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  1. For many years the only reason to watch Falcon's games. He even gave me a reason to watch ESPN just to catch Berman mumuering 'Primetime ... Primetime .... PRIMETIME' as Deion streaked down the field on a KR/PR/INT . I won't even mention the magical year he played with the Barves Happy Birthday !
  2. Hey I just like that some of those 'greats' want to show up and watch our practices. It says something for the team that former players WANT to watch us. Do you think anyone wanted to watch the Marion Campbell ( love ya Swamp Fox ) Falcons practice?
  3. And 38 bottles of Gatorade
  4. Hate to read about any injury like that.
  5. He's already top 20-15 on almost every career passing stat you can look up, and most of those he's in easy striking distance of moving into the top 10 with a few more average seasons.
  6. All Falcons look alike to me ... like 'awesome'!
  7. I'm going to be 'that guy' and point out Mike Johnson only started 1 game. He had brutal injuries that effectively derailed his career. He was a helluva college OL.
  8. Saubert looks smooth running routes.
  9. Prayers and best wishes for a full and complete victory over this.
  10. Norm Johnson as well. He spent a few years in the ATL
  11. Only 5 place kickers are in the HOF, and one of them also played QB.
  12. Matt Bryant is also #17 on the all time scoring list
  13. Just some numbers to toss around: Top FG% All Time - 9th ( minimum 100 attempts ) Total FGs Made All Time - 14th ( 368 ... 5 behind Jan Stenerud )
  14. Smitty was never the same after that heart scare thing. Used to love watching him get bent out of shape on the sidelines.
  15. Anyone remember Smitty going after him on the sideline LOL?