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  1. NFL guys are great and all...but you don't know if they can recruit, or deal with kids. We've gotten a proven recruiter, ST coordinator, and someone who APPEARS to be a very, very solid line coach. His lines have performed well. He coached Fletcher Cox into a 1st round pick, etc.
  2. Oh yes! I heartily agree. Muschamp needs a LONG run in Gainesville to...properly ascertain his coaching ability. Yes, that's it. You would be doing Gator nation a tremendous disservice by ditching Muschamp and attempting to get someone like Charlie Strong to come back...Any chance for a Muschamp 10 year extension?
  3. Because we beat you head to head, and had an identical SEC record. You were only ranked higher than us because we played in the SEC Title game(that thing the two best teams in the SEC do at the end of the season, you know...), and lost. Over the same amount of games, UGA was ranked ahead of UF. If you weren't good enough to play in the SEC title game, you shouldn't go to a BCS bowl over a team that did. Now, UF should have gone to a darn good bowl...and certainly deserved a BCS bid over teams like NIU, etc, they shouldn't have gone over UGA. That was simply a consequence of our incoherent v
  4. Elam has a few of terrific defensive players(most of whom will be moving on), and Jordan Reed...and literally nothing else. How can you have nothing else after years of top 10 recruiting classes? Muschamp is a fraud. UF is fraudulent. Solid top 15-20 team.
  5. And 6 or 7 more depending on what happens with Shaq and Kennar.
  6. M. Alexander and Adrian Baker would be a pretty legit overall upgrade from Wiggins and Johnson, particularly in this defense.
  7. I think to the extent we MIGHT get a flip, the "flips" have already decommitted---Foster, Adrian Baker.
  8. His final 5 game highlight looked pretty good...I agree that he looked a lot worse in the early part of his senior year.
  9. He's been mentioned as one of the players impressing Grantham during bowl practice.
  10. Forget Riyahd Jones, Adrian Baker has a lot more upside and talent.
  11. He was a very physical tackler as a junior, so I'm skeptical that he lost the ability. I bet it's there.
  12. There's no excuse for not qualifying a second time. None. Just lazy.
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