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  1. Duckett was definitely underrated by TATF. A red zone beast. 31 TDs scored in just 13 starts over four years? Good grief folks. That's eight TDs per year from a back up. He had a huge impact on DVD. Very instrumental in 2002 and 2004 which were two of our signature seasons.
  2. I think you and many others need to take a hard look at the 2019 cap and the players under contract. Also the players coming up for renewal in 2020. Gonna be tough to master those caps.
  3. I think we could have gotten something like that done long ago. I'm getting the sense Julio wants a new deal. Mo money bro. If so, I'd play hardball until he starts bleeding penalties. In the meantime get the Brotherhood ready to get rest and try to move him to NYJ or IND. I'm starting to believe you think we can't win a ring without Julio. If so I totally disagree. If we win one with him it'll be the first time a team won a ring with a WR like Julio in over a decade.
  4. Yeah bro we could have moved money around long ago. Guaranteed money. These talks have been goin on for awhile. TATFers have underestimated buddy's every move along the way. Still in a stalemate. It might be time to take off the rose colored glasses, get them heads outta the sand and honker down. You guys should know his people are trying to create leverage they don't have and hoping for a Blank and Dimi cave in. It's quite a clever move. Julio's camp wants to move him from the 8th highest paid WR to top money status before he drops off a cliff, gets injured, drops more balls, or has another 3 TD season. Send one back across the bow and let em know we're good and moving the Brotherhood forward and trying to get rest. With or without him. Also be transparent and let em know we've approved his ROH card but are fielding offers from the worst AFC teams. Put em in check and then checkmate. Don't cave.
  5. His timing is excellent. I can't think of a better time for him to pull this stunt. This is the youngest he'll ever be, likely the healthiest, still productive, considered the best or the second best WR in the league with the organization in win now mode. His timing will never be better. I hope we don't cave. I'm one of the few who believes we could survive without him. The defense and special teams should improve, plus I think we can spread his six touches to the other weapons, get close to his 97 yards and 0.5 TDs per game and be harder to defend. I'd be trying my best to move him. We have cap challenges on the horizon and could use his cap space. His value may never be higher than now for the same reasons stated above. There's a sucker team out there that wants to get explosive. Let's start a dialog with them.
  6. And definitely beat your as.
  7. I'm gonna vote for Eric Weems. Yall boys already know I loved me some Weems. Had the attitude and the want to I prefer in an NFL player. Give me 22 Weemsies and I'll beat your as. Not totally embraced by TATF. Undrafted free agent from a small Florida HBCU. Smitty scouted him when he was a high school QB and gave him a shot when he inherited him in 2008. Thank you Smitty cause he's one of my favorite Falcon special teamers and gets a slot in my Top 20 all time Falcon favs. Pro Bowl gunner. Good returner. Not many returners can handle both punts and kicks. Weems could. Second all time Falcon in punt yards per return with 50+ returns (Rossum). Third all time Falcon kick returner in yards per return with 100+ returns (Vaughn, Norwood). Even with a couple years under Goody's kickoff rules. Caught everything thrown to him as a WR (90% catch rate). Our special teams suffered when Dimi let Weems walk in 2012 and again in 2017. Very underrated. He was explosive.
  8. BJ is a friend of my wife and came by a couple times this summer. He's still in good shape and could probably still play. We talk Falcons whenever we're together. We were playing golf in the spring of 2013 and had a disagreement when I said we'd been Troffed and would cliff dive that season. He was like no frkn way (doesn't cuss). We won four games.
  9. He'll be back before sundown. Trust me.
  10. Congrats my man. My pops who worked for the Falcons took me to my first ever Falcon game in 1970. Harmon Wages impressed me. We won. Been a Falcon ever since. Win, lose or draw. Bring that baby into the Brotherhood. May he be a Falcon forever.
  11. If buddy drops a key pass he'll probably hear the boo birds.
  12. Opening old wombs.
  13. That was the 78 playoff game.
  14. Click that "Go To Topic Listing" button in the bottom left corner of the page. You can't handle Julio topics and turn into a whiny little girl. Bye.
  15. Only things on my wish list are: Stop throwing behind receivers on ins, angle and slant routes Get that deep ball back down like he had in 2016. Fell back into the moon ball slump last year