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  1. We need two more players DE/SLB type OT/OG swing guy
  2. AJ, Sheffield and Dennard for me. Don’t trust Oliver worth a dam. Yeah he got better, but was still the weak link IMO. Unless he makes a huge leap I’d move him to the left side. Of the bench. I do like his tackling though.
  3. Yeah I'd probably go with Garr over Andruw and Maddox over Spahn.
  4. Some of those 19 players haven’t done much lately and others flat out suck .
  5. Watch them get their ases handed to em after TATF crowned Morris and Ulbrich.
  6. Thoppy is one Greg Maddox type trade from a dynasty. Maybe an Otis Nixon type player to be a spark plug.
  7. Would have been Ok with me. Chaisson was in my one and only mock. Also in my real time draft.
  8. I got my name on you bro. Don't let me down.
  9. The next level of development is defense. We play none. Championship teams play defense.
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