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  1. I started watching the Falcons in 1980 so I remember him well. RIP
  2. You are chasing the forum. Let the forum come to you.
  3. I thought Ty was a serviceable spot starter for us, and that one TD he caught was a thing of beauty!
  4. Yeah I saw Persons and even Hawley. Even Mud Duck looked rough early in his career and he was never what you'd call an 'anchor' even in his hey dey.
  5. He's not even the worst falcons center I've seen much less the worst I've seen in football. Tone down the hyperbole if you want serious discussions.
  6. Man I love hearing about you and your son having a great day watching the Falcons live!
  7. You can't teach passion like this, but it is contagious.
  8. I still like how he answers questions. Not much fluff.
  9. I didn't mention Zax or Henny in my comment. I personally think Zax is a fine #4 or #5 WR/STs player being asked to play #2 and it shows. He should be a poor man's Gabriel and not asked to be a Sanu. As far as Henny I've seen far far worse Atlanta centers. You can say it was 'Jets talent' but the week before that DL dominated their opponent.
  10. I assume Andrews will be back active at some point.
  11. I mean on that kick that was Tevin Coleman ... he's not exactly a schlub. STs coach does need to tighten a few things up but I'm willing to be a little forgiving.
  12. We've had 1000 inches of rain this month it seems like. Hope you can get it fixed easily.
  13. John Collins absolutely murdered some poor guy with a lob/dunk last night.
  14. This. The One Secret is that there is no One Secret. Football is the most complex team sport in existence.
  15. It's my fault mostly. Most teams I like just suck. That's the true hive soap dap
  16. My uncle clued me in on the value of time. He told me start calculating what I make per hour, and then for any event or activity pretend you are paying your work rate for it. So if it takes me 8 hours to attend a Falcon's game from my parked car in the yard starting out back to my parked car in the yard that night then that is the equivalent of me spending 8 hours of my salary on it. That's just for time of course ... any other money you spend on tickets, parking, food, etc adds on to that. Makes you start thinking about what time you are willing to put into things. That said I do need to get to a game one day soon, but it won't be one I can get too worked up about.
  17. To me it's not even the money. It's time. I can 'sacrifice' 3 hours of TV time on my couch to be a Falc fan even if the team is bad, but I'm not going to drop 8 hours of my time to attend a game live when the product is iffy.
  18. This. I'm a big GT fan back to my days on campus. That said I can go to a GT game and have fun in a loss because I rarely have expectations of anything else. They are my 'lovable losers' you mentioned. The Braves and Falcons of most of the 80s were the same. I sat in Fulton County stadium watching both teams lose back then and didn't get worked up because I was just enjoying the live sports experience and we didn't really have a culture of anything else. Then the Braves and the recently the Falcons did me dirty and started to string together some decent seasons and get to those World Series and Superbowls and then crush my spirit. I was really glad the Hawks didn't make the Finals this past season because I wasn't sure I could handle another loss like that if it happened. So my response has been to just not get as tied into the games as much. I sat Sunday watching the 4th quarter pretty much knowing we were going to lose. My wife has commented about how quietly I watch games the last few years. I just can't get that worked up over them.
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