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  1. I've been on the Oliver to FS train for awhile. Maybe the first to mention it a year ago. I think he would be decent.
  2. If Coach Nate can keep em playing defense like tonight, we can can climb back in the mix. Buddy could get us to the second season, get healthy, get hot and shock the league. Play D.
  3. Thank you. They were swarming. Even if Buckets had played tonight that defense would have been trouble. Keep it up.
  4. I don’t know man I just heard a report that the new network deals could close as early as next week and almost all of them for more than their current deals.
  5. And probably closer to what will actually happen.
  6. You know the idea of branding something on your forehead was a turrible idea by me because your head’s been buried in the sand on this topic since before TATF was established.
  7. Needed to happen a couple weeks ago. State Line.
  8. I’m not saying load up on top shelf free agents every year. I personally think you should fill immediate needs with mid level free agents, build for the future with the draft and pull off trades for guys like TonyG, Foxy, Levitre and Hurst with picks in the second through seventh where the trading teams eat the dead money.
  9. Actually the way to build a winner is through the draft, free agency and trades. G-Dawg is a draftfreak that starts tanking in week 5. Dude just flat out loves the draft.
  10. Bwahahahahahaha. We went 56-24 (.700) when the Burner was on the squad. Went to the playoffs four out of five of those years. We've gone 57-71 (.445) since he left with only two out of eight playoff berths. I'd say he was our ticket to quite a bit of success.
  11. Bro just stop it. Dimi was sorry as hail at every level of free agency, but even he hit on a few top of the market free agents. See The Burner, Mack, Poe, Sanu, Ice Bryant, etc.
  12. I agree bro. And I aint no Dantoni fan. Anything would be better than Lloyd's no defensive coaching as though. His post game conferences alone are starting to piss me off. Bubbly when Trae and Gallo drop 35 and squeak out a win. Snarky as hail on every other night. Anybody hear him the night he listed 50 ways to play better defense? We haven't played jack since then.
  13. I like Trask too. We have one QB under contract. We will add at least three via draft, free agency or trade. Trust me.
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