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  1. Sarah Ryan approves of Matt's ball speed.
  2. I'm guessing the medical staff of the Falcons keep a pretty good eye on his shoulder.
  3. Not that I think he's an expert but he's pretty funny sometimes. He's definitely not trying to build bridges to the Atlanta front office when he says what he says.
  4. Chuck really wants to say some other words but keeps having to rein himself in.
  5. Agreed. Sounds like when Tru gets back Oliver's benched if what Quinn said about Sheff holds true.
  6. Plenty of blame to go all around, unfortunately. Just when I think I've seen it all in Falcons-land they manage to surprise me again.
  7. Depressing. I had hopes for Oliver.
  8. Because Matt is **** good and you are a troll.
  9. Darrell was a big ole boy. He was one of those 7th rounders I always was hoping would amount to something.
  10. You are a joke. Everyone here sees it. Sorry. Football games don't hinge on one play ... regardless of how you want to define it. Matt did plenty to win that game, and no amount of fixating on one play on 2nd down will change that. Matt completed a pass on the very next play that put us back in FG range, but the refs did their thing and caught Matthews holding.
  11. Well played.
  12. That's one thing I liked about Glanville at least.
  13. It's a spoof and it's slightly humorous.
  14. We have to chalk these losses up to the fact that God doesn't like the Falcons. I can't argue with that statement.
  15. Doesn't change Ergo's point an iota.
  16. True. He was a good guy. Hate the way things ended for him.
  17. Pre-heart scare Smitty I agree.
  18. I'm addressing your claim he couldn't get a first down. Reading is fundamental. I know selective reading comprehension is a troll tactic. You aren't fooling anyone.
  19. Dude ... you got to quit spouting that 4th qtr BS. Matt had 3 first down passes in the last 2 drives. I called you on it in another thread. If you are going to constantly Matt troll bring facts. 1-10-ATL 10 (5:53) M.Ryan pass short left to D.Freeman to ATL 49 for 39 yards (E.Roberts). 2-8-NE 49 (4:47) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass deep right to J.Jones to NE 22 for 27 yards. 1-10-ATL 11 (:52) (Shotgun) M.Ryan pass short left to M.Sanu to ATL 23 for 12 yards (L.Ryan).
  20. I like Matt but Fouts was a BEAST in that Coryell offense.
  21. And how bad would we look if we hadn't 'lucked' into Grady being an insane player specifically considering his draft position?
  22. I wish there was a stat that measured passing ability versus actual W's. Would be interesting to see who are the unluckier QBs.
  23. What's funny about TD is that he is constantly bringing in DBs to churn the roster position, but he doesn't do that with DL. It may cost him his job.
  24. Yep. I'll applaud him for his civic work for kids, but I don't want to see him on the team any longer.