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  1. Rising Sophomore Mississippi State, Jarrian Jones, entered the transfer portal. He started a few games at corner last year but was moved to safety when Leach came in. He entered the transfer portal after attending a party that was hosted by a few Ole Miss players this weekend. One of the player involved is Ealy. Leach and Kiffin had some discussion this morning. John Cohen had notified the SEC/NCAA about this situation as well as Ole Miss AD and President.
  2. We are trading away part of the future for TD and Quinn to survive and extra year.
  3. I agreed. Mock with trades are dumb. You don’t know the trade values or what team will do. Just mock as is. I actually don’t do mock. Maybe play with the draft simulation on fanspeak which has pretty accurate algorithms. Most people mock trade down scenarios when TD rarely do that in the early rounds. There are a lot more movements in the backend of the draft which most fans mock don’t have.
  4. I agreed. Mock with trades are dumb. You don’t know the trade values or what team will do. Just mock as is.
  5. I hate white clothes so either the black or the red. I’m digging the red.
  6. Perfect. I’m grabbing a Julio or Jarrett jersey
  7. That’s a lot of weight for front squat but his form sucks.
  8. He is different maker when he is on the field. However, he is a nut case. Fought the QB during bowl practice causing the QB to miss the bowl. He came back from suspension and got ejected out of the game.
  9. I agree with KOG. There are some good RBs in this year draft. Edward-Helaire and Cam Akers are solid backs in the 3rd and potentially 4th round.
  10. Actually, there was an article about AB wanting to pull the trigger on firing Quinn but McKay persuade him not to.
  11. I’m excited. Costello with Leach will be interesting. Should be a better combo then Moorehead and Tommy Stevens. Rumors has a couple of transfer WRs will follow him.
  12. Looking like navy DC Newberry will be State DC.
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