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  1. I would say we lost the SB and 4 of 5 games winnable games this year due to balance = run/pass distribution. It's not just about what play is called, sometimes you have to take time off the clock, make teams burn timeouts, give your defense a rest or all of the above. If all our skill players are WRs, and they are F-you Gurley, that means we have to pass the 65% + that we did do. We are the living proof of the balance requirement. From SB LVII till present.
  2. While passing has become the norm in the NFL, BALANCE is more important. TB being the lone exception. Titans, Balt, GB, Rams, Saints, Browns were all playoff teams and in the top 10 in rushing yards. Chiefs and Bills were middle of the pack in rushing obviously able to rush but pass preference.. To drive the point home about balance, NE was 4th in rishing but we know they couldnt throw, so the balance was wrong in a different direction. TB was horrific in running the ball yet still made the playoffs.
  3. I wouldnt say he's done nothing. He got Mitch Trubisky to the a pro bowl. I understand that is just a popularity contest but still Mitch trubisky a pro bowler and took the chicago bears to the playoffs, and had the team in play to win the game but "double Doink" kick happened. Meh. Smith still calls the plays. Maybe Ragone is a good game planner.
  4. The article say run heavy scripts are out of vogue in the NFL. Thats stupid. Bucs are the real standout exemption with bottom 5 yards rushing and bottom 5 in attempts. 6 of top 10 in rushing yards are in the playoffs and 5 of top 10 in number of attempts are in the playoffs. Doesnt mean that rushing wins titles, but its pretty clear that your chances are greatly increased to make the playoffs if you are committed to the run.
  5. It is not that literal. You are not asking or looking for coaches to "bad mouth" players. You are looking for people who have original thought. As a hiring manager I get that completely. Getting clones to repeat the company line is worthless to you and the company. These are professionals. These conversations are behind closed doors. Arthur Smith, Font and maybe some other coaches will sit down with an interviewing coach and say, "Scout our players, what do you see as good and what as bad?" What they might say is " Matt Ryan is a good player but he cannot make the deep ball throws like he
  6. Atlanta is a transient city. Ton of Katrina people stayed here. So many Steeler fans here and Dallas and any team other than ATL. It makes the city seem apathetic to the team really. Media both local and national pick up on that and it makes it seem that the environment here is poor. But really what they don't point out is the near rocket ship trend since Arthur Blank bought the team. Never had back to back winning season previously. Multiple NFCCG appearances, playoff runs, and actual commitment to winning. Yeah its not what we all want as far as annual playoff appearances, but looking a
  7. NOTED? hehe I 100% agree. Media types kept saying Jax was such a better place, but not a single one of them loked at the ownership and culutre. Jax has an interfereing owner who wants to play more games in London and wants player say. They actively get rid of their best players. Blank has a commitment to winning and a good culuture in the FO. Its really night and day.
  8. I understand your point. But I think this falcons season is the aberration to "you are what your record is". We had opportunity to win and in most cases we were winning in 5 other games and a few that had win percentages in the 95+ range. Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, San Diego and the 1st Tampa game. 9-7 looks crazy different than 4-12. These games were not lost due to "thinking we have more talent than we do". They were flat out lost by coaching. Dirk throwing 3 times and only running 17 secs off the clock. Not covering an onside kick (the crap defense coaching shouldnt have allowed the com
  9. Mad appreciation foe this post. Thank you for digging all these stats up. I'm sure that was a lot of work. Really like what I see from Smith. He elevates players. Definitely see dirk was behind the times but we knew that. More 2 TE sets helps create mismatch and hides your play calls.
  10. Titans lost Lewan to IR and Jack Conclin to FA and Henry ran for 2k Also Ty Sambrilo was their tackle. I think we will be ok on the OL once we get LG settled
  11. I was told smith was a snake and playing Atlanta. This must be fake news
  12. Why no one crying about leaks on this? Urban Meyer been linked for multiple days, IE leaks. Maybe because this is normal....
  13. Instead of crazy **** like Smith is a snake or trying to pull a fast one or using us as leverage or we have a super mole who has been around for 54 years. Occam's Razor. The simplest, most direct answer is probably the most likely. New GM and New coach. Dudes want to sit down, bro it out, who gets final say over the 52 man, who gets final say in draft board rankings. You have to remember this is a whole new front office. Its not like the GM interviewed Smith directly, as the GM hasnt even been hired! Not "arthurs dad is a billionaire so he is trying to screw over Blank because billio
  14. nm it was already posted. but there are some WAY insane , no proof takes in this thread. We dont knwo facts yet. We just gossip chicks at this point.
  15. Dude, that gives me the chills. Mike McDaniel with Arthur Smith would be amazing.
  16. I agree with this. Take a moment and think of the bad decisions and mistakes made during this last season. Don't react to being 4-12. With these exact same "problem players" the Dallas, Bears, Chargers, Detriot and the first Bucs games are all winnable and should have been won, no doubts about it. Thats 9-7. With the "problem players" we have. Coaching is what held us back (not that TD wasn't an issue as well). If we had any sort of offense that could even middle of the road run the ball or an OC that would call runs when the game dictated, we win those games. If we had DQ's version
  17. Honestly, I think this is the biggest factor. You are taking MR#2, and putting him in a system he has already proven to be a winner in. A system that will focus on running the ball. Running the ball wears down the other team. Running the ball keeps the other team's O off the field. it helps run the clock and time management. It helps our D stay fresh. ALL things that we know cost ATL games since the SB. Still have Julio and RIdley so its not like we can't strike fast if we need it. Look at what Smith did for Delaney Walker and Jonnu smith. Jonnu had 8 TDs this year. This could be a b
  18. I think the lack of trade partners will be a bigger issue than not. We would need a really good fall out 1, 2, 3, for us to maximize our trade down option. As a new GM, do you really want to be seen as a guy who traded down for less than real value? It can happen if there aren't strong reasons to trade up for QB needy teams.
  19. So if TENN wins a game in NE, it was because of the defense. But when Baltimore wins the game 20-13 against TENN, its that Smith sucks. Hahaha. Weak
  20. As some have noted, at least they are in the playoffs, twice. In 2019 they went deep in the playoffs to the AFC Championship beating NE on the road and Baltimore on the road. They lost to the SB champ Cheifs in a close game until the fourth quarter. 2020 they lost to Baltimore in round 1 in a very tight game. If you watched the game ( I cant tell you didn't) Tannyhill missed a few wide open receivers and had some bad reads when they did throw. Even in the "pro-Balltimore" game reviews, you will see a lot of Titan OL on the ground. They got beat, but it mostly looks like the Xs and O
  21. Wow that is as an uninformed take as it gets. Its cool iff you have your favorite, but at least know what you are talking about before posting it.
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