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  1. One on offense one on defense one suprise I say Matt, Grimes, and Douglas
  2. Any suggestions on a web site that's showing the game
  3. Have to pull for GB and break a leg although I have AR on several fantasy teams
  4. Tough pick on the road but I like the balance we're showing on offence. Take the Falcons at 24 to 23 another can't bear to watch finish!!
  5. Falcons 23 Bears 17 Jenkins will have 2 TD catches Turner 89 yds and Matt 10 of 17 for 167 yds and 2 td passes Jason 3 fgs Should be a good game . Go BIrds
  6. If the third qb does anything other than chart plays we're in trouble. I don't think there's anything Joey can teach Matt other than what not to do. Look for a qb off the wire this week.
  7. He appears to have an excellent feel for the game and when to get rid of the ball. Injuries are a part of the game or even practice for that matterbesides its not my money!!!
  8. No Guts no Glory!!! You can't wait until you think your ready. It's hey we have a scrub QB in there we don't have to protect him like he's the franchise. Ryan will make the players around him better!! No doubt!
  9. Its called experience and a show of confedence in his ability. Coaches are paid to make that decision and its based on who gives you the best chance to win in or out of the playoffs. Its not throwing him to the wolves its allowing him to prove himself and learn.
  10. Philly looked sick to many dropped passes ( Joe Horn destination) Philly's schedule is a killer at best 8-8 more likely 7-9 again time will tell.
  11. Sometimes a change of scenery works for both parties but you obviously saw a different player than I saw even with his additude . He's not a team player it was about him . Good luck in Oakland (NOT)
  12. Don't swap one headache for another and I'm sick of hearing about D Hall great tools but immature additude and cancer potential move on!
  13. Your looking at basicly 3 rookies and one veteran who's hasn't cut it so how bout we let it play out and see who lines up behind center. That's why they have preseason games and a coaching staff so stop declaring someone the starter based on practice. Its all conjecture, conjecture, conjecture and I don't care what they did in college its a new game NOW!
  14. Day 28 starter maybe but to early for such conjecture ask again after the second preseason game.
  15. People need to quit smoking that i^%$#. I'm thinking 5-11 and feel that would be optimistic. I pray we're 8-8 in the first year of rebuilding but be realistic about your expectations. Go Falcons make me a liar!
  16. Blank What's going on out there? Smith It looks better if you wear these shades.
  17. I reserve comment until we see what Crumpler brings to the Titans but he didn't show up last year and needed to GO!!!! As far as a blocking TE your dam right we need one to potect Ryan, just how much impact does another reciever help when you can't protect your QB and establish a running game. Bet Crumpler is on IR before Oct. He got lazy!!!
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