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  1. That aint how you spell Gritz.
  2. This. We just need Beasley to be in the 7-10 sack range with the team total at 35+.
  3. From Dictionary.com: [ree-uh-list] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com noun 1. a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are. I'm definitely a realist. Here to represent things as they really are. Here's their definition of pessimist: [pes-uh-mist] Spell Syllables Examples Word Origin See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com noun 1. a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy. Definitely not me. Pull hard for the Atlanta Football Falcons and believe there's a way to win every game. Since 1970. Usually the last to tank on TATF. Actually never tanked. Yall mofos think you know me but you don't. Trust me.
  4. Bloodline put some good tape out there for DCs last year. Shredder too.
  5. Ok if you think trading two seconds and a fourth for SackMaker was a good trade I can't really help you. Even if he is healthy. Couldn't run block worth a dam and played on skates.
  6. I don't think I've ever predicted less than a 9-7 record on TATF. You may think you know me but you don't. Clueless. As usual.
  7. Realism is often confused for pessimism on TATF. Especially by optimists. I ain't no pessimist. I was sittin in AFCS in 89 with 4,000 faithful pullin for a win. Closing out a 3-13 season with rain coming in sideways. I'm a realist. I tell the truth. You don't like the truth. The truth hurts. The only other realist on this board was Swift and yall banned him. The Juice got out. It's time to Free Swift. I miss him. He was right about a lot of things.
  8. If I recall correctly Dimi traded two seconds and a fourth to move up and draft Sackmaker. He passed on all pro Duane Brown. Even if he made a draft day mistake, he extended that mofo on a big contract after years of injury prone sackmaking. Criminal.
  9. Mack can get em set but they're on their own when the ball is snapped. Hopefully we're not caught in another RG Dimi Vortex folks. If I'm an opposing DC I'm testing the RG early and often. Twists, stunts, blitzes, you name it. I still think our Oline could be a problem.
  10. Dimi traded three picks to move up 13 slots for Sackmaker in 2008. 34, 48 and 103. Oh boy. TATF Hindsight Warning - could have had Desean Jackson, Jordy Nelson, Calais Campbell, Brandon Carr and many more. Criminal. He re-signed him to a big contract after years of SackMaking. Head Scratcher. Still believe it was Blank's relationship with his daddy.
  11. Agree with everything. The process was in place. We got cute. Explosive. Should have stayed the course. Possibly left a Lombardi on the table.
  12. He's a blind loyalist. I'm a staunch realist. I'll always follow the advice he gave me way back in 2001. "No matter what happens tell the truth". Ironically he can't handle the truth. I will never agree with his Smitty was the devil beliefs and quite frankly am shocked he even goes there. Gots to be his unconditional love for Dimi. Any way we both want the same thing and if we ever get it I'll probably be riding down Peachtree on the back of a convertible with him smoking stogies.
  13. Yeah back to 2001. We used to be on the same side of most arguments but got sideways on the Busterson debates. Since then we haven't agreed on much. He's still my boy though. We're just more like siblings that don't get along worth a dam.
  14. If that happens, Zoo will find a way to blame Smitty for it. I certainly didn't think the Oline was ready. Dimi did. He confessed with the "We underestimated the readiness of the Oline" comment. That clown extended Sackmaker, let Dahl walk, cut Clabo and wouldn't re-sign Mud Duck when he wanted to continue playing.
  15. Yeah that argument has more holes in it than a piece of swiss cheese. And then to believe Smitty architected it is just plain ludicrous.