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  1. Plenty of time for all those front offices to remind the national office who the boss really is ( the owners ).
  2. I was alive for the barracks bombing in Lebanon so this brought back some bad memories. Praying for all those who are suffering today.
  3. Negative. For about 2-3 years Dale was THE best player in MLB, and if you look at 80-87 is top 1 or 2 (42.8 bWAR ). His problem is he fell off the cliff at the end of that stretch. So up to age 31 he was a sure HOF pick. Even with his decline starting in 88 if you look at his stats for the entirety of the 80s he's the leader in many of the categories. Has Matthews ever played at that level? I'm not arguing he's HOF worthy ... I'm just saying for a multiyear stretch he was without a doubt one of the top players in his sport.
  4. I 'like' Cam. In the sense he's entertaining to hear from, and he 'gets' the ATL/NO rivalry at a good level. He's always looking to get under someone's skin with a quick soundbite, but he's rarely malicious. He tweeted Matt the other day telling him they should work together to get that NFL record to 20 this season. That's funny without being mean. Plus he dumped on Cam Newton all the time.
  5. I ( unfortunately ) got to see a lot of Jerry Rice back in the day. He was a different beast. He beat you by inches on individual plays, but it turned into yards and TDs somehow. It's hard to describe. I love JJ, and there are things JJ can do that Rice could only dream of but Rice is a better WR. Somehow.
  6. If I recall 2006 it was the return of Bob Sanders from injury that really provided a spark to that team, and they went on to win the SB. The press didn't think an Indy team without Sanders had a chance in the playoffs with NE looming in front of them. They barely beat NE as it was ( 38-34 )
  7. I'll toss this out for consideration ... until Manning won his first SB he was considered by many people to be a choker. NE was cleaning his clock in the playoffs most years. Then he got the ring and perceptions changed drastically.
  8. I don't think the point of the comparision was to equate Matt to Manning. No one cares how Matt compares to Romo or Rivers. You compare to the best.
  9. No one in their right mind is claiming Matt is 'better' than Peyton. They are saying Matt's stats aren't that far off. The fact that some of Matt's seasons are even in discussion to compare with one of the GOATs tells us something. Even if every person in the world knows Manning is better doesn't mean Matt isn't very very good. Could you do this with Chris Miller's stats? Chandler's? Vick's?
  10. I can remember teams running 'at' Abraham as a tactic. Not so much as for yardage gains, but the fact it wore him down. Like I said earlier this is far more complex an issue than it appears at it's surface.
  11. Well I don't think can just ignore the run either. 'Establishing the run' may be a myth for your run game, but how does it relate to play action for example? I think the NFL game is too complex just to boil down to any stat beyond 'the team that scores the most points wins'.
  12. He's fun to watch ... there's no denying that.
  13. Supposedly the biggest in NFL history. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2872613-report-patrick-mahomes-chiefs-agree-to-10-year-contract-through-2031-season
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