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  1. I think Hawley got busted for Adderall a few years ago.
  2. I don't mind if he does, but I'd prefer he keeps up his tremendous blocking as Job #1.
  3. No therapy needed. It was 45 minutes of the best football I'd ever seen. I just refuse to admit the last quarter happened.
  4. For 45 minutes that was the best game I'd ever seen as a Falcon's fan. I had a blast watching it.
  5. Better now than hearing this at the end of August.
  6. Going to have disagree to a certain extent. The Vick debacle has changed that. I like our pick, but I don't consider what he did last night a character flaw. Personality does matter though, and at this level teams have to cover their bases.
  7. Salary Cap problems aren't a problem. There are a million ways to make space if they need it.
  8. I got to quibble with that one. MJ12 was the 7th WR taken in that draft so you can't exactly expect top of the first round production from him. He ended playing like the 7th best WR in that draft. He wasn't even our first 1st rounder in that draft ... we pick Deangelo Hall earlier. Only 2 WRs from that draft ever even made the Pro Bowl so with the exception of those 2 guys ( Larry Fitz and Roy Williams ) it was a fairly pedestrian WR class. Underwhelming career, but it wasn't like he a giant hole of crap when he was on the field. He made enough plays that I have a hard time including him the same grouping as the other 4 guys you mention.
  9. He's dead to me. I appreciate his work, but he's no longer here. In Sark I trust.
  10. I don't have an opinion on the deal in either fashion. Just pointing out our 2nd rounder isn't exactly #33.
  11. Our 2nd is essentially a 3rd if you get down to it. Just saying.
  12. I'm just going to let the season play out without any preconceived notions in either direction. Win or lose these are my guys, and I've been rolling with them since 1980 so it's far to late to do anything else. Even in the worst seasons there are usually things to watch and enjoy.