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  1. Absolutely, getting to work on that today. This should be fun! When you say "still left" do you mean uncommitted for 2011?

  2. Coach Picke, ready anytime for evaluation of Linebackers for 2012 (still left) and 2013 targets. yp Should be around 7 I would think, include any others that Grantham would consider for OLB for example. Take any piece of film you like and type the evaluation. I can fill in the blanks. Do mention tomorrow about this coming, but it will be at your pace, never a deadline. chrismerrill2s@yahoo.com

  3. I would be more than happy to! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Coach P, I would like a favor only if you are willing to do so. On Socrates Musings I would like a review of three Linebackers, T. Matthews, J O'neal and Reuben Foster. What this would entail is your personal insights into the three LB's. Let me know if you are willing and I will email the questions I would ask you. Thanks and let me know. Of course the props will be given to you.

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