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  1. Just FYI Discuss: http://www.dixiefriedsports.com/Media_Bash...of_Petrino.html
  2. DING DING DING! We have a winner. You see, people prefer to stick their heads in the sand and chant, "It's everyone's fault, but our own". It's easier to do that than examining yourself. It's all that ole mean Petrino's fault, not the players, not Blank, all Petrino. THe man must've had supernatural powers to ruin the all-mighty falcons franchise in only 13 games. By the way, Blank wouldnt LET Petrino coach the last 3 games. Click here for a different slant on things: http://www.dixiefriedsports.com/Media_Bash...of_Petrino.html
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