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  1. We'll have an iPad-optimized version, but not until the off-season. And I do not anticipate a Windows version, simply because the market isn't big enough. We would love to cater to every platform, but we need to pick 2-3 and put our time and resources into those platforms. --Moderator
  2. This one isn't about making a statement. It's so much more. All week I've heard how the defending champs are "catching fire at the right time." (The Falcons, by the way, have won 8 straight games.) All week I've heard how potent the Saints offense can be, making them a very tough playoff out. (You have to MAKE the playoffs first, I thought.) All week I've heard Trent Dilfer's comments reverberating through the media and our fan base. (Hey Trent, here's a quarter. Take that, plus your opinion, and get yourself a cab ride downtown.) All week I've heard All Dat. Tonight, we speak. This is OUR
  3. A little less than a year ago, the Falcons shook an ignominious piece of their history off their backs with a victory right here that gave the franchise their first back-to-back winning seasons since the the team was founded in 1966. This one is huge on a number of levels: jockeying for playoff position, staying ahead in the NFC South and the impact of division and conference game. Not much more needs to be said - these two teams know each other. They do not like each other. And they both want this one bad. Falcons fans, are you ready to RISE UP? --Moderator
  4. That was the original date - it's actually January 7. --Moderator
  5. It will work with iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or higher. --Moderator
  6. It's unlikely we will be offering a Windows Mobile version. --Moderator
  7. The app has a "digital keepsake" feature, where you can take a picture of someone/something, then it will output an image of the Dome scoreboard during a game with that image you took appearing to be on the Dome scoreboard. --Moderator
  8. Folks- If you were one of the 4 people who already took the survey, please re-submit your answers by clicking this link: MOBILE APP SURVEY We apologize for the inconvenience! --Moderator
  9. Folks- We've soft-launched a brand new mobile app, and we want to get feedback from our message board community before we move forward with widespread promotion. Here are the details: 2010 Falcons Gameday Mobile App The app is available for Android, iPhone and Blackberry. And those of you who take a brief 8-question survey (shouldn't take more than 2 minutes) will be entered in a drawing for one of 10 autographed white-panel footballs emblazoned with an embroidered Falcons logo. Here's the survey: Mobile App Survey. Thanks, as always, for your candid feedback! --Moderator
  10. The 8-2 Falcons & the 7-3 Packers have a lot at stake at the Georgia Dome today, not the least of which are the ramifications of the outcome on the playoff seedings and where a postseason matchup between these two clubs would be played in January. While this doesn't fall in the "must-win" category for either team, at the same time it's clearly the most important game either team has played to date this season. A Falcons win has them on an inside track to a first-round playoff bye. A loss gets them back to the pack in the three-team scrum for the NFC South title. The winner of this one, n
  11. Young quarterback making all the throws and showing poise beyond his years. Opportunistic defense with a talented young linebacker as their leader. One of the league's best tailbacks toting the rock. A no-nonsense defensive-minded head coach that thrives on fundamentals and discipline. Sound familiar? The 2010 St. Louis Rams look a whole lot like the 2008 Atlanta Falcons. Make no mistake, this is a tough test in the Gateway City this afternoon. The Rams defense is very tough against the run, ranking 6th in the NFL (the Falcons rank 7th). And Sam Bradford has shown every indication he's going
  12. Throwbacks. The military. Deion. NFL Network. National television. Falcons. Ravens. This one has received a ton of buildup, and we're about 20 minutes away from from two quality 6-2 teams settling this score. Are you ready to RISE UP? --Moderator
  13. We just published Jay Adams' interview with Deion we taped about an hour ago. It's not your typical "Prime Time" exchanges...he has a lot to say about how much Atlanta means to him and he waxes nostalgic on his time here. DEION SANDERS ON THE MORNING OF HIS RING OF HONOR INDUCTION --Moderator
  14. The pregame playlist just wrapped up Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight"...while I can't help but think of Mike Tyson air-drumming any time I hear it, the song suited the mood in the Dome 30 minutes before kickoff very well. If you thought before the year this game was going to be so pivotal to our season, a big +1 to you. The Bucs have re-built themselves in much the same way the Falcons did in 2008, it would appear. Time will tell if they will see similar success, but make no mistake: The rivalry is back. Two 5-2 teams. To the victor goes first place in the South and a massive injection of
  15. Folks- I just spoke with GM Thomas Dimitroff, who is extremely passionate about environmental responsibility and is leading a new Falcons Green Initiative that you will be hearing more about in the coming days. To help promote awareness of the FieldTurf Falcon Fill Shoe Recycling Program, Dimitroff will be bringing his own shoes to the Dome tomorrow to make his donation at the collection bins outside of Gate C. He asked that any fans wishing to join him in making a shoe donation meet him at exactly 10:45 am tomorrow morning at LOWER GATE C (at the bottom of the escalator). Fans with old rubb
  16. Do you really want to see Brent Celek and Vernon Davis make the squad in front of Tony G? Does the loquacious Jared Allen really deserve to go in front of Abraham or Biermann? Or DeAngelo Williams in lieu of Michael Turner? There are many more examples, but the point is this: we vote, they play. If these boards get behind this as never before, we can send a record number of Falcons to Hawaii. So take 5 minutes, and VOTE: Then rinse and repeat. Then tell two friends. And have them tell two friends. --Moderator VOTE NOW. VOTE OFTEN. ALOHA FALCONS IN 2011
  17. Ah, to the contrary. You should have heard me in the press box in Cleveland when Biermann rumbled for the touchdown. I was borderline Bobby Hebert... And I haven't followed the NBA since the days of Price, Nance, Daugherty and Ehlo. I'm not a native, that's true. But my heart is 100% Falcons! --Moderator
  18. Last week is a distant memory. Now is about our Falcons, back in the Dome, ready to rise up in 36 minutes. Not much needs to be said that hasn't been said already. Time to get back on track and head into our bye week on an upward trajectory. Time to take flight. Time to RISE UP. Are you ready, Falcons Faithful? -Moderator
  19. Yes, it's only game six of this young season. But I have more than just a hunch that this one will come into play later in the year. The Eagles are a playoff-caliber NFC opponent, and you can imagine the tiebreaker machinations that may hinge on this one. This is a team that's had our number in their building. But they've never faced this version of the Atlanta Falcons. Let's DO this. Are you ready to RISE UP? --Moderator
  20. Your main premise contradicts your argument. You say the QB has the most impact on a football team. Our football team is 4-1 and thought by most to be among the handful of elite teams in the NFL. So either the QB must not have much impact on football teams, or Matt Ryan is a big contributor to the 4-1 record. Which is it? --Moderator
  21. Folks- This season after all Falcons wins, the Falcons 365 official team store initiates a "Monday Madness" sale. They offer one promotion the entire Monday after Falcons' wins, valid through Tuesday at 1 pm. www.falcons365.com We want to get a better idea which types of promotions fans would be most interested in seeing. So for the next Monday Madness sale, we're going to use whichever of the three promotions above receives the most votes. The voting will end at 5 pm this Friday, so register your vote ASAP. As always, appreciate your feedback! --Moderator
  22. The Dome is a flurry of activity, with all following taking place during pregame or sometime during the course of today's game: The CW television series "One Tree Hill" is filming part of an episode throughout the pregame. One of the program's characters was "drafted" by the Falcons, and these scenes will be featured in an upcoming episode. The Falcons are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by honoring Hispanic fans prior to kickoff. Several dozen Falcons alumni & former Pro Bowlers will be honored at halftime by the club. A parachute drop will take place at halftime, courtesy of the Ge
  23. Yeah, I've been derelict in my duties for the start of this season. But what better game to bring back the official official in-game thread. Coming to you from the oxygen-starved air about a quarter mile up in the rafters of the Superdome (also known as the new Superdome press box). Let's get this thing started. Let's DO this. Who DAT? WE Dat, that's who. --Moderator
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