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  1. Where’re did Minho signed?
  2. Simmons made a mistake defending his cousin in a fight. After the DV, he was a solid citizen in Starkville. I have not heard of any huge issues at State. Also, guys on the team gravitate toward him. Btw, I am Mississippi State. This is not a biase opinion, but if we pass up on him, we will regret it. however, if he is off our board because of the DV, Derrick Brown is who I want. He plays with a lot of power light Simmons. Brown is who we need at DT, more physicality and power. Not a fan of Wilkins, he get stood up too often. Athletic, yes, power, no. Oliver and Williams are out of the question because of where we will be picking. In the teens, it maybe too high for Lawrence and Tillery.
  3. What happen there? He left around this time last year too.
  4. What about the Gibbs situations?
  5. Yea we do. I hoping to sign both in the Feb signing period. Also hoping to flip Bryan Young from BAMA.
  6. Not UGA recruiting news, but my alma mater, Mississippi State, has a decent early signing period. I wish our two remaining 4 stars sign. We need both of them with the lost of the Dline due to graduation.
  7. I thought Plumlee was blueshirting, but 247 shown him as signed in his timeline.
  8. Neal shown as signed on 24/7 sports
  9. Prince Shembo situation is much different than Jeffrey Simmons. I graduated from MSU when Simmons enter his freshman year. That incident was not as bad as it seems. The woman on the video was beaten up his cousin or sister so he jumped in. He was defending his family. Ever since he got to State, he has been a stellar student athlete. He is the leader of that defense. Everyone on the team respect and response to him. Simmons is a nasty and physical player. He is somewhere between Chris Jones and Fletcher Cox.
  10. Similar thing happened in 2013.
  11. Regardless of what Blank says nothing is going to happen. We won’t make any moves to right the ship. Duke will still be on the field with Richards. No pass rush.
  12. Torn Achilles is a freak injury. Any quick change of motion can cause the injury. I am recovering on a torn Achilles. It has been a long recovery. 6 to 12 months recovery. I’m 6 months in and still has issues with running
  13. Hey man. I can't PM you for some reason. This is probably how I have to do it.

  14. Any clue on who it might be? The next commit.