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  1. In a normal season, there is very little break. This season, there is no break. Our entire football operations department will be working long hours, 7 days a week throughout the entire "off-season." Our personnel department began meetings regarding available undrafted free agents about an hour after the 2011 Draft ended Saturday night. Going into the draft they already had detailed reports on every draft-eligible player, so the focus now is looking at the current roster & new draft picks, and determining who and at what position they will eventually bring in undrafted free agents. If you knew TD, you would know that attention to detail isn't anything you need to worry about. --Moderator
  2. I just heard from our equipment manager...here are the uniform numbers our six drafted players will be wearing: 11 Julio Jones 43 Akeem Dent 22 Jacquizz Rodgers 5 Matt Bosher 69 Andrew Jackson 93 Cliff Matthews --Moderator
  3. It's in the books... Huge trade of five draft picks to move up and select the explosive Julio Jones. Then LB Akeem Dent, RB Jacquizz Rodgers, PK/P Matt Bosher, OG Andrew Jackson and DE Cliff Matthews. 3 Offense 2 Defense 1 Special Teamer Time to weigh in!
  4. Julio hasn't chosen his number...he decided to sleep on it last night. We expect him to tell us today, and I'll post it here the moment I talk to our equipment manager. --Moderator
  5. UPDATE: As you were, folks. The boards are obviously back online...appreciate everyone excusing our half-hour downtime this morning. I hope you're seeing even better performance. They certainly seem to be loading faster for us here. We'll keep monitoring and tweaking the settings...let us know if you run into any issues. Folks- We're going to take the boards offline for about 20-30 minutes tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. ET to do an IPB version upgrade and tweak some software and server settings. Some more functionality is on the way, and we're hoping we'll also improve the performance of the boards during the extremely high traffic periods. Appreciate your understanding! --Moderator
  6. Well, then...I stand corrected. Allow me to wipe the jelly off my neck, and sheepishly retort. Late round draft picks are late round draft picks because they DON'T MAKE AN IMPACT RIGHT AWAY. Talk to me in one or two more years when this creature you find so mysterious, the indigenous Hawley-sapiens, is starting on our interior line. And do you really think Mike Johnson has no future with us? Do you know how well Dominique Franks is developing? Kerry Meier was turning a lot of heads before his unfortunate injury in the preseason. How about Garrett Reynolds...you're disappointed he didn't start from day one his rookie year... Have a feeling you may see more of him in this, his second year in the NFL. LOSING on draft day? Do you hit on EVERY draft pick? No. Especially in the late rounds. But hats off to our GM for cutting bait when we realize we missed. And for crying out loud, the team is 33-15 over the past three years after emerging from the lowest depths imaginable. Dimitroff has won the Sporting News Executive of the Year Award TWICE in the three years he's been an NFL general manager. I dunno, maybe we should trust his judgment here? And while you're throwing names around, let's review the rest of the NFC South's late-round picks and point out their "enormously impactful" guys: SAINTS - ONE REGULAR STARTER (plus a punter) 2008 5 144 DeMario Pressley DT North Carolina State *5 164 Carl Nicks G Nebraska 6 178 Taylor Mehlhaff K Wisconsin 7 237 Adrian Arrington WR Michigan 2009 4 116 Chip Vaughn SAF Wake Forest 4 118 Stanley Arnoux ILB Wake Forest 5 164 Thomas Morstead P Southern Methodist 2010 5 158 Matt Tennant C Boston College 7 239 Sean Canfield QB Oregon State BUCS - 3 REGULAR STARTERS 2008 4 115 Dre Moore DT Maryland 5 160 Josh Johnson QB San Diego *6 175 Geno Hayes OLB Florida State 7 238 Cory Boyd RB South Carolina 2009 4 117 Kyle Moore DE USC 5 155 Xavier Fulton T Illinois 7 217 E.J. Biggers CB Western Michigan 7 233 Sammie Stroughter WR Oregon State 2010 *4 101 Mike Williams WR Syracuse 6 172 Brent Bowden P Virginia Tech *7 210 Cody Grimm FS Virginia Tech 7 217 Dekoda Watson OLB Florida State 7 253 Erik Lorig FB Stanford PANTHERS - ZERO REGULAR STARTERS 2008 5 141 Gary Barnidge TE Louisville 6 181 Nick Hayden DT Wisconsin 7 221 Hilee Taylor DE North Carolina 7 241 Geoff Schwartz T Oregon 7 250 Mackenzy Bernadeau G Bentley 2009 4 111 Mike Goodson RB Texas A&M 4 128 Tony Fiammetta RB Syracuse 5 163 Duke Robinson G Oklahoma 7 216 Captain Munnerlyn DB South Carolina 2010 4 124 Eric Norwood DE South Carolina 6 175 Greg Hardy DE Mississippi 6 198 David Gettis WR Baylor 6 202 Jordan Pugh FS Texas A&M 6 204 Tony Pike QB Cincinnati 7 223 R.J. Stanford CB Utah 7 249 Robert McClain CB Connecticut ***Crickets.....Crickets*** Hmmmm.... Seems the rest of arguably the best division in the NFL is also failing miserably at finding those "enormously explosive" players in the late rounds. And for the record, the Falcons have one regular starter from rounds 4-7 in the last three years. If you want to include round 3, the Falcons have netted an additional 2 starters. Maybe we shouldn't jump off the bridge quite yet? --Moderator
  7. Yo - Stain... Let GO of the shower rod...step BACK from the ledge. The Packers passed on Kendall Hunter a few picks later, taking a RB out of Hawaii. I guess they're out of their minds, too. Why on earth would they take a "role player" and leave such an immense talent (who is now, by the way, at best a day three mid to low-round draft choice for a team to be named later). After watching MILES of film, sending scouts to almost every Div 1 college game last year, spending hours upon hours talking to thousands of individuals: athletic directors, college coaches, teachers, mentors, friends...our personnel group decided to pass on taking the running back you liked. I know you probably watched a lot of Kendall Hunter's games on TV this year...I'm sure you caught every one. Heck, you probably even went to a few. Maybe even shook hands with his head coach at a pep rally before the game. But do you think all of your comprehensive due diligence put you in a better position to judge his (or any player's) talent than the folks who spend about 49 weeks out of the year focusing on it? If you truly believe the answer is yes, then you need to stop whatever you do for a living RIGHT NOW and make sure pro football front offices are aware of your unprecedented prescience and talent. You clearly have a future in the NFL. --Moderator
  8. ...for the "Bring 'Em Home, TD!" thread. Anyone? --Moderator
  9. Drawing will be tomorrow morning...we'll announce the winner here and at atlantafalcons.com/draftcontest. I'll post the number of correct entries here later tonight. --Moderator
  10. UPDATE: The winners are in! There were nearly 1,200 entries, and 61 (5%) correctly chose WR Julio Jones as the Falcons first pick. Those 61 names were placed in a random drawing, and the winners have been determined. Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, Tim Hallmark! We'll be in touch with you next week, Tim, to discuss the details of your trip for two to NYC for next year's Draft! Runner-up winners will each receive an official 2011 Reebok Falcons Draft Hat: Cecilia Baily Cory Befort Matt Day Everett Duke Stefan Garfield Vincent Geoghagan Armond Guest Clint Hodges Tyler Kemp Adrian Lavine David Long Michael Love Greg Piccione Jovan Salter Sean Schoephorster Rob Smalley Jarae Thurmond Joshua Towler Clint Walker Christopher Webb UPDATE: The winner will be announced Friday, April 29 at atlantafalcons.com/draftcontest. We'll post the number of winning entries eligible for the drawing shortly. You can still enter the Falcons Pick 'Em Draft Contest for a few more hours...the deadline to enter is 8 pm ET tonight (when the Draft begins). It's simple... choose who the Falcons pick, and if you're right, your name will be entered in a random drawing to win a great trip to NYC next year (roundtrip airfare from continental US city, two nights in an upscale NYC hotel and tix to first night of the draft). That's it - no obligation, and you won't be added to any marketing lists. I can tell you there are currently less than a thousand entries, so should you pick the correct player, your chances of winning the drawing could be pretty good. Why not give it a shot? CONTEST ENTRY FORM CONTEST RULES AND FULL DETAILS --Moderator
  11. This is OUR time. Are you ready for some FALCONS FOOTBALL? --Moderator
  12. What's 20, you ask? That's the number of wins the Falcons will have the last three years in the Georgia Dome during the Dimitroff-Smith era when the Falcons defeat the Panthers this afternoon. Yep, I said it. WHEN, not if. Mike Smith has this team JACKED for this game. Focused. Determined. Resolute. They're taking nothing for granted. But they're also leaving nothing to chance. We are ready to CLAIM WHAT IS OURS. This team is ready to RISE UP and capture a South Crown and #1 seed. Falcons Fans - ARE YOU READY TO RISE UP? --Moderator
  13. I had an idea, but Superfan brought it to life. Outstanding as always, SF! --Moderator
  14. We'll have an iPad-optimized version, but not until the off-season. And I do not anticipate a Windows version, simply because the market isn't big enough. We would love to cater to every platform, but we need to pick 2-3 and put our time and resources into those platforms. --Moderator
  15. This one isn't about making a statement. It's so much more. All week I've heard how the defending champs are "catching fire at the right time." (The Falcons, by the way, have won 8 straight games.) All week I've heard how potent the Saints offense can be, making them a very tough playoff out. (You have to MAKE the playoffs first, I thought.) All week I've heard Trent Dilfer's comments reverberating through the media and our fan base. (Hey Trent, here's a quarter. Take that, plus your opinion, and get yourself a cab ride downtown.) All week I've heard All Dat. Tonight, we speak. This is OUR time. Are you ready to RISE UP? --Moderator
  16. A little less than a year ago, the Falcons shook an ignominious piece of their history off their backs with a victory right here that gave the franchise their first back-to-back winning seasons since the the team was founded in 1966. This one is huge on a number of levels: jockeying for playoff position, staying ahead in the NFC South and the impact of division and conference game. Not much more needs to be said - these two teams know each other. They do not like each other. And they both want this one bad. Falcons fans, are you ready to RISE UP? --Moderator
  17. That was the original date - it's actually January 7. --Moderator
  18. It will work with iPod Touch running iOS 4.0 or higher. --Moderator
  19. It's unlikely we will be offering a Windows Mobile version. --Moderator
  20. The app has a "digital keepsake" feature, where you can take a picture of someone/something, then it will output an image of the Dome scoreboard during a game with that image you took appearing to be on the Dome scoreboard. --Moderator
  21. Folks- If you were one of the 4 people who already took the survey, please re-submit your answers by clicking this link: MOBILE APP SURVEY We apologize for the inconvenience! --Moderator
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