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  1. I think my ignore list about to expand during this offseason.
  2. **** good QB with many parallels to Ryan.
  3. I was only looking at Drew as a veteran backup for Matt next season. It would all depend on the package Denver was offering us.
  4. I see it now. Last time I was playing on the OTC website looking at the 21 roster I think he was showing as an ERFA but that was probably around Xmas. I'm glad we got him back.
  5. I missed where he signed a futures contact earlier this month. In December he was going to be a FA at the end of the year.
  6. I don't have a problem with this decision.
  7. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m totally serious. This is the best 4-12 Atlanta team I’ve seen. I’ve seen lots and lots of worse Falcons seasons.
  8. The Number of the Drafting shall be 4. No more, no less.
  9. If anyone else has already mentioned it then pardon me, but did Smith and Mularkey have much overlap with the Titans?
  10. I've seen him with projected 3-5th round depending on who you are reading.
  11. Fitzpatrick played plenty. We don't have a Fitzpatrick on the roster.
  12. Not even vaguely interested for a 2nd round pick.
  13. A potential downside is I believe NOs would get draft picks if we did. Still, if he's your guy you got to make him an offer.
  14. There are a number of cap gurus on this site that can see numerous paths out of the cap crunch we are in. I can only imagine what a real professional can do. Yes, being against the cap limits you to a certain extent but it's not the end of the world. TD is gone for different reasons.
  15. Actually that game was a lot closer than it should have been. The refs shorted us on a Schaub scramble that really changed that game a bit.
  16. I'm the absolute worst when evaluating Safeties. I get too caught up in watching them hit. It is a definite need. Rico's contract is almost certainly going to result in him being cut.
  17. My problem with the QB or bust theory is picking at 4 we aren't getting 'our' pick. We are getting what's left at QB. Now, if who is left is really 'our' guy then you certainly jump up and run to the podium. If you take 'what's left' just to take a QB then you are doing it wrong. If Fields is our guy and he's there ... then I'm not going to complain. But if we take Lance or Wilson just cause ... I'm not going to be happy.
  18. Not disagreeing, but the premise of the OP isn't exactly 'either or'. If we didn't draft a QB and addressed other holes this season we might still suck in 2021, but we are still improving. Let's say we get a stud OL and RB early instead of a QB and our rushing attack improves. That helps a new QB we could pick up in the 22 draft. I hate the whole 'there's only one way to do this' narrative, and we are all idiots if we don't buy into it schtick.
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