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  1. He is Gazoo's buddy. That's just how they roll. I think they huddle in a closet somewhere before coming online to come up with a cyber-battle plan. "Ok guys, we are going to defend our man crush Jamaal and we are going to hate some fargin haters. Ready? BREAK!"
  2. LOL join date after the new board installations ring a bell? People lost accounts due to that. Or is that before your time? You didn't get into the Vick debates because you weren't here. I've been a member under several names since the Brooking madness.
  3. I don't hang around this section of the board much anymore because of people like you with zero knowledge of anything. If you don't remember me from the vick debates, you're a noob.
  4. Just as I figured. Still no answers. Don't say "know" when you are referring to your FAITH. You believe it, you don't KNOW it. You claim that the bible answers the questions but all you did was use the bible to further ask the question.
  5. The only "gang members" you know are they ones that are running the train on you.
  6. It took you over 24 hours to come back with THAT?! What's next? "My dad can beat up your dad?""
  7. OH! OH! I know this one! Because they are blind sheep who simply let their "leaders" think for them?
  8. Tyler Durden Michael Corleone Tony Montana O-Dog Almost all of Gary Oldman's characters.
  9. What would you like to discuss? I've been doing it for quite a while. Not sure I remember you or anything you have posted. EDIT: I was labeled a troll during the whole time I criticized Vick with FACTS by people like you and I think it was pretty cute how quick guys like you acted just like the rest of us Vick critics when he acted the way he did. Call me a troll because I actually take a stance and boldly engage the people who attack me. Do it until the cows come home, I can take it.
  10. His reputation and ^^^ this aren't warrant for a timeout?
  11. Considering that you, snake and hammerhead share the same brain, it's actually way too simple and way too ironic.
  12. i dun no how 2 posted my on thowts so i just posts youtubs and say "T H I S^^^^^" wen sum 1 posted sumthin i can latch on 2
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