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  1. Works with me.
  2. Deal
  3. I got Warriors. Name the conditions.
  4. Klay*
  5. None of those gifs are from this year. Regardless, we are still going to win a title. Except the Blake one, but who gives a **** about Blake.
  6. Warriors in 4.
  7. Warrrrrrrrriioooooooooooors.
  8. If Curry thinks theres a chance he can't fall safely he falls to his ***. He doesn't do it to flop, he does it because he knows he has glass ankles and can't risk falling on an opponents foot.
  9. Fo six fo
  10. Thanks brah, I'll hold on to it a little longer.
  11. I heard the hawks had a 2 chainz night.
  12. Cavs in 4
  13. Cavs in 5.
  14. Lol
  15. Good start by the Rockets.