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  1. How long after a team wins a ship does the city hold the parade?
  2. "Go Hard" because they have to go hard, last game in the dome, superbowl berth, city on their back. "CROWNING ME" because after all the disrespect the Falcons and us as fans have been dished over the years, it'd be good to bump this on the way to houston.
  3. If I were the coach, I would sit Julio. He would have two weeks to rest his hamstring. Look at How long Desean Jackson and Lesean McCoy been out. One week versus potentially many. Also, not taking any team lightly but we are playing the Stains. They have a bad team this year and I think we could handle them without Julio. This would help on many levels. The team would gain more confidence without Julio. Ryan can trust other receivers, Shanny can scheme differently. Plus we could acclimate Coleman more. I think even if we lose without Julio that should open eyes. One man should not determine
  4. He definitely had a rough day but he was matty ice at the end. The difference in this team is that they actually have a defense that can make stops and give him the ball back.
  5. Yes sir! Hardbody Roddy! He was swamped and got hit by like 3 defenders.
  6. Roddy is gonna get his catches. I was praying the ball didn't pop out but he held on. Overall the team played tough and didn't give up.
  7. Here comes smittyball. Up 14, two runs instead yard gaining passes.
  8. Definitely not Ryans fault. The problem with this team is simple. Oline and Front 7. Injuries and quality along the Oline, quality players in the front 7.
  9. I actually had that thought in my mind buuttt, nah. They are representing though. P.S. Beirman still sucks. Had a clear sack and looked like a deer in headlights. Smh
  10. Yea boooiiii! @Jay: I appreciate the slim goodies my friend.
  11. Still no sacks if I am not mistaken. That's a telling stat. Either way good win.
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