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  1. Thank you for the effort. Study the film and identify areas you can improve before December. i have complete confidence in you! Be the change you want to see in the world!
  2. I hope it's not true and he's just dealing with lingering issues from his surgery.
  3. So far the thread has been fairly civil. I've seen worse discussions about Worrlow before. I think it's good to get some contrasting viewpoints. I don't expect everyone to have my viewpoint on the matter, but I do like them to know 'why' I have it, and it's good to know why they have theirs.
  4. You got to be true to yourself man. I get it. I'm glad you are standing up for something because a lot of people won't. I don't think Trump is right in this matter, but I can't in respect to being true to myself disrespect the flag or anthem. It's not in me. It's not in a LOT of other people. Good people. People who might help in these protests if there was some other option given to them.
  5. I think you've missed a third group of people who realize why the kneeling is taking place, approve of protesting inequality, but not at the expense of the flag. This is not a binary solution set ... there are lots of shades of gray here. Just because I want to see the flag and anthem respected doesn't mean I'm against protesting inequality. If they'd give some of us a better option to HELP them protest we might. I mean these guys are heroes, right? Trump isn't really much of one. It shouldn't take a PR genius to figure out ways to make him look foolish for acting foolish. However, when you pick a fashion that forces some people to apparently reject an important symbol in their lives then you've really done a poor job crafting your message. It's like watching a Tampa Bay vs New Orleans game ... I wish they'd both lose at this point because they've both ticked me off so much. i just want to watch football and it is getting harder and harder to find the willpower to do it.
  6. Not playing whatifs. They are intentionally ticking off customers. Another response could be found that doesn't involve the anthem or the flag, and it would probably bring 2X the amount of people over to their side because they actually have an excellent point. However ticking off people is not the way to win hearts and minds. It's that simple. Trump's an idiot and most Americans realize it. Alienating other Americans in an attempt to payback Trump is ridiculous. You called my mom a name so I'm going to go slap my dad in response?
  7. What's wrong with simply saying 'We the NFL/NFLPA don't agree with you"? Fairly simple. Instead they have chosen a method that they already know is going to tick off some of their PAYING CUSTOMERS. That's dumb business.
  8. In Ryan's early years he had an odd arc on his deep passes. I haven't noticed it in a few years. That arc made his deep passes look odd. I think that made people think he had issues with deep passes.
  9. Looked incredible on TV
  10. I think Hawley got busted for Adderall a few years ago.
  11. I don't mind if he does, but I'd prefer he keeps up his tremendous blocking as Job #1.
  12. No therapy needed. It was 45 minutes of the best football I'd ever seen. I just refuse to admit the last quarter happened.
  13. For 45 minutes that was the best game I'd ever seen as a Falcon's fan. I had a blast watching it.
  14. Better now than hearing this at the end of August.