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  1. A couple potential snags. Grady and Irvin will want more. You have to consider extensions for Julio, Debo, Hoop and maybe Campbell. Ferguson will likely be gone in the second. We have like 15-20 UFAs of our own who will either need to be re-signed or replaced.
  2. And Flood had been recently named the time management coach by DQ. Now what?
  3. Or save some time and just ask me. In the voice of the great comedian Robin Harris (RIP), "gotta go, gotta go". Billy Check would probably trade him a la Chandler Jones.
  4. Buddy was holding. He gave up plays this year too. Scary thing is Dimi could be leaning on him in 2019.
  5. You're stuck on head to head. One game. Who's still alive? Watch the last two years. Who was better? McVay is comin back home to play on Northside Drive. I truly hope he can derail the Evil Empire. Shoulda been us.
  6. McVay became a head coach in 2017. Since then? Quinn - 17-15 regular season, 1-1 in the playoffs and watchin a SB from the couch McVay - 24-8 regular season, 2-1 in the playoffs and playin in a SB on Northside Drive
  7. I did some early research the day we got eliminated and came away with three major moves in free agency: RT - Bobby Massie LG - Quinton Spain NT - Malcom Brown All three teams would be crazy to let em walk but that's the three I would go after first. Cut several dead heads and fire up the jet. There are others that are clear upgrades if we can't get em. Time to go in. Should have a year ago. I hate we bleaux our chance at a Home Bowl.
  8. I would rather donate to a 100' Billboard in front of Flowery Branch that says something like: 2019. Rise Up or Get Gone. State Line.
  9. If you want a RB go to the University of Georgia. Running Back University. For decades. Down year in 2019 but Holyfield is the Real Deal. Trust me. Swift will come out next year. Plenty beasts ready to take over next year. 42 miles from The Branch. 54 minutes. Jeez guys. Sony Michel and Todd Gurley playin in a Bowl on Northside Drive in twelve days. Troffed.
  10. Well I didn't like the 2018 sense of urgency. Not worth a dam. From Blank, Dimi or Quinn. Not with a Bowl in our backyard. I feel they really let us down. I wouldn't have done that.
  11. Well we host our third Super Bowl in twelve days folks. Unfortunately, we won’t be playing in it. This Super Bowl will feature one team that went all in this year and one team that stays in. We have several Georgia connections coming home though. Mainly Les Snead and Sean McVay. But also, five players from UGA and GT. Sony, Gurley, Shaq, Andrews and Wynn (IR). Les Snead was a Falcon Pro Scout from 1997-2008. Found several good pros. Dimi made him his Director of Player Personnel from 2009-2011. Left for the Rams in 2012 as a GM and struggled for five years. Since then he’s built a better team than Dimi via trade, free agency and draft. Took Donald and Gurley after Dimi took Beasley and Bloodline. Shame, shame shame. McVay grew up in Marietta. His daddy was the GM at WSB TV in Atlanta. He went to Marist High School and had a decent stint as their QB. Marist is a Georgia powerhouse. He cut his NFL teeth in WAS under Mike Shanahan. Parlayed a good year as their OC in 2016 with Jay Gruden and landed the Ram job as a 31-year-old HC in 2017. Totally out played Quinn since then.
  12. Been watchin NFL ball since the mid 60s. There are definitely hundreds of ref calls that cost wins. I always believed you have to out play the refs. Most games won on ref calls featured plenty badly executed plays that were just as costly. See the Brees pick Sunday. Turrible. Aint fans need to sue for that.
  13. This is the first one that comes to mind. Refs took two TDs from Bobby Christian in this one:
  14. Bwahahahaha. Yall killin me.