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  1. Boy? You takin more jabs?
  2. 1) And he can't get active for a reason 2) They are when you can't re-sign them because of limited cap space
  3. And people are saying he will be the answer when we lose Davison and Crawford as free agent cap casualties next year.
  4. Roster health? We don't even have a full roster in 2020 and have no cap space.
  5. I'm no fool. Blind, loyal, cap clueless, shiny happies who think we're cap healthy are the only fools.
  6. Are those four core players? Are they locked up? Hooper aint the only question. There are 22 other free agents to replace in 2020 with no cap space.
  7. I know a helluva more about the cap than you who admittedly know jacksht about it. And you still believe it's imaginary. LMAO.
  8. All four are starters and are probably considered part of the "core". Two expire after this year and two after next year so they ain't locked up. I or anyone else is qualified to evaluate Dimi's cap prowess. It's public record and available on the world wide web.
  9. The CBA doesn't expire until after the 2020 season. I doubt they strike an early deal so don't expect any CBA cap relief in 2020. Spotrac's numbers are off because they aren't showing the dead money correctly. NFLPA is way off. I mean if you add our active contracts, dead money, IR contracts and PS players there ain't no way we're $10.4M under our adjusted cap.
  10. No I'm not a cap guru and Dimi dam sho aint. He's been at the bottom of the league in available cap space for five years running and has a -$10.9M cap table to deal with next year. And just LMAO at locked up core and good roster. We have 40 players under contract next year bro. And a -$10.9M cap balance. Hoop, Neal, Takk and Beasley aint locked up. Are they part of the core?
  11. That was my first thought. Both were arguably Top 3 all time at their positions. Prime may be #1.
  12. Ugh no. Julio might end up as one of the best in receiving yards, but unless he gets on his horse, he will probably not even scratch the top 20 receiving TD list. He's currently ranked 113th. What's more important? Yards or TDs? I know. Yards right? Well he's only 39th in receiving yards. Ornamental.
  13. Even Kiwi will feel the pinch. Dimi will likely be gone, leaving a mess for someone to clean up. The only thing to do is purge some starters, or restructure a few and kick the can even further down the road. Dimi was not the cap guru TATF claimed he was. Trust me.