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  1. I agree for the most part but several of the early turnovers were unforced errors. Philly is jumping out on us early in the first and third. We have to stop that.
  2. Bingo. Me too bro. Would love for us to add Justin Houston and/or Jurrell Casey. That would solidify the DLine.
  3. Buddy was a beast but he didn’t score enough for me. Dimi spent $150M, two firsts, a second and two fourths to put him on the hood of a broken down 1967 Pinto. Troffed.
  4. The #3 WRs on the last ten championship teams were Manningham, Jones, Kearse, Amendola, Norwood, Mitchell, Smith, Hogan, Hardman and Miller. Neither of them eclipsed the 39 reception, 538 yard, or 6 TD mark. Their average was 30 receptions, 408 yards and 3 TDs. Not a monumental accomplishment. Most if not all of them had a TE or RB with more production. Barring injury, my guess is Pitts, Hurst or Davis will be our #3 most productive receiver this season.
  5. I don’t think Treadwell is on the roster. Look for Sharpe to take that spot.
  6. Yeah bro. Harmon, Harris, Moreau, you name it. People are freaking out over a PFF article that basically said we were the worst secondary in the league last year and will be the worst this year because we replaced the bums from that team. I personally think we’ll be pretty solid in the secondary after the first few games.
  7. Yeah bro if I ever end up in a foxhole with him I’m gonna shoot him.
  8. Get two of Collins, Bogi or Lou off and we’re coming home 2-0. Let’s go.
  9. 2008 - our QB made a couple rookie mistakes, our OLine got smashed, Milloy got beat deep and Brooking bit on a 3rd and 16 play fake 2012 - we whiffed at a snap, had a trip pick, didn’t see a wide open TE for the game winner and tripped over a hash mark A little better execution in those two and Smitty is 3-2 with a Super Bowl berth.
  10. I’m more concerned about who replaces Ryan if he gets hurt this year. AJ or Franks? I vote for Frank’s. We have three months to get him ready.
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