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  1. Well, honestly the numbers would be this. 31 teams have 31 starting centers. Plus each teams backup center either on the roster or on their practice squad. So there are offically 62 centers in the league and not on the Falcons roster. Any player on waivers (not on a roster) could be designated as player ranked #63 center. Henny is 10th from the bottom per your numbers That means Henny is 25th in the league and any waiver wired could be at best #63 and you think 63>25. Your numbers are lying to you.
  2. I have felt Debo wasnt playing so well, missing tackles and just not covering well at all. But didnt feel like being a negative nancy. So I just boo the Defense in its entirety
  3. No. The true philosophy of the major offenses in the NFL are not going to become obsolete. Its all about wrinkles and adjustments. It doesn't mean that an offense has become obsolete, it means that you cannot stay stagnant. Air Raid offenses are going to stay vertical, WCO offenses are going to stay with timing, and Erhardt-Ray Perkins will stay with its core base number of plays. Add in wrinkles, its the same offense, but with changes that tips the scales back in your favor. Defense is the same way. 3-4 4-3 nickle. These are base types and then you add in wrinkles. No its never going to be obsolete.
  4. hella good post thanks for making it. Im a Matt Ryan stan, but I can see his hesitance, not trusting his play makers, and getting happy feet. I see WRs not getting separation, routes not being completed and spacing issues. Its an overall offensive failure, not just QB or WR or OL. Everyone is having issues. Im probably more upset that we played zero starters in the preseason, when these things could be ironed out.
  5. OK ok good one there! To the OP, no its not a thing. Plenty of smallish teams make it to the playoffs. The Rams currently fit that mold as did the 90's Denver team of being "smaller" But lets be honest, you talking about 15 pounds. It isnt like we are lining up 250LB guard. They are still 300-305 and the "heavy" teams are like 310-320.
  6. I'll take the over, easily. 5 catches should be done by the end of the 3rd quarter. Remember this coach is 12 and 13 personnel heavy. Pitts really should be and can be a weapon we haven't seen since Julio played all 16 games. I'm buying, bull market on Pitts. Pitts plus Matt Ryan plus Coach Smith. Shheeet. That's all you had to say.
  7. Injury?..yeah sure. Look Yes we went to NFCCG in 2012. We went to the super bowl in 2016. And we have had a FEW good OL. But for every Svitek you pull out I can l find 3 more bad decisions from TD. 2008 signed, C Alex Stepanovich. 2009 signed C Brett Romberg, 2014 G Gabe Carimi, 2011 Allowed Harvey Dahl to walk. Oops that 4 isnt? Mike Persons lost games for us by himself in 2015 by snapping the ball into his butt. James Stone did THE EXACT SAME THING later that year. Revisionist history is thinking TD was some kind of "good OL finder". Next Youre going to tell me that Schwiezer wasnt run out of town here. ANd Garrett Reynolds was some kind of good players. Or that Ty Sambrillo who gave up multi sacks to Beasley, was some how "misunderstood" . Nah man these dudes are trash. You are only looking at "players" and not even considering the dead money we paid for Sam Baker and now Jamon Brown and James Carpenter. Misses year after year in the draft with Konz, Holems, Mike Johnson, Sean Harlow, Jake Rodgers. That draft capital as well. Thats the trifecta man. Loss on the player, loss on the draft capital and loss on contracts. You miss with the trifecta and you get fired. Look where your revisionoist history got you. These studs: Alex Stepanovich, Brett Romberg, Gabe Carimi, Mike Persons, James Stone, Konz, Holmes, Johnson, Harlow, Brown, Carpenter, Sam Baker on a second contract, Dahl walking, counting on Schwiezer and Reynolds as starters.
  8. Of course Knoz and Holmes were terrible. But not going to list Mike Johnson? No Andrew Jackson? No Jake Rodgers? No Sean Harlow? Thats just draftees. Lets not forget his horrible job with free agent OL. I was a fan of TD, and I was misguided. He was trash along the trenches.
  9. I do think this is a point we as fans have to remember. Hurst and Pitts will take away targets. We will be running the ball more frequently (hopefully) so that means less targets available as well. Who knows, maybe AS comes to ATL, sees the talent he has and we are once again a pass happy team. But I doubt it.
  10. oh brother. Really? Hopefully admins give you a warning for this post.
  11. Game 1 to me looked like Pees showed a lot of different calls and blitzes. Then Last night was primarily zone coverages with very limited blitzing or scheming. I actually wondered if Arthur told him to dial it down some, as he didnt want to give away our defense philosophies. And Ive been down on Comisky for a long time. He was playing versus 2's and 3's and I still saw no passrush or separation. Hustle, yes. Playmaking, no
  12. Be honest. We can all name the same 5 or so posters who are beyond pessimistic. They are board warriors who live for the fight against those who choose to be positive. It's a life choice man, you wont be able to decode it or understand it. Some people need that drama in their life, that vent, that outlet to argue with people. So many of us have pointed to example after example of why this team has EVERY chance in the world at the playoffs this year and its the same 2 or 3 excuses every time. "What did we do over the last 3 years?" " Matt Ryan is still noodle arm" "No Julio". You can't change people, just telling you. Those same 5+ negative, argumentative, haters are going to board warrior fight you because thats who they are. Not because they are right.
  13. 1989 was when I became a fan and followed the team. I had been to games in the mid 80s with my Dad and my Grandfather at Fulton County Stadium, but typically was too young to really be invested in the team.
  14. Lets be honest. You make some seriously suspect posts. Look, maybe english isnt your first language, and if thats true, good on you, I cant speak 2 languages. But some of the things you say are literally screaming for someone to come lampoon you. "If the falcons go 3-5, which could happen since we don't have julio" WTH does that even mean, 3 and 5? and why would 3-5 mean we arent in the playoffs? We still have half the season left at that point and could finish 12-5. And then the glorious " My professional opinion" thread. I mean...you're the falcons LG of TAFT.
  15. I got in on the "over" for total games won. 7 was the mark at -150. Seems like stealing money to me so I bought a ticket.
  16. If you read some of the Miami beat writers, they have mostly felt that ATL has been the winner of the day. Specifically our front 7
  17. I can see both perspectives. Our offense looked like trash. We had scrubs playing and mostly so did Tenn. Defense is usually ahead of offense this early in preseason but I hope it means we (coaches) now have a gauge where we are going to need focus. Game 2, if we look like this again, I would start to wonder WTH is going on. I'm not worried yet. LG is a potential issue but preseason doesn't matter. Sam darnold threw 2 tds and beat Atlanta 17-0 in his rookie preseason debut. So yeah, temper your ***!
  18. Omg guys!! Our 2nd and 3rd stringer didn't play well! 1 preseason game proves it, million dollar salary GMs are dumb and I am smart!!!!1!shift+1
  19. It looked like the starters all didn't dress out. So my thought is, why was Josh Andrews out there. Did that mean he really isn't the 1st team LG? No other 1st teamer was playing. Who is the 1st team LG then? Interesting to me at least.
  20. Agreed. You are what your record says you are. I understand national media saying bad things about us. We know different because we look at the details and national media just looks at the high points. They see: No Julio, Matt is older, no King Henry, bad defense and new coaches. We see: Julio was hurt anyway and Calvin thrived, Matt is still playing well, others have no king henry and still make it to the playoffs, the defense was improved with Raheem and the new coaches are a benefit for us not a negative. Toss in the fact we very very very easily could have been 8-8 last year after some really dumb coaching decisions and player blunders. The team was already trending up after the firing of DQ.
  21. You are 100% correct. We will see more on Friday in the preseason game. I do find it "funny" that after I posted my thoughts, the twitter post was made saying he was intercepted 3 times. Yeah I know, Matt gets picked in practice too. Friday we will see more
  22. In the 2 minute "highlights" the atlanta falcons put out in daily camp review videos, you can see Franks being off target constantly. Yes big arm, but I see no way he makes the 53. Way too off target on his throws.
  23. AS says simple stuff that makes sense, and Im here for it! Talking about reps in preseason and what they mean. Guy 1 gets reps at guard and they are running the ball. Guy 2 gets reps at guard but we are behind and passing all the time. The reps aren't equally judged.
  24. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't remember any previous coach say there was going to be competition and then you actually see the coach move a player up to earn 1st team reps. The RT and DE who were able to get 1st team reps based on their play, that's huge. It's a motivator for other players who can see, "if I bust my butt and get better, I'll have a real chance". I always felt like past coaches already had their 22 set and the 2nd stringers never had a shot. Wonder where Gono would have ended up if he hadn't gotten hurt. With a fair shot he may have won a 1st team position RT or LG.
  25. Literally made it to 1:03 in the video and turned it off. Max starts by talking about Tanny having Julio and a run game (read team sport) and then bashes Matt as a choker and clearly goes in the opposite direction of team sport and blames Matt as a solo player. Embarrassing take for a "professional"
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