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  1. Bro Nate walked Solo out there way too much last year. Then he resigned him and kicked off another run tonight. Buddy sucks and is taking up valuable minutes. I know he’s a leader and a good locker room guy but he has zero game. Start Trae, Cam, Hunter, Collins and Capela. Give Huerter, Bogi and Gallo the top three bench slots. Put Jalen and Sharife on the floor. They can play. Get them experience. Let Dieng and Kongwu back up Capela. Use the rest of the depth for injury games, come back games, blow outs and match up games.
  2. I still can’t figure out why the hail Solomon Hill is taking minutes from Cam, Hunter and Jalen. Pictures of Nate maybe? Jeez.
  3. And Lou, Gallo and Kongwu didn’t play. If I was Nate I would get ten players 20 minutes a game to start the season. Then lock into the best nine to finish. No way Trae should have logged 33 minutes in that game.
  4. Thanks guys! I think it’s Jbo’s birthday too. Happy birthday Jbo!
  5. Nothing can beat the 90-96 black on silver unis. Reeves screwed them up by adding red stripes and socks from 97-02. Second best were the 66 throw backs. Third were the red on red on silver ones from the 78-89 era.
  6. Not sure which was more hideous. The Gremlin or the Pinto. Jeez.
  7. BPA drafts only. No more needs based drafting. That’s how we got screwed up to begin with.
  8. I’m a PFF advocate since day one so Ok.
  9. As many of our coaches said ad nauseum you gotta win in the division. That’s a playoff ticket. We got five games left. AS is learning on the fly. He don’t know jack about this division. All three of the other coaches do and are winning.
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