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  1. Yes! Or maybe Jaylen Break. If he busts, I’ll come up with a nic. Trust me. I hope he doesn’t.
  2. Lot’s of people want Ryan gone. Careful what you pray for cause you just might get it.
  3. Well I could go deep on this one but won’t. Y’all know where I stand on Dimi. I’m tired of recapping it. The posts should be in the archives somewhere. He did some good things in his thirteen years with the help of Snead, Caldwell, Pioli and the 5 GM crew Blank hired, but on his own he was a flat out bust. He was not the master roster builder TATF claimed he was. More of a puppet. Dropped him off at the State Line months ago. I’m done. Glad he’s gone.
  4. I think it’s still early and you could regret this post in a few months. Time will tell. I’m still hopeful. Definitely ain’t ready to tank. I do think we have to dig out of the situation Arty and Fonty inherited but in this watered down league we could get hot and get in. To answer your question I always think you should build a sustainable team from inside out. OLine and front seven. We haven’t.
  5. Not yet but I used to like Mayfield Ice Cream when I was younger so if he keeps busting maybe something like Kaleb Cream?
  6. Not a fan of locked threads. Not at all. Never will be. Let the people speak. 98% are true blue Falcon fans. Only a few trolls. Seems to be politically motivated. Anyway don’t ban me. If you do you won’t be the first. Trust me. Maybe eighth? Ain’t gonna change too much more. Been neutered enough.
  7. Let’s get started so I can clean up my act once and for all. What exactly am I doing wrong here? I see @JD put some points on my profile so maybe he can educate me.
  8. Where have I been uncivil? I can’t recall. Not since the mini mods neutered me 12 years ago. Could be wrong though.
  9. Or if you guys stop locking we can discuss some things. You guys are the best since Levak but the thread locking is over the top. What up with that?
  10. LMAO. Those tipped balls were good plays by DLinemen. Or maybe Olinemen getting pushed back. I’m with you on the can kicking though. That’s how we got into this mess.
  11. Mayfield, Hennessy and McGary got Slobberknockered.
  12. And in his first three years he added Abe, Rod Coleman, Grady, Babineaux, Clabo, Dahl and Blalock in the trenches. Plus Roddy, Grimes, DHall, Norwood, Snelling and others.
  13. These mods are a little thread lock happy but overall probably the best we’ve had in the 20 years I’ve been here.
  14. He’s a man child but don’t start tanking already bro. It’s Week 2. Jeez.
  15. And we play both in the next few weeks.
  16. He had a decent OLine in 2008-2012 and 2016. We went 67-29 over that period.
  17. You didn’t like King Konz, Puddin, Dead President or Crisp Owens? Dam.
  18. Sad thing is we could have fixed the LG spot with Quinton Spain in 2019 at a measly $2M before he went to BUF and showed out. 6’4” 330 pound road grader that can pass block. We opted for Carp at $5.3M. Spain is blocking for Joe Burrow now at $1.3M. Troffed.
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