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  1. Absolutely, getting to work on that today. This should be fun! When you say "still left" do you mean uncommitted for 2011?

  2. Coach Picke, ready anytime for evaluation of Linebackers for 2012 (still left) and 2013 targets. yp Should be around 7 I would think, include any others that Grantham would consider for OLB for example. Take any piece of film you like and type the evaluation. I can fill in the blanks. Do mention tomorrow about this coming, but it will be at your pace, never a deadline. chrismerrill2s@yahoo.com

  3. I would be more than happy to! Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Coach P, I would like a favor only if you are willing to do so. On Socrates Musings I would like a review of three Linebackers, T. Matthews, J O'neal and Reuben Foster. What this would entail is your personal insights into the three LB's. Let me know if you are willing and I will email the questions I would ask you. Thanks and let me know. Of course the props will be given to you.

  5. Not KJ, but it wouldn't surprise me if all 3 stayed at ILB. We need depth there. We didn't get a single ILB out of last year's class, and of the guys we have on campus, only Richard Samuel really has the natural size to fit well inside in the 3-4...and he's a junior. Don't see a standout ILB for next year in Ga either. At this time.
  6. Meh...care to total up the number of top recruits from Meyer's last 4 years? That was dominant recruiting too.
  7. I don't want it to cost us recruits either...but come on now, this program is in tatters. What is being said on the AJC is NOTHING compared to what Kirby Smart is whispering in their ears. Either Richt and co. can hold this class together, and make some major improvements, or he's not the head guy we need to win the SEC and NC.
  8. Cordy Glenn and Sturdy have to be insane to leave after a showing like that. If I were a GM, I wouldn't touch either before the 6th round. Really hope and believe recruiting won't be affected, but we'll know in a bit. Here's what this loss boiled down to: 1. No one cared, except the seniors. 2. CMR hasn't quite gotten rid of his ******. 3. Oline sucked, like it has all year, and will continue to suck until S and C gets them whipped into shape. 4. Murray had by far his worst game, even worse than the UF game. Absolutely horrible play from him, that singlehandedly lost the game. Lets just
  9. Hard to think that in this day and age, almost any kid who's 6'1'' can't get to 200lbs in an SEC weightroom. I'll bet he's 200 by the time his redshirt is over.
  10. After the North/South game, I would be sending an offer to WR D. Robinson, and that Kitray Solomon guy at Lb.
  11. Ah, good to know, I guess. I simply assumed with the success we had out of 3 wr sets this season, that we'd incorporate more of that.
  12. It's not a joke between friends...or at least, that's not all that is. They're trying to have some fun at the expense of people who follow facebook way too seriously. It's something that could reasonably mislead others...and things are never innocent jokes if you don't let EVERYONE who was duped in on it, very shortly, and said people feel unhappy about it. Is it THAT big a deal? No. But I've already covered why I said what I did earlier. Just would like to extend my support for Ray Drew and admiration for other things he has done up to this point, however. Can't wait for his career to s
  13. 1. Which is fine. I'm not condemning Ray Drew, simply saying I find the actions innappropriate to a christian or minister. I say this not to condemn him, but rather to remind us all that what is okay by society's standards are NOT okay by the Lord's. The bible actually doesn't say "don't judge", but rather, judge in love. We all make mistakes. That doesn't mean that said mistakes aren't innapropriate, or that we should not mention them...we simply shouldn't be crucifying others for their mistakes. I haven't done that, or at least, I haven't intended to. I am simply saying, don't brush it
  14. I think we're fine at fb, for a couple reasons. 1. I do believe that Figgins will stay there, if he shows any promise during practice and the game. He knows his snaps are going to be limited by Charles/White/Lynch/Rome. 2. Z. Ogletree is better than many think. He's short, and he's not overly big, but he'll probably play at 225+ next year, and he's more athletic than most Fb's. I think he can catch and run and block. 3. The position itself will be somewhat phased out. I think we're slowly coming around to the idea of spreading things out. I think you'll see a lot more 3 wr sets from here
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