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  1. I like cats. My wife is a freakin cat lover. We've probably had at least eight. They love roofs.
  2. Match ups are determined on game day. Rosters and pre game prep have a big influence, but the outcome of a game is determined by many other facets. If I had to pick one today, I'd say we match up better with the Chicago Bears. I've only watched their Week Two - NYG@CHI game so far. Tough defense that we better be ready for, but their offense looks pedestrian at best. Off tackles, bubbles and jets. The Giants dam near beat em in a road game with Barkley in the locker room headed to IR. They were sittin on the Bears 10 yard line with 00:04 left and only down four.
  3. Bingo. Too late now. First out year is 2023. His value will be way diminished by then. Any trade before then will come with a mouthful of dead money that will kill the cap.
  4. Something awful is happening in our half time locker room. Or maybe something in our opponent's locker room that we aren't countering.
  5. You mean like looking at a perfect bomb go through a GOAT's hands for a sure TD? Yep. We do.
  6. Didn’t they score 20 points in week one with most of those players?
  7. No way in hail that's true with Kutty's 38/62 run/pass split.
  8. At what point do you think we should get rid of Ryan? It better be in 2022. Anytime sooner and we will be eating a boatload of dead money. Even longer with Julio (2023).
  9. OTC = $2.5M. ST = $3.5M. Stop using that NFLPA number as a crutch cause it doesn't include everything.
  10. Missing a few run blocks and had a couple key drops, but other than that it looks good so far. Will get a stiffer test Sunday against the Bears though.
  11. Kutty's offense hasn't been as much of a problem as Shanny's so far. Bro. Scores By Quarter Through Week 2: Shanny - 17-17-3-14 = 51 pts - 25.5 ppg Kutty - 23-18-0-23 = 64 pts - 32.0 ppg Shanny's defense is allowing 346.5 ypg and 18.5 ppg. Kutty's defense is bleeding 490.5 ypg and 39.0 ppg. LMAO
  12. I'm not as caught up on an offensive vs defensive HC next year. I'm trying to get rest in 2020. SEA and DAL defenses were decent, but the CHI defense will be a test.
  13. So far the offense hasn't been the problem. And yall Shanny boys need to give Kutty a chance cause he's had a decent start and Shanny ain't walkin through that door anytime soon. The sooner yall get that the better off we'll all be.
  14. Bro I love the way Shanny sticks with the run game and love Kutty's deep routes, but I'm not a fan of either. Definitely not a Shanny worshiper like many TATFers. So far the 2020 OLine has been blocking up the pass game like 2016. If they can block up the run game Kutty will smoke Shanny this year. I know that hurts you disciples but I believe it to be true. We shall see.
  15. I'd say Gurley had at least three good years. Maybe four. He's looking like SJax 2.0 right now though. I'd start Hill. It looks like he improved his pass game some. Got the speed to hit the stretch plays. Decent size to get downhill. Plays with tude. Needs to work on his reads. I think he's our best back right now.
  16. Yeah bro Dimi was five years late for the Gurley train. I'm a Brian Hill fan. Just me and @Draftnut57 so far. Just keeps getting better and better. I would start him right now. I think he's ready to beat some as.
  17. Pass game is smokin. Even the Oline is blockin it up like 2016. Run game sucks monkey balls. They need to keep running though. Kutty is still a little pass happy at 38/62 but at least he's trying more.
  18. My fav Falcon right now. As beatin route runner with decent speed, good quickness and great hands. Killin the league.
  19. How bout you take away the short fields and garbage time stats for the other 31 teams and repost the stats? I bet we're still Top 12.
  20. Oh yes we are. The tankers are already out. Look closer. Never tank. Tankers suck.
  21. Every one of those players should know that onside kick rule from PeeWee league ball. Shame on em if they don't. That defense though? I thought Raheem, Whitt, Ulbrich and Tosh were going to fix it? Or is it more of a Dimi talent dearth that TATF can't come to grips with? Please let me know.
  22. So far in 2020. Convert a couple 4th downs in game one and complete the Gage bomb and he'd be flat out smokin him.
  23. I've seen a few posts saying the offense has been the problem this season. Yeah they had a few drops, can't block the run worth a dam and have stalled out on a few drives, but they are not the problem. Here are some of their rankings after Week 2 (Monday Night Football not included): Yards - 443.0 - 4th Points - 32.0 - 6th 3rd Down% - 48.4% - 10th Red Zone TD% - 62.50% - 12th Offensive DVOA - +4.4% - 12th By comparison here are Shanny the TATF God's rankings after Week 2: Yards - 362.5 - 19th Points - 25.5 - 16th 3rd Down% - 37.5% - 23rd
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