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  1. Sarkisan and Armstrong need to go after this season. Armstrong ST have not been strong since he has been with us. This is the worst that I've seen. Sarkisan is not a NFL coach. Call the same play until it works. Stupid. We are going to lose this game because of those two.
  2. Why do we keep running the same toss plays and it doesn't work? It stupids.
  3. Route designs are poor.
  4. Hey man. I can't PM you for some reason. This is probably how I have to do it.

  5. Awesome man. I will PM you.
  6. I would like one of this cap.
  7. By the time the LSU DE's was ejected, my dawgs were up 20 to 7. I think my other dawgs, UGA, will have their hands full this weekend. One of my dawg will win this week lo.
  8. Yes that is what I wanted. Rivers, Feeney, Johnson, Willis are all still on the board.
  9. Trade and get a second next. We can possibly get a late round this year too. I don't think it will happens though.
  10. Yes
  11. Poe signed with Indy. Sorry wrong adam schefter twitter
  12. I think the player that took the money and sign with someone else is playing for MSU. He is starting for us and playing great. He was also granted immunity for his testimony.
  13. Are there anymore plan commitment between now and Christmas?
  14. I appreciate everything that Dan Mullen had done for MSU. However, I am ready for him to leaver.
  15. Do you think we get EJ this time around?