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  1. Sounds intelligent.
  2. And many TEs. TonyG was doubled and tripled. Still got it done. Usually by high pointing the ball. Julio is just not the red zone threat that other great WRs are/were.
  3. The point is the leading receiver on most modern era championship teams was not some elite first ballot HoF cap draining hood ornament.
  4. The year they won a championship. NE didn't win a championship in 2015 or 2017. They did win one in 2014 and Gronk (a TE) was their leading receiver, carrying a $3.8M cap hit.
  5. All of them were the leading receivers on their teams.
  6. Why? Tight ends were the leading receivers on three of the last six championship teams. Julio and Calvin never won a ring. Shiny hood ornaments on top of a Jalopy with a blown engine and three flat tires.
  7. Edelman's cap hits the years he won rings were $3.4M, $3.9M and $2.4M, Zach Ertz's cap hit the year he won a ring was $3.0M. Julio has never won a ring. His cap hits the next four years are $20.4M, $23.1M, $19.3M and $19.3M. Troffed.
  8. Julio + Calvin = Zero Rings. About $27M. Edelman + Ertz = Three Rings. About $7M.
  9. TATF Tanker Boys putting all hope in rookie NCAA saviours. Not surprised. Good luck.
  10. West side.
  11. Definitely gets to play with an elite defense. Wouldn't be surprised if the coin came up ATL and he said CHI for that reason alone.
  12. Not sure why. Been in ATL all my life. Best friend lives in Chatt though. Son went to McCallie there. But no. Atl.
  13. LMAO. I love Atlanta. It's my home. I've lived here all my life. My wife is from Chicago so I'm there often. It's my second home. We stay with her parents when we're in town. They live downtown on the Magnificent Mile. Mag Mile or downtown Atlanta? Bwahahaha. No comparison. Not even Buckhead compares. The Battery or Wrigleysville? The Battery is a Wrigleysville wannabe. Yacht party on Lake Michigan or houseboat party on Lake Lanier? Grant Park or Piedmont Park? I actually like Piedmont more but many would prefer Grant. Where is the Navy Pier in Atlanta? At Ray's On The River? Coca Cola museum in Atlanta or one of the many real museums of Chicago? Take a boat tour along the Chicago River or raft down the Chattahoochee? LMAO. Truist Park or Wrigley Field? Ha. Stroll along the beaches of Lake Michigan or get a tan at Clayton County Beach? Don't even get me started on restaurants. Crime is about the same in both cities. And for the guy who said we have more hot women? Ugh no. Think about it. They have dam near twice the people and are way more diverse. The female tourists on the Mag Mile alone would blow us away on any given day. Took this on a Saturday morning walk in Chicago not too long ago. Where is the skate park in Atlanta like this one?
  14. Our crime rate is just as bad as Chicago’s, if not worse. Our summer weather is as bad as their winter weather.
  15. My second home. Great city. Better than Atlanta.