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  1. In our division, I do believe the other teams have improved. The Bucs have a good mixture of youth and vets on thier D and O. Thier O line is better than last years simply for having a years experience. Thier D line is one of the better lines in football. And playing in the same systems for almost a decade on offense, more on defense, gives the Bucs an edge over other teams. The Saints are better on defense, so they are up and coming. And they just traded for Shockey. Thing is will thier running game hold up? The Panthers had a very highly rated draft, though they will pay for that in 2009. But for now I look for an improved O line and running attack. Thier D line has degraded somewhat. Leaving them in about the same boat as the Falcons, there. Overall I think the other teams in the Falcons division got better. I still cannot say about Atlanta.
  2. I keep reading about how the Falcons have improved, which is pure speculation. And that is not the complete story. When you talk NFL, and the competition, you have to look at whether the other teams in our conference, and particularly in our division, have improved as well. There are only six playoff teams. Are the Falcons one of the best six teams in the NFC? If you have something to contribute about some other NFC team, concerning its outlook and updrading/downsliding, feel free to comment. I'll lead off with a team I am a bit familar with, San Francisco. The 49's do have a good defensive minded head coach in Mike Nolan and with the addition of Mike Martz, the 49's offense looks prepared to take a big step forward. The O line features some good young talent along with some vets, with a good RB in Frank Gore, some above average WRs and a potentially great TE in Vernon Davis. QB Alex Smith cannot help but improve under Martz's QB coaching. Picture the 49's offense as being upgraded. The defense features Patrick Willis at MLB, a player many of us here really wanted to Falcons to draft last year. Nate Clements brings All Pro caliber play to CB. The rest of the defense is a mix of vets and up and coming young guys who are getting better. Picture the 49'ers D as being upgraded as thier young talent gets another year of seasoning. Add to this the fact the players on defense have been playing together under the same system and that can make a difference. Both teams were injury riddled when the Falcons played the 49'ers last year, with the Falcons winning, though not by a wide margin.
  3. Those injuries may be bad and all, but we traded a hall-of-fame quarterback away and nothing will surpass that as "hard luck"Actually we let go of two future Hall of Famers, Bret Favre and Deion Sanders. On top of many other really good players. There is one team that let go of a HOF QB, when he was a young guy. That team was Pittsburgh, and the player was Johnny Unitas. Unitas actually played semi pro for a year, before the Colts gave him a chance. Unitas might have been the greatest QB to ever play the game.
  4. If Jenkins has to give up that number 12, think of all those people who will have to re-purchase Jenkins' jersey with the new number on it...:P
  5. Well, Baker is probably saying, since the third draft pick signed for X percent over last years number three pick, Baker should also be able to sign for that same percent over last years' pick in Bakers slot. Boley probably wants Lance Briggs money. Boley will more than likely become the latest Falcon star who leaves the team and goes elsewhere, ending up in the Super Bowl. Of course. Maybe we can get a 3rd round pick for Boley, what do you think???
  6. Thats something i don't agree with. Hall wanted around 9 mil a year and didn't want to be in atlanta. Lito on the other hand only wants around 6 a year and whre as i can't say he wants to be in atlanta i can't say he would hate it either. To me Lito is a better corner than Hall. I would still put them both in the top 10. I just think 6 mil a year for lito's talent is better than 9 a year for Halls' talent. I don't argue Sheppard is a good corner, he is a plenty good corner. When he is playing. The reason he only expects 6 million a year is because he gets injured a lot. As far as Hall goes, well you can't get Pro Bowl shut down corners on the cheap. We have had one for the last three years. After living without one for awhile, I think the fans here will find out just how valuable Hall was.
  7. Teams who have the Falcons on thier schedules, have a distinct advantage over teams that don't. The inexperience we have on our O line and at CB, along with the sub par talent on our D line and our team in general, will enable teams who play Atlanta to rack up big yards and pressure our QBs to no end. You cannot win in the NFL if you cannot stop teams from moving the ball and rushing your QB. We have a good owner, willing and wanting badly to win, so there is hope for the future. But the future, it isn't now.
  8. Isn't Sheppard still with the Eagles? If so, then it would take a pretty decent draft pick to obtain him, like a second rounder. Which could end up being very high in the next draft. I would rather have the pick, if all this team needed was a corner, then we should have kept Hall.
  9. Considering the Falcons have used a high first, two second and two third round picks on the CB position alone the last five seasons, this ranking is a true dissapointment. True Hall was traded away for a high second round pick (that we did not use on his replacement), but still... And now to see that Brent Grimes, a smallish player the team signed as an FA, might be considered starter material? Good thing there are only 32 teams, because this secondary is either too old, or not experienced enough. How good are the young guys? We are going to find out the hard way.
  10. The last three seasons have seen a multitude of injuries on the part of Falcons players. In 2005 and 2006 our playoff hopes were dashed when our defense started seeing players going down left and right. Then last season, our O linemen started being hit by the injury bug. I cannot recall any team losing four tackles to injuries during the season, that is surreal. I know injuries happen in the NFL. Is our team losing players to injury more than the other teams out there, and if so, what can we do about it, if anything? Is it the players, our coaches, the field we play on, all the above....? Or are the Falcons simply snakebit?
  11. Jimmy Williams' attitude was his main problem, else he would have been in shape to begin with. His attitude is why he was released, and I don't think it was a surprise to anyone. Sometimes a player is cut, someone no one thought would be cut. Like Grady Jackson last season. Then players either play harder, knowing no one is safe....or, they go into the tank, like many of our players did last season.
  12. If Redman is our starter most the year, maybe we will be okay, especially if we can run the ball and stop the run, keeping games close. But...historically young QBs lean on thier TE's, so if Ryan starts we may see him struggle a lot without a competent pass catching TE to help him out. And if our team is behind and has to pass? Then our TE's can probably be adequately covered by the other teams safety. Not good.
  13. Well, at least we got a 2nd round pick for Hall. The Falcons under the Smith's ownership watched Deion Sanders walk away and sign with division rival San Francisco. What did the Falcons get in return in terms of players/draft picks? Not a darn thing.
  14. It was a staph infection, a very serious thing to have to deal with. Bentley could have lost his leg, or died. I don't know how good our guards are, I know they are for the most part young and improving. I do know Bentley was a premier O lineman at one time, certainly our FO would have to take a look at him.
  15. Let's give Matt some time to loosen up. You know, maybe Ryan will get a posse together, get some pics out there of him with a doobie, maybe flip off a few fans after games... Then he will fit right in! :P
  16. Yeah but Tampa wasn't necessarily good last year, IF THEY GET BRETT THAT WOULD CHANGE BY 100%. TAMPA WOULD RULE THE NFC SOUTH FOR AT LEAST 3 MORE YEARS, AND THEY WOULD BECOME LEGIT CONTENDERS FOR THE SUPER BOWLS. THEIR DEFENSE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SOLID. THROW BRETT IN THE MIX AND THEIR OFFENSE BECOMES VERY DANGEROUS. THIS IS NOT THE SCENARIO WE NEED. Here is how you predict the future... Look at how future NFL moves will most negatively affect the Falcons. You can bet your last dollar, that is what will happen. :P
  17. We are absolutely stocked at guard even without Blaylock on there. How good those guards are has yet to be seen... Weiner is coming off a serious knee injury that takes more than a year to overcome and lets face it...he is getting up there. He has played LT before, so if he and Baker can work out some sort of rotation with Blaylock playing RT, that could work. Then we can honestly say our O line has improved. I hope.
  18. Yeah this works, ex-Falcon Favre comes back for one season with Tampa Bay. We get to play him twice. Then ex-Falcon Vick gets out of jail, TB trades for him and then we get to play Vick twice a year. Any more ex-Falcons All Pro QBs out there that can be traded to TB so they can come back to haunt the Falcons this season and in seasons to come?:P
  19. I remember reading last preseason, one of the linemen I believe it was Forney, was critical of Gibbs trying to get his linemen to keep thier weight down. The linemen did not like this because they claimed to weaken as the season went on. They welcomed the new power running scheme of Petrino because they could play at thier more natural weight and strength. Then the season came and our guys got steamrolled. Young, old, seasoned or rookie, it did not matter....our O line was about as bad as I have ever seen it here in Altanta. Now I am hearing the same thing from folks on the boards here, how our O line will be different and improved and better. New coach, new scheme, new attitude, all the above is why this line will be much better. Here is the thing...you get better as you practice, if the guys you practice with are quality players. Our D line simply is not top notch, except for Abraham. Our O line could very well look great in practice, then go out and get steamrolled - again - in games. And the other teams in our division have some very good players on thier D lines, particularly Tampa Bay and New Orleans. I think whoever our QB is, he had better get ready to get sacked. A lot.
  20. Half the team will be made up of first and second year players. For the most part the rest are either too old, injury prone or not any good to begin with. Hardly the makings of a championship team....or even a very competitive one.
  21. i dont care what no one says..... Farve is wrong... i'm a farve fan but this guy wants the Packers to cut him and take that $4+ million cap hit so he can go to their division rivals the vikings or bears..... COME ON NOW.... guys ....you cant bash Chad Johnson but not Farve I think Favre was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. Then traded to Green Bay. Earned every nickel he was paid, considering how much players are paid nowadays for sometimes doing nothing. Then played there for what, 17 years? And now Favre wants to go play a couple years for a team of his own choosing? And some people think he is wrong? Wow..... Folks....this is the USA, not communist Russia or Nazi Germany. And slavery ended in this country a very long time ago. Favre wants to play elsewhere, he should have the blessing of the NFL, and the league should simply be happy he still wants to compete. Favre has the right to go to whichever team wants him. Er, except Tampa Bay, New Orleans or Carolina. Okay Bret? Bret.........?
  22. Yeah its Friday night and I am at work, heh....good call. But that is okay I am here too... You are correct teams will run on us, we will then stack the box with that safety to stop the run, leaving three DBs man on man...then teams will light us up. But do not be surprised to see our corners tested very early on, especially by Caroline. Steve Smith does not have Hall covering him any more....
  23. It's getting old hearing so called fans fantasizing about next years draft and a high pick. Screw that! We should and can expect more from the new staff and players this year. One year turnarounds in the nfl are commonplace now. I expect nothing less than being competitive in every game with at least 7-9 wins. Next years draft will only supplement the success we will have this year and it won't take one player in the top three pick next year to get us over the hump. Com'on be a fan. I hear what you are saying, and understand I do not want our team to lose. However...the reason our team has never had back to back winning seasons? Is because every once in a while, our team overachieves, or has great luck with no injuries while playing beat up teams, or because, well even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in awhile. Call it blind luck....:P What this team has never achieved? Stability, with a solid core of front office people and coaches and players, players that need to be obtained thru the draft, the earlier the better, at least for a time. 7-9, and you are out of the playoffs drafting in the middle of the pack where the true concensus elite players are normally gone. Might as well be 3-12 and have a top 3, or at least a top 5 pick, and draft an Adrian Peterson or Glenn Dorsey. They will make your team much better in the long run. And the long run is what we need to be addressing, not the short term satisfaction 8-8 brings.
  24. Reason being, our corners are going to be lit up like a Christmas tree and except for Abraham our pass rush except for Abraham strikes fear in no one. When you can pass proficiently, and score on big plays, and get a big lead early on, teams will run the ball later on to give thier D a rest. And why will thier D be needing a rest? Because when we are behind our team will throw more. Meaning the opposing D will tee off on whoever our QB is at the time. Behind our O line, well....this is not a formula for success, for the Falcons that is. Our best weapons, Turner and Norwood, would be useless in this scenario. Oh, and mods break out the fire extinguishers. I have a feeling a flame alert will be needed for this thread, here....
  25. You failed to mention our defense, and with all the points our team will give up, our QB is going to be forced to throw quite a bit. Meaning, the opposing DE's get to tee off on our QBs. Favre behind our offensive line? Favre has a record starting game streak going, and he did not get there by being pummeled behind an O line like ours. Favre is smarter than that. Second mentoring is fine, but that is mainly what coaches are for. Favre is a competitor, and he wants to play. He can always coach when his playing days are over. Third there are several teams, like Minnesota, Chicago, Baltimore and Tampa Bay who need a good QB and are far more playoff-ready than Atlanta is. And with the way QBs get hurt, if one of thiers goes down then teams like NE, IND, NO, DALL and PITT would surely be of interest to a player like Favre.
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