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  1. And if he does play against the Aints I believe he's primed for a beatin. By the way you're the realist realist I've seen around here since Swift. These boys don't like reality. It hurts. Thanks for takin some of the heat off me. Good luck.
  2. You talkin bout 2015-2017 bro. Beasley had one good year in that stretch, thanks to Sombrero and Greg Robinson. He was also the 8th pick of that 2015 draft. Gregory was the 60th. So far in 2018 Gregory is more productive with seven fewer starts. He could come in here Sunday, sack Ryan at the right time, and wreck our season. At this point we're just hopin Beasley can make a tackle. He's only had one in his last five games. He had zero sacks in his last six games. Zero bro. Just wow. Truth be told my 2015 real time draft aint as bad as you said it was. I picked up Gurley, Gregory, Amos and Zenner. With two weeks of YouTube weekend scouting. Forget about my draft. Just look at what Dimi's protege Snead did. He took Donald and Gurley in 14-15, after Dimi drafted Beasley and Bloodline with his needs based pickin. Criminal.
  3. OK LetsSeeWhatHappensLarry. It will be interesting. Dimi will have to do his best work to keep us relative. By the way Gregory has more, tackles, TFLs, sacks and hits than Beasley. With seven fewer starts. Yikes.
  4. Start with benching. Next man up might blow past somebody.
  5. Bro you need to go look at that 36. And with the 9 draft picks we'll get 2 maybe 3 players that will likely contribute in year 2 or 3. As much as you accuse me of not knowing the cap I'm not sure you know what a good NFL player is. Wake up call comin in 2019.
  6. I still think we'll see major roster moves next year. We have about $30M in cap space but only 36 under contract. 16 of em suck. There will likely be several cap casualties. Beasley, Shredder, Reed, Fusco, Sanu, Alf and Tru could be good candidates.
  7. If he keeps up this crap what would Larry do? Bench him, trade him for a 7th, cut him, or let him keep stinking up the field?
  8. If they keep playin like they have so far both need to get cut. Me and you could do that for $216,937 a year bro. Maybe less.
  9. Both of em need to rise up in these last seven games or get gone. We free up $7.9M if we cut Alf and another $9.5M if we use a post June 1 cut on Tru next year. Gotta replace em with NFL caliber starters though. Should be able to with $17.4M. Current replacement options on the 2019 roster are Oliver, Kazee and Gage. Scary.
  10. Make no mistake about it, the CLE game was awful, but I can think of at least 66 Falcon games that were worse. The first one that comes to mind is the last game of 1989 which was my first year as a STH, after 20 challenging years as a fan and 24 as an observer. It was our last game of the season. Deion's rookie year. The temp was in the 30s-40s with rain comin in sideways. A rookie named Barry Sanders ran over us and closed out our season at 3-13. In front of 7,000 faithful. Hanifan was the interim HC after the Swamp Fox's second stint as our HC, following an 11-33 run. True story. I was there. Sunday wasn't that bad. Trust me. Comin up on 50 years as a fan now. I was over the CLE loss before 60 Minutes ended at 8pm Sunday night. Yall boys better hunker down if you're gonna be a Falcon.
  11. That's probably a lot closer to what he really wants to say. That and "Our LBs and DBs will only be as good as our DLine, which sucks Dimi balls".
  12. ACFN teams are Falcon coach killas. Especially CLE. See Smitty.
  13. Looked like Tru was trying to play outside leverage. When Chubb cut back it was a house call bro. Trust me. Foye was the only one with a shot at that point. Look at the blocking on that play. Incredible. You think Dook got beat? Take a look at Campbell.
  14. Oh don't get me wrong, he sucks, but when Chubb got to that level he was gone.
  15. And done by a big back. Something we sorely miss. A big Georgia back. That hurt. That offensive line opened a gaping hole. Chubb did the rest. Not much Kazee, Reed or Tru could have done after that.