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  1. Bad Saint. Bad, bad Saint.
  2. Define reset button
  3. 98 did it to me. To be perfectly honest the Braves may have done it to me.
  4. Technically, at the moment 2020 is an uncapped year. Just saying.
  5. May not but I've seen national media type talk about uncapping the QB in some fashion. McKay is plugged in at the NFL head office level.
  6. I care less and less about the W-L record. I've found other things about the game to keep me entertained. Don't get me wrong, the 'W's are way better. That will never change, but the 'L's don't hurt as much. It is what it is.
  7. Which I attribute to a lot of the starters not playing much in the preseason, and having 3 new coordinators this season. I know why Quinn does it with limiting starters, but it makes Week 1 most seasons not much fun. Hopefully, next week is better.
  8. Yeah, I mean frankly how hard would it be to spend years on here posting all the reason the Falcons aren't going to win the SB every season? It's easy money. I've been watching this team since 1979 so I've kind of wrapped my mind around the idea we are just snake-bit for whatever reason. I don't watch the team for the SB. I enjoy the week to week games, the buildup to the draft, watching new guys progress season to season, or even enjoying the full career progression of a guy like Roddy White, etc. I realize others don't dig that and I understand it.
  9. Speaking for me it comes from the way a lot of people word their posts. It seems that a lot of the time they want to lash out at the team, and also other posters who don't agree with them. There's a lot of 'if only the REST of you were as smart as me' in some of those posts. Some posters are far worse than others at it, but it sets my teeth on their edge when I see it. People got to be themselves I guess, but I'm not going to apologize for not liking it.
  10. These are the things in life that should be at the top of our concerns Food, family, and uhhh ... adult entertainment.
  11. Well I'm pretty dead set against tanking. I just never feel like any player is worth it. If we figured out a way to get one of those guys without that I'm open to the idea, but even then you are really going to have to send Matt away because the fan base here is already barely behind him and having one of those guys on the bench would just create a nightmare.
  12. Yeah, I don't get that. Matt's played in 2 NFC Championships and a SB that needed the NFL GOAT Coach and QB to go into overtime. He's not Andy Dalton.
  13. 2021 is pretty far in the future to be talking draft picks. I have no problem with saying if a QB falls to you at a pick you think the value is worth maybe you take a shot, but to mortgage draft picks or tank is not a plan I'd pick. Hopefully, in 2021 Ryan and JJ are still healthy/productive and we are a playoff team. Unless we lucked into a Rogers situation I don't think we are going to be in a position to take one of those guys if they continue the career progression they appear to be on.
  14. Dan Henning for Leeman Bennett rings a bell.