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  1. I think the key to this game will be Matt Ryan letting his goatee grow out, I had not noticed in seasons past him letting it even get to a stubble. This is the year RISE UP!
  2. I dont think NFL players take things to heart as hard as fans do with that being said I think that when Lofton chose to sign with the Saints the players in the locker room thought do you, its your decision. Now I think the bridge is burned on a personal level. I watched the Mike Peterson interview and when they asked him about the "reported" pregame antics the look on his face said it all. I think some things you keep to yourself and leave behind the scenes and the fact that Lofton and his compadres spoke out on it really irked the team, the saints are not "saints" by any means so for them to
  3. http://www.the700level.com/football-philadelphia-eagles/news/Asante-Samuel-Gives-Amazing-Postgame-Int?blockID=794621 I don't know what to think about it..
  4. same for me pm if you have a linc thank you!
  5. You know he has been in grind mode when he doesnt have time to shave with that GIllette razor he promotes lol LETS GO!
  6. And I quote Billick: "the 2 most successful series both off the no huddle"
  7. As long as roddy has a better game then Cj... Oh and a falcons W
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