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  1. In a normal season, there is very little break. This season, there is no break. Our entire football operations department will be working long hours, 7 days a week throughout the entire "off-season." Our personnel department began meetings regarding available undrafted free agents about an hour after the 2011 Draft ended Saturday night. Going into the draft they already had detailed reports on every draft-eligible player, so the focus now is looking at the current roster & new draft picks, and determining who and at what position they will eventually bring in undrafted free agents. If you
  2. I just heard from our equipment manager...here are the uniform numbers our six drafted players will be wearing: 11 Julio Jones 43 Akeem Dent 22 Jacquizz Rodgers 5 Matt Bosher 69 Andrew Jackson 93 Cliff Matthews --Moderator
  3. It's in the books... Huge trade of five draft picks to move up and select the explosive Julio Jones. Then LB Akeem Dent, RB Jacquizz Rodgers, PK/P Matt Bosher, OG Andrew Jackson and DE Cliff Matthews. 3 Offense 2 Defense 1 Special Teamer Time to weigh in!
  4. Julio hasn't chosen his number...he decided to sleep on it last night. We expect him to tell us today, and I'll post it here the moment I talk to our equipment manager. --Moderator
  5. UPDATE: As you were, folks. The boards are obviously back online...appreciate everyone excusing our half-hour downtime this morning. I hope you're seeing even better performance. They certainly seem to be loading faster for us here. We'll keep monitoring and tweaking the settings...let us know if you run into any issues. Folks- We're going to take the boards offline for about 20-30 minutes tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. ET to do an IPB version upgrade and tweak some software and server settings. Some more functionality is on the way, and we're hoping we'll also improve the performance of the boar
  6. Well, then...I stand corrected. Allow me to wipe the jelly off my neck, and sheepishly retort. Late round draft picks are late round draft picks because they DON'T MAKE AN IMPACT RIGHT AWAY. Talk to me in one or two more years when this creature you find so mysterious, the indigenous Hawley-sapiens, is starting on our interior line. And do you really think Mike Johnson has no future with us? Do you know how well Dominique Franks is developing? Kerry Meier was turning a lot of heads before his unfortunate injury in the preseason. How about Garrett Reynolds...you're disappointed he didn't start
  7. Yo - Stain... Let GO of the shower rod...step BACK from the ledge. The Packers passed on Kendall Hunter a few picks later, taking a RB out of Hawaii. I guess they're out of their minds, too. Why on earth would they take a "role player" and leave such an immense talent (who is now, by the way, at best a day three mid to low-round draft choice for a team to be named later). After watching MILES of film, sending scouts to almost every Div 1 college game last year, spending hours upon hours talking to thousands of individuals: athletic directors, college coaches, teachers, mentors, friends...our p
  8. ...for the "Bring 'Em Home, TD!" thread. Anyone? --Moderator
  9. Drawing will be tomorrow morning...we'll announce the winner here and at atlantafalcons.com/draftcontest. I'll post the number of correct entries here later tonight. --Moderator
  10. UPDATE: The winners are in! There were nearly 1,200 entries, and 61 (5%) correctly chose WR Julio Jones as the Falcons first pick. Those 61 names were placed in a random drawing, and the winners have been determined. Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner, Tim Hallmark! We'll be in touch with you next week, Tim, to discuss the details of your trip for two to NYC for next year's Draft! Runner-up winners will each receive an official 2011 Reebok Falcons Draft Hat: Cecilia Baily Cory Befort Matt Day Everett Duke Stefan Garfield Vincent Geoghagan Armond Guest Clint Hodges Tyler Kemp Adrian Lavi
  11. This is OUR time. Are you ready for some FALCONS FOOTBALL? --Moderator
  12. What's 20, you ask? That's the number of wins the Falcons will have the last three years in the Georgia Dome during the Dimitroff-Smith era when the Falcons defeat the Panthers this afternoon. Yep, I said it. WHEN, not if. Mike Smith has this team JACKED for this game. Focused. Determined. Resolute. They're taking nothing for granted. But they're also leaving nothing to chance. We are ready to CLAIM WHAT IS OURS. This team is ready to RISE UP and capture a South Crown and #1 seed. Falcons Fans - ARE YOU READY TO RISE UP? --Moderator
  13. I had an idea, but Superfan brought it to life. Outstanding as always, SF! --Moderator
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