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  1. Quinn is putting his name and maybe job on the line with Beasley and Oliver. Better be right.
  2. I think they're moving Beasley to the right side. Of the bench.
  3. As of 11/17/18 at 3:30pm ET these are the picks we have in 2019: ROUND 1 Hawks - #2 Dallas - #8 Will also get Cavalier's first round pick, which is top 10 protected, so it could be between #11 and #30. They are currently in the #1 slot though. ROUND 2 Wizards - #36 Hornets - #45 Lakers - #49 Also get Timberwolves' second round pick if it becomes less favorable than the Lakers' CAP SPACE $53.5M - practical cap space $76.5M - luxury tax space So as you can see we can get loaded with like three top 11 picks and enough money to throw a max deal at a free agent or two.
  4. A functional alchy that beat plenty as. Best Falcon pass rusher ever. Claude was the only thing close.
  5. He was a better pass rusher than pass rushing coach. Even then he wasn't as good as Abe or Kerney.
  6. Lest never forget he put his name on Busterson.
  7. Hope you're right. Last thing we need is for him to go to the Panties and show us why we should have signed him for $4M.
  8. That catch was our Lombardi that year. You happy?
  9. Heeeee Haaaaw. A bubblin crude.
  10. LMAO
  11. Hello. McFly?
  12. We put up 21 points in that game bro. Zero in the last 33:34. With Julio. Talk to the hand.
  13. Shanny's boys.
  14. He could go have a 2016 parade on Peachtree next week. Yall would love that. I won't be there. Trust me.
  15. On a 31 points in the last 22 minute pace we still probably lose.
  16. When was the last time somebody won a Lombardi with a Dimi esque team? Maybe never bro.
  17. LMAO. We've tried the Julio route under Blank, Dimi and two different head coaches. Eight years in a row now folks. Half of em non winning seasons. No rest. Check out the top receivers on the last eight championship teams during that span. No ornaments. Now buddy is 30 years old and wanting top WR money, with guarantees in the bank. Blank, Dimi, Quinn and TATF are ready to sign right up. Brotherhood. OK.
  18. Then get into Blank's wallet. Do you.
  19. I really hope so bro. It would be a boss move by Dimi.
  20. No but I can show you where his $13M a year in his last two years ranks below quite a few WRs.
  21. Blank bought the Falcons from what TATF still says was the Clampetts. For $545M. The Clampetts bought the franchise for $12M. Hee Haw mtfkr. Blank should be able to walk with $2-3B, but I don't think he'll clear that kind of return. Especially after building the Taj Mahal. I miss The Dome.
  22. Still holdin out hope for BPA. At least in the first two rounds. Hopefully throughout. Draft the beastliest player on the board when we're on the clock. In every round. Regardless of need or position. Even QB. We went BPA in the first round last year. Paid off. Keep doin it. Get stacked.
  23. That's bananas bro. Aint you the guy that caught Falcon kicks in the Dome for years? Seems I remember that. If not, still a butta cave.
  24. OK bro.
  25. Yall boys are way over valuing these comp picks.