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  1. And their 6-7 if not worse...Im not buying the hype, Nothing good last forever Saints fans, you all will be crashing down from that throne Pat Y and others are giving you in January.
  2. Kevin Walter would be a nice addition. He's starting for HOU now not sure if he would here but I like the thougt of he and HD in the slot.
  3. Wake up? Nah dude I know what I am. Why would a dog-fighting, fan flipping 3rd string QB get my love. I could care if Vick so called put this city on the football map. Sorry I refuse to ride his wang like you, can't do that for someone that single handely ruined this team.
  4. Vick as a captain, are you serious, to me that was a diss, and whatsup with all the playing time that bum got, seriously fk them. Coincidence hunh?
  5. Same here, after seeing today, this city doesn't deserve a loyal fan like me.
  6. Yeah I hated today, felt like I was in Philly. You know it's hard to hate a guy when he's trying to become a better person, but our fans act as if he didnt ruin us. I will always remember that. And to cheer for his TD like that!!What?!?! Hope the guy does well just not against "your team". SAD... And it's a d@mn shame Ryan couldnt play today. I would love to see him light them up and shut all the Vick lovers up.
  7. I really wanted Ryan to have 1 OC his whole career, switching all the time hurts QBs. But he has to go. Seriously..... But here's my take. I think Mularkey's offense is better off with an average joe at TE. We were fine with him last year, now he's drawing too much up for Gonzo.
  8. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-oline-confidential/09000d5d814ae3ec/O-line-Confidential-Falcons-Week-12
  9. Nah sky, you could be right I just don't think so. Vick has always had that cockyness about him. He has to be stupid if he thinks he will get a standing ovation LMAO.
  10. You'll be amazed then...Vick coming back should tell a different story on who you thought was a falcons fan. I say 60/40 boo to cheer ratio...lol
  11. All of our players should see this. Hope word gets out. I wish we had that fanbase that would boo the sh*t out of him but still too many "falcon fans" are still clinging to Vicks pair.
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