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  1. The whole quarter leading up to that play I was screaming run the shovel, run the shovel, they are over running and primed for it. Then we ran a fkn shuttle. Or maybe a shuffle. Oh my God what turrible execution. We needed Weems for that play.
  2. I'll forgive you because I'm a forgiving man but not many others will. And stop with the proofreading woulda saved you bush it bro. It's obvious you believed that.
  3. You must have a short memory. Dude was stubborn, pass happy and fairly predictable that year.
  4. The defense wasn't totally clean either: Let Nick kfn Foles throw for 77% and convert 50% of their 3rd/4th down conversions Gave up 12 and 14 play drives in the second half which basically kept our offense on the bench the whole half Got lucky Foles overthrew wide open players and Ajayi dropped some balls Gave up slant after slant after slant Outside of Takk's one sack got no pressure on Foles Dropped a gift INT that was basically a six point swing
  5. Oh you are one of them clueless mofos huh? Free missed basically three games with a concussion. He also will likely have offseason knee surgery. He missed zero games last year and had no such surgeries. Tamme had 3 TDs in just 5 starts. Hoop had 3 TDs in a full season and possibly as many tip picks. Chester played way better than Swipester and Garland was nowhere near as good as Levitre who is just slightly above average. Did you even watch the guard play this year? Aldrick Robinson was a legitimate deep threat with 20 receptions and 2 TDs. He was replaced by a rookie with two receptions and one butt pick to his credit. Dimarco was a Pro Bowl FB that was key in our rushing attack. He was replaced by possibly the worst FB in the history of the league.
  6. Not sure if you're one of em but a lot of clueless clowns on this board think the talent on offense was equal or better than the talent on the 2016 offense. Couldn't be farther from the truth: Levitre - missed several games. Replaced with a back up DT Dimarco - replaced by a deaf man that doesn't belong in the league Tammy - replace by a second year TE caught in a sophomore slump Robinson - replaced by a walk on rookie with 2 receptions Chester - 11 year vet replaced by a rookie Schwipester Free - replaced by a concussed version with a bad knee We have four or five talent holes to fill on offense.
  7. We could have had him, Justin Houston or Muhammad Wilkerson. Plus a 1st, 2nd and two 4ths. We went explosive.
  8. Philly is Falcon playoff kryptonite. Although I still believe we would have won in 2004 if Blank had let Reeves coach that game.
  9. Yall boys might have buried the Aints too soon. Wouldn't be shocked if they won this one 21-20. Better put on your Falcon Suffering suits just in case.
  10. We might need you to explain what's up with JAX if they get shut down this half. Right now it's lookin like they could.
  11. Levitre is the most attractive cap casualty at $7M.
  12. Big power back just scored from the 18 to go up 14-0 on PIT.
  13. Anybody just see what JAX did to PIT on their opening drive? Rammed that power back down their throats for a TD. None of that sideways runnin bush it with midget backs.
  14. PLAYER (16) POS. AGE FROM TO 2017 AAV STATUS MARKET VALUE Dontari Poe DT 27 ATL TBD $8,000,000 UFA - Adrian Clayborn DE 29 ATL TBD $4,250,000 UFA - Matt Bryant K 42 ATL TBD $2,833,333 UFA - Taylor Gabriel WR 26 ATL TBD $2,746,000 UFA - Kemal Ishmael SS 26 ATL TBD $2,000,000 UFA - Andre Roberts WR 30 ATL TBD $1,800,000 UFA - Courtney Upshaw DT 28 ATL TBD $1,150,000 UFA - Ahtyba Rubin DT 31 ATL TBD $900,000 UFA - Austin Pasztor T 27 ATL TBD $855,000 UFA - Blidi Wreh-Wilson CB 28 ATL TBD $775,000 UFA - Sean Weatherspoon ILB 30 ATL TBD $775,000 UFA - Leon McFadden CB 27 ATL TBD $775,000 UFA - Ben Garland G 29 ATL TBD $690,000 UFA - Jordan Tripp ILB 26 ATL TBD $690,000 UFA - Derrick Coleman FB 27 ATL TBD $690,000 UFA - Nick Williams WR 27 ATL TBD $645,000 UFA
  15. Tandy you've been saying it for a decade. You were so right. I feel for you. And me. And all longtime sufferers.