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  1. They will find a RB. They will be fine.
  2. That is total amount, not per year. I just think this allows a year to groom him and have him ready for next year. I want Pitts, I just dont know when we are in this situation to draft another QB this high, thats all that makes me second guess Selecting Pitts and taking Lance
  3. I think Its Lance or Pitts. I think they go with Lance if he is available. If not, Pitts is the guy
  4. I don’t want to move outside of the top 9 picks. We need a game changing prospect.
  5. I wholeheartedly agree. Its just time to move on and try to gain as many assets as we can for him. We have cap strapped and need to get out under and the only way that happens, we move off some of the bad contracts....
  6. The mere fact that it is not being mentioned but yet when Jameis was coming out, he stole crab legs and his character was questioned repeatedly. Thats the issue. Treat them all the same. It happened. Acknowledge it and move on. The issue for me is more people on a national scale are not even talking about it.
  7. Not really feeling Neal, think he a smaller version of W Moore. No coverage skills. I prefer Joseph if we take a S
  8. Sheesh, he isnt dynamic enough to me but we can invest in other spots. Any Safeties that we are interested in?
  9. What about the TE spot? Have you heard about us making a move on a guy like Jared Cook?
  10. Do they have their sites set on anyone at Saf Do they have their eyes on anyone at Safety? Any TEs that they are interested in like Jared Cook?
  11. Why is everyone feeling Collins? He cant cover..He will be another ALA DB who cant play... Why is everyone feeling Collins? He cant cover..He will be another ALA DB who cant play...
  12. I don't get why an offensive coach cant get the right DC in here to fix the defense. I get it, EVERYONE wants the defense, no more than me, I just think the offense needs work as well...
  13. I dont have an issue with McD becoming the HC. He failed, went home, figured things out and as long as he gets rid of Nolan, I am good....
  14. Nah the post is gone but he saying Mcdaniels is the man, IDK if it comes to fruition but....I just want the coaching search to end...
  15. Agent, its legit...on wiki and everything http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_E._Canter
  16. Who is David Canter, he is posting alot about players coming to ATL...
  17. Yeah but he oversees the team. Having his as the HC who is basically the defensive coordinator, I will pass on that. That boombastic personality will wear thin on players. Just think he is built to be a coordinator, not a HC. Maybe Quinn is the same but I would rather try him.
  18. Quinn mainly. He was legit at FL U with their D and is scheme diverse. Think he should be given an opportunity to run a diverse scheme....
  19. There are other coordinators who can do things. He is not a HC. He is a coordinator. I hope he leaves without a contract
  20. With Eric Manginis draft picks and they started decline every year. I will pass on that..
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