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  1. It's like you've been here before ...
  2. Only the Giants matter to me right now.
  3. Just not getting the cart before the horse. This team will break your heart of you let it. Pure defensive mechanism and survival skill
  4. Don't be a leftist!
  5. Oddly enough the 1980 Falcons team attempted 559 rushes and the 2008 Falcons attempted 560. In 1981 the Falcons passed more than they ran. Bart was a helluva a QB in his prime and was tossing 30 TDS and 31 TDS in 80 and 81. You can't just say the team ran the ball more then.
  6. Isn't Mod abuse or the lack of one of the things that make forums unique? It's like a giant social experiment going on right in front of our eyes.
  7. I'm talking up Andrews as my favorite but Turner was a beast also. I also don't forget Riggs and Dunn.
  8. Tingles I'm telling ya! Tom Jackson in desperate pursuit
  9. That Denver CB he trucked for like an 80 yd TD on a little swing pass was a thing of beauty.
  10. A touch ( carries and receptions )... not a carry. Andrews averaged 5.4 yds a touch. Andrews was a complete back. Ran like a RB, caught like WR, and blocked like a FB ( the position he was drafted as ).
  11. Turner averaged 5.5 yds a carry in SD. In Atlanta he was 4.3 yds a carry, and 4.5 yds a carry for his career. We were lucky to have both but with the exception of TDs Andrews matches Turner very well in stats. Toss in William's blocking and receiving skills and a lot of us old timers like #31 better. Different eras and different systems so hard to compare, but fun to debate
  12. Turner didn't average 5.4 yds a touch like Andrews did either. Andrews generated almost 2000 more yards from scrimmage than Turner in a Falcons uniform ( both in 5 seasons with Atlanta ). That's not knocking Turner at all, but Andrews was a HOSS. That knee injury ruined something special ....
  13. That's not how the NFL works. We have plenty of roster spots to carry a kicker for a few weeks if needed.