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  1. Not much here. A Vick jersey I bought back when TATF was really hatin on him. A towel from the last game at the Dome which clinched our second SB berth. And a signed pic by Mr. Falcon himself. Tommy Nobis. A straight up as beater.
  2. Butta
  3. Here are my favs: 1990 - Glanville - Black, black, grey home. Black, white grey road 2003 - Reeves - Black, black, black home. Black, white, white road and black, white, black road 1966 - Hecker - Red, black, white home 1978 - Bennett - Red, red, grey home
  4. Never tweaked a groin but have had a quad, hammy, lower lumbar and torn ankle ligs. Should have had the surgery on the ankle. Opted for rehab. Big mistake. From what I've heard a groin is right up there with those. Hopefully it's minor.
  5. Yeah man you might have jumped the gun with your first post. Could be a game time decision with ineffective results followed by a weeks long shutdown. We may get to see what Means really Means or maybe even a Beasley sighting. Good luck to them all. Breesus is hard to get on the ground with his short drops, look aways, pocket slides and other Jedi mind tricks.
  6. Agreed. Ponce City Market is a great family destination. You can walk the Belt Line from there to Krog Street Market or Piedmont Park.
  7. Oops I see the United game is Saturday, not tonight, so no Gucci Mane. lol
  8. I know you have the United game tonight, Falcons game Sunday and Georgia Aquarium Monday. If you're looking for something to do on Saturday here are a few scheduled events: Imagine Festival (EDM) Gucci Mane (Hip Hop) Phillies@Braves clinch or start drama series game 3 #3 Clemson in town to shred GaTech PGA Championship (Tiger co-leader after round one) LocalMotion Arts Festival Buckhead Fine Arts Festival (may be the most family friendly)
  9. An all Georgia hip-hop, R&B, Rock, Soul crew would've been dope. Georgia's finest. Definitely would have been different. And maybe more widely accepted. Luda, Jermaine, Usher, Outkast, Cameo, TLC, Future, REM, Brick, Gladys Knight, Goodie Mob, Peabo, 2Chains, Mothers Finest, SOS, you name it. The NFL ain't ready for that. I do like Adam Levine though. Talented and getting his $$$.
  10. True. Aaron Donald would have been a better Falcon pick though. Hindsight statement by me but several TATFers had Donald over Bloodline in 2014. Dimi's protege' Snead is showing him up in Los Angeles. Spent lower picks on Gurley and Donald than Dimi used on Beasley and Bloodline in 2014 and 2015. Our drafts suffered when Snead left. Caldwell is workin it in JAX too. They could meet in ATL for a Bowl. Hopefully Dimi will catch up soon with Quinn, PIoli and the GM Squad running the scouting and drafts now.
  11. Good point. Shredder is getting handled. ButtaFusco too.
  12. I gotta go back and watch his tapes. From what I remember he was a Swipester. Hopefully that mo fo can prove me wrong. Lawd knows we need him to. Time for all the great depth on the league's best roster to rise up. Need rest. Bad.
  13. Yeah surprised Delaigle missed this one. I might have to fire him the day I hired him. I'll give him one pass. Gono was a camp favorite on TATF. My impression was he is Puddin 2.0. Played on skates at RT this preseason. Could be useful at guard but as of now my bust nic for him is NoGo. Prove me wrong bro.
  14. Time for the coaches to coach up some no names. It's possible. We will soon see if they can.
  15. LA and lower TX are usually worse than ATL on the heat and humidity front. We should get a break in October though. One of my favorite months in ATL. Crisp weather. Braves, Falcons, United, Dawgs and Hawks playing at the same time. Can't wait.