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  1. I agree seemed like every week some sAints fan would post the weekly rankings of offense and defense for each team of the NFC South last year. But but but it's only week 3 guys!
  2. Maybe the fact a rookie QB is giving the Saints D fits?
  3. Do the Saints D even have a take away this year?
  4. Look I'm not here to poop on your first win of the year Saints fans. Enjoy.
  5. Ginger is playing like he just got paid!
  6. Drew got punked the refs decided to help.. Paper Tigers!
  7. Drew madd like Ray... poor sports
  8. Saints defense looking very overrated. PAPER TIGERS!
  9. Is this the first time the Saints have played the Vikes since the championship game?
  10. Man Saints just look average. On the other hand nice catch by Cooks! They need to get ginger going.
  11. Crap just seen DD has the same prediction.
  12. Don't forget the part where your favorite QB Ice shreds your defense for 350 yrds plus with three TD's. Get the heartburn meds ready JB!
  13. I would like to see us shut down the running game. And win by 14 points. This game should not be close.
  14. So sad that both of JB's NFC south teams have yet to record a win. Poor fella.
  15. Something tells me you said the same thing about the Falcons coming into our house.
  16. Hey SYCOLA did you return to SR to ask them what they had to say now? I'm talking about the thread you started over there?
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