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  1. To me he was never as bad as TATF claimed in games 1-5. The OLine just didn't run block worth a dam. They blocked their as off in the desert Sunday.
  2. Is a WR worth two firsts, a second and two fourths?
  3. Two of Dimi's protege's do a deal.
  4. G-Dawg mockin in week 7? Jeez bro. Seek help. And mockin at #3? Please. We will probably finish at 7-9 again so who you got at 14?
  5. After you post any team's perfect draft. That's your assignment son. Now get to researchin. We waitin.
  6. No but I had one in 2015 when we drafted Bustley. Pure foresight.
  7. Don't fall for that gnat's tactics bro. He loves to dole out research assignments while he sits in his dorm room eating Ramen noodles and posting from his roommate's computer. Don't fall for that bush it. Give him an assignment and watch him vanish.
  8. It was in 2015 when we drafted Beasley. We were coming off the SJax experiment and had a Quidget, a second year Free and Tone coming off injury as our RBs. Dimi even drafted a back.
  9. You should have heard some of the other team names we were considering when we entered the league. I think one was like the pink squirrels or maybe the red roosters. Oh and some of the original Falcon logos were really comical.
  10. MNF

    Peanuts for a pass rusher on his level. What are we gonna do about DE in 2020 and how much will it cost?
  11. MNF

    Fun Fact: Preston Smith, Bruce Irvin & Benson Mayowa have a combined 2019 Cap Hit of $11.7M. They have a combined 12.5 sacks. Vic Beasley has a 2019 Cap Hit of $12.8M. He has 1.5 2019 Sacks. Troffed.
  12. I like the direction he's going in. We need to pull off some trades to. Dimi used to be decent at that (TonyG, Asante, Foxy, Levitre, etc.).
  13. And 83.3% flies in the face of your inaccurate claims.
  14. An 83.3% completion percentage.
  15. The rush D sucks. Bottom third of the league in yards and first downs allowed. Don't be fooled by the low ypc average. That's because five teams were salting away wins in the fourth quarter with one yard runs. When it's go time and the run game is in play, teams have been gashing us. Inside and out.
  16. Especially for player coaches with a brotherhood who pass out big contracts, free tee shirts and don't require discipline or accountability.
  17. No. Too light in the as and been gettin worked the last couple games.
  18. Depends on whether we want to go 4-3 or 3-4. I'd go 3-4. We'd need a true nose. Man I wanted Shelton this offseason. He's ballin on a $1.0M cap hit. Can play 4-3 or 3-4. 26 years old. Troffed. Need at least one backer if we go 3-4. Regardless of what we run, we need DBs in the worst way. Unless we purge, the cap won't allow for many FAs that can fill year one holes, so to answer your question, two, maybe three years.
  19. As the newly appointed TATF Armchair GM, thanks to Forehead, I'm firing him tonight. I've seen enough. Slow in game adjustments, turrible situational management, awful defensive strategies and zero overall team discipline. Dimi would get the axe too. I'd leave both of em in the desert tonight, go with McKay as GM, Larkey at HC and Ulbrich at DC. Gotta go 9-1 from here to get to the playoffs. Nebba hoppen. Shuffle through the season with them and start the big purge. Top to bottom. No sacred cows. Blank ain't no spring chicken. He currently owns Atlanta's worst pro franchise and has serious cap issues on the horizon. Buddy deserves rest. All of us do. There ain't none in sight folks. Trust me. State Line.
  20. +1. Bro how the hail did you rig the system so you can get likes as a mod? You a boss.
  21. Blank will likely go with loyalty and continuity and give him another year. Maybe two. I'd fire him tonight in the desert, hand the reins to Larkey and prepare for the purge.
  22. In Ryan's defense he's had to live with Troffed Olines and defenses. He ain't really the problem.
  23. Sark ran that before.
  24. United aint done. Hawks will be fun to watch and could make the playoffs this year.
  25. Earnings during NE's last three championship seasons: 2018 - Edelman and Gronk Combined $12.8M. Julio earned $13.4M 2016 - Edelman and Gronk Combined $7.0M. Julio earned $13.5M 2014 - Edelman and Gronk Combined $7.2M. Julio earned $2.6M Troffed.