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  1. Smitty was never the same after that heart scare thing. Used to love watching him get bent out of shape on the sidelines.
  2. Anyone remember Smitty going after him on the sideline LOL?
  3. I don't get the vitriol. A heckuva player I thought. Some of you guys should have been forced to watch Dimry play.
  4. That is a genius contract. Matt and agent can bask in the 'glory' of the $30M narrative, while the Falcons actually are getting a great cap setup. Win win for both sides.
  5. Flowers FB Ferguson QB Toth OT
  6. My only issue not going DT in the 2nd is that you are gambling a guy is available in the 3rd that is on your board. If we have multiple DTs on our board we feel can step in and contribute from the 3rd round on then it's not an issue.
  7. He's paid his dues in my book. Glad to see the Falcon's family continuing to welcome him back into the fold.
  8. Seriously, unless we had Deion again I don't care if they stay or go. Kickoffs are the time I spend checking FB, or getting back to my couch from the kitchen or the bathroom. To me they are not integral to the game.
  9. Last I read Matt and Hooper had already been throwing.
  10. When it comes to offseason training, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu does not discriminate about who he works with. Recently, Sanu shared some videos on social media of himself training with Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landry and a few other guys. Apparently, Sanu has also been catching balls from an NFC rival. According to a report by Darren Wolfson at ESPN, Sanu has been working out recently with Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins in the Atlanta area. Twitter Ads info and privacy The common denominator between the two is that they share an agent in Mike McCartney, who recently got Cousins the first fully guaranteed contract in NFL history. Cousins signed a three-year, $84 million deal with Minnesota, boosting an already powerful conference contender at the most important position on the field. The Vikings beat Atlanta 14-9 in December of last year and went 13-3 in the regular season. In the playoffs, they made it to the NFC Championship before getting crushed 38-7 by the Eagles. As for Sanu, he’s still under contract with the Falcons for another three years.
  11. Those guys are a little old to be playing now ...
  12. Ummmm ... Mack has an excellent chance of getting in the HOF.
  13. Nothing you or your generation of fans do or does will ever have an impact on the W/L column of the Falcon's franchise. So if you guys don't like 2nd place finishers you are in for a rude rude awakening in life.
  14. And most of us who actually had to watch this team in the 70s, 80s, and 90s is fairly OK with flirting with championships instead of watching the likes of Billy Joe Tolliver or Turk Schonert QB the team.
  15. Run and Shoot, Baby! Get June and Jerry on the phone stat!