with it all season (it was the first race of the first meet of the year.) It's excruciatiing to long jump, but I want to sweep my events at league this year so I will grind it out for the last meet and then rest.