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  1. Seems a little late at this point. It's not like he could make extreme changes this far into the season.
  2. BS. He threw a TD to Julio a few weeks back in which he released the ball before JJ had even made his cut.
  3. Roddy keeps his keeping it real meter set to 11
  4. Duds. Cotton wasn't any better. This is also the same draft we picked Charles Dimry. Our third round pick blew his knee so bad in his third game he never played again.
  5. Doubt we will be big FA spenders. We will be bringing in a lot of non-household names and hoping a few stick.
  6. Bruce was a specimen. There were games when he really wanted to go all out he was unstoppable. He had a great game against Bo Jackson if I recall where he was in pass protection 30 yards down the field running almost stride for stride with Bo. Unfortunately his typical game was 1 or 2 tackles and few QB pressures.
  7. Peerless Price. I'll die on this hill LOL - just to see the inevitable exit interview.
  8. If he can't play you don't expose your franchise QB to interior pressure just to get a rookie some reps.
  9. Off Topic but that new Cobra Kai show is TIGHT. They have made Johnny almost a totally likeable hero.
  10. The Colts blocked a punt late in that game if I recall as a giant momentum shift. Dan was an example of trying to hire the 'top' assistant from a SB winning team that went south for us. Without Washington's OL his offense wasn't so awesome.
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