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  1. I think it's time to get rid of the TATF stench. Maybe you first. MAD597 next. Yall boys are Tankers. Fk a Tanker. Madden GMs. Draft Nuts. Fantasy Boys. Bye.
  2. Nah bro you been hatin for years. Stop hatin. Radio turned in some good defenses in the last two years.
  3. Yeah bro. If Raheem can finish 7-9 that projects to 10-6. Just needs to hire an OC that can maximize our offense.
  4. LMAO at Ridley continuing to get it done.
  5. And eat $11-15M in dead money? When we're $25M over the 2021 cap? With 32 players under contract? OK.
  6. Some of the worse defenses in the league run a 4-3. The top 4 defenses run a 3-4 though. Coaching and personnel definitely matter. Easier to find 3-4 personnel than 4-3 personnel. Some of those 3-4 defenses aren't overly loaded with talent.
  7. Ha ha. The top four scoring defenses run a 3-4 base defense. Five of the top six and six of the top ten do as well. There are advantages to running it. Better run fits, better blitz packages, plus it's easier to find good LBs for a 3-4 than good DEs for a 4-3. Many here believe we couldn't run it because we don't have a large behemoth at NT. The starting NT for the #1 scoring defense weighs a whopping 304 lbs. Less than Grady, Davison, Davidson and Senat. He is the second rated DI in the league according to PFF.
  8. He would move to DE and play 3T and 4T like Aaron Donald.
  9. Beyond that, we’ll interview everybody of the same color, whatever color you want to pick, red, blue, green, black, white. ... I don’t really care. We are going to look for the very best person. “I’m never going to put myself in a position, our organization or that one person in a position where they are going to feel in any way shape of form that they got the position because of the color of their skin. That’s doing them a huge disservice. That’s the wrong message to send.” Find the best man or woman for the job. Blank whiffed on Dimi. Buddy failed us when he replaced the players he
  10. Yep. Just look at him frustrating the hail out of people.
  11. I like him. Buddy can penetrate and play defense. Takes care of the ball too.
  12. Boy we got stronger. Added scoring, shooting and defense.
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