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  1. I assume you must have contacted them if you found that out? That sucks! Hopefully you can get it figured out. It the next best thing to sliced bread for a gamer. I'd leave home without it, except there's no reason to leave home anymore!
  2. get in touch with someone at customer service, im sure they take care of whatever it is.
  3. I while back I read something in Mens Fitness about a Japanese study that found elliptical machines could cause hip damage because of the angle of the foot. Haven't been able to find more info on it, and of course the article was very vague with sources. Anyone else hear about this or read more about it?
  4. haha, i think they're taking about the trial price. gamefly is sweet though. i've been using them for years and they keep improving. when i first started they had 1 ship center in cali and now they have 4, CA,PA,FL & TX. My buddy just got a $6 month trial and you get 400 ms points with xbox live (www.gamefly.com/live). Right now I have the basic 1 game at time sub for $17/month keep the game as long as you want, send it back and they send out the next game. Not only a great way to try new games but totally a money saver over buying new games and then try to sell them when your bored of e
  5. Agreed, she was one of the few left on SNL I found funny. Hope to see more of her hubby Will Arnet, aka Gob he cracks me up.
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