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  1. I'm just the news aggregator of TATF my friend. I nether confirm nor deny the validity
  2. Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast @kenny_sports @ChicagoBears and @Patriots reportedly called the @AtlantaFalcons about the availability of QB Matt Ryan #Falcons #Patriots #Bears #NFL
  3. You seem to think there's some kind of competition happening in this forum that is simply absent in my post. I'm a big believer that there are multiple ways to success for the Atlanta Falcons. In some of them Matt Ryan is actively involved, and in others he is not. I've been watching this team since the 70s so I've gotten used to players coming and going. I'll admit I like Matt, but if we traded him tomorrow I'll be rooting for the next guy that takes his place. If that happens hopefully the next guy will have a defense that holds people below 30 points more than Matt's did.
  4. Why do I have to be in a 'camp'? I'm not suiting up to fight a civil war over Matt Ryan.
  5. Not sure I have a real take beyond Matt plays well enough to be in these interesting little stat clusters that contain successful QBs. I'm old enough to remember 'journeymen' QBs winning SBs so I've never exactly bought into the idea the QB is the major vector of success for a SB win.
  6. NFLonCBS @NFLonCBS · Feb 22 Most Pass Yards Per Game Since 2019: 1. Dak Prescott 321.8 2. Patrick Mahomes 302.4 3. Matt Ryan 291.8 4. Justin Herbert 289.1 5. Deshaun Watson 279.8 PFF @PFF · Feb 23 Highest accuracy % on 10+ yard throws since 2016: 🎯 Tom Brady 🎯 Drew Brees 🎯 Patrick Mahomes 🎯 Matt Ryan
  7. Interesting you take this as a 'defend' Matt thread? I'm simply sharing some information I found on Twitter concerning a player on our team. I added nothing to the post that wasn't in the original tweet.
  8. Barry McCockiner @UltraWeedHater · Feb 17 Percentage of career starts where opponent scored 30 or more points: DREW BREES: 27.0% AARON RODGERS: 23.8% MATT RYAN: 23.2% PEYTON MANNING: 18.2% TOM BRADY: 14.0%
  9. That's not far off from how we signed Brent Grimes. UDFA we cut and he went to NFL Europe and we picked him back up the next year.
  10. Just some names I haven't already seen listed: Jamie Newman Daviyon Nixon Javonte Williams Tony Poljan Tyler Shelvin Monty Rice
  11. I don't get paid to do that stuff. We hired a bright young mind to answer that question. What I do know is many, many QBs not drafted at #4 have had successful NFL careers, and won numerous SBs. I imagine it can still be done.
  12. I've played around with some of the sims just to get an idea of this in general and some of the things I see are the following: 1. If you trade back closer to #4 ( say stay in the top 10 ) your potential haul goes down as the net value change in the two picks is less, but the rest of the picks you get back for this season are also potentially higher in the draft so if you get some 2nd and 3rds for example you have more choices to get difference makers. You may not be able to nab a high pick in future drafts, or if you do it limits the picks you get back for 21. 2. If you trade farthe
  13. Bobby Hebert. Mort, and Ironhead broke me of that thinking.
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