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  1. I think everyone worries too much about cap. TD manages ours fairly well. We can pay Matt and take care of our needs as well.
  2. The Trolling is strong in this one. Well played.
  3. There's almost ZERO case for not paying Matt. The first being we don't have a replacement for him.
  4. By my count 11 out of the last 15 SBs have been won by HOF worthy QBs ( and if Wilson keeps playing like he has it will be 12 ). Most JAGs don't even make it to the SB, much less win it. We aren't getting rid of Matt. We ARE going to pay him. It will be a LOT of money. Quit fighting it.
  5. Matt is not 'average'. That's simply ridiculous for you to type.
  6. I think if you research draft success rates 'misses' are part of every teams draft. Even 1st round picks 'fail' at about 50%.
  7. Every team in the NFL is in that boat in the salary cap era.
  8. Past 10 drafts have resulted in 6QBs out of 110 getting to the SB. A success rate of less than 6%. You are going to go 'all in' for a 6% chance of drafting a QB capable of making the SB when we already have 1 of those 6 on the roster? At this point it's simple math.
  9. Jake Locker is sitting at home staring at the phone ....
  10. Not many ( some I'm listing here you might argue with my take on 'franchise' but I'm leaning toward being lenient with the definition ): 2008 - Ryan and Flacco for sure 2009 - Stafford ( Sanchez was in that draft whatever you think about him ) 2010 - Bradford ? 2011 - Cam, Dalton ( Kaep and Gabbert whatever you feel about them ) 2012 - Luck, Griffin, Wilson, Foles, Cousins ( Tannehill however you feel about him ) 2013 - Nobody 2014 - Carr, Bridgewater ( Bortles and Garrapolo if you want ) 2015 - Winston, Mariota 2016 - Goff, Wentz, Dak ( early on this class as they've only had a few seasons ) 2017 - no reason to list yet but some promising potential in Watson at least Maybe 18 -23?
  11. I checked the last 10 years of drafts. Over 100 QBs have been drafted in that time. 6 have made the SB ( one being our guy Matt ).
  12. Matt's going to sign. Matt's going to sign with us. Matt's going to rake in the $$$$. Half this board is going to loss their dang minds. In 3 years average QBs will be signing for 150% what Matt makes and we'll think we have a bargain.
  13. Russell Wilson would be the only one that would make me rethink Ryan. I just like his game. I'd probably eventually come back to Matty though.
  14. At this point it's like starting a thread saying the Falcons should play all their games at the local high school because the Benz costs too much but it isn't the best stadium in the world.