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  1. Not trying to stir the pot. But what I make of it is, Dimitroff is doing this so he can make the case, when 2020 is a down year, he will point to the roster and say "Arthur, I gave DQ so much 1st round talent, and coach still failed, so this isn't on me". Thats my knee jerk reaction to all this former 1st rounder stuff.
  2. Came here to say what vel already has said above. System and usage matters. Blogging Dirty clear lack of football knowledge is the reason I no longer follow them on twitter.
  3. I like Quinn, but I think he needs to be done after this season barring a playoff victory. '16 was great, and '17 was amazing to beat the #1 seed on the road after dealing with the SB issue. 18 and 19 were just bad and while injuries were a part of it, mistakes were made. DK hire really put a light on it for me, that DQ doesn't have "it" anymore. He is just grasping trying to stay above the water line and not drown. Defense was his thing and that has never materialized here and now he has brought the offense down to that same mediocre level. It's probably time.
  4. He's saying youre stupid for taking one game and putting all the weight there. Guess what, Michael Thomas in 2018 Playoffs against the Rams, had 4 catches for 36 yards. I guess he has no feel , no instincts. The point is anyone can have a bad game.
  5. LOL. This passes for Journalism? Guy played for us lat year, and will play for us next year and we need him to be better. Amazing story, tell it again! This guy was average at best and not the incredible player some on TAFT claimed he was coming out of NO.
  6. Also interesting is his years in TAmpa, where he as a coach got to pick his groceries and pick scheme and play calling. His first year there with Doug Martin was certainly good. The next 3 years were right back in the dumpster with near bottom of the league yards, TD and Y/A. Pretty sure you can point to the problem. Its Dirk. Good QB, bad QB, OC , or HC, he nearly always has bottom of the league rushing attacks.
  7. I dont know or care who thinks Dirk doesnt run enough. The problem is and always has been , that Dirks offense is not effective at running the ball until some scrub jumps up and yells MJD had 1 good year and stupidity is out in force at that point
  8. Yeah some were saying how great he was/is. His was the first response I came across with intelligence in it. Didnt feel like reading a thread of stupidity so I stopped and replied. Sorry if I lumped you into the stupidity group unintentionally.
  9. So glad at least 1 other person understands this. Take a runningback from a wide zone team and put him in Dirks offense and I bet he doesnt get 400 yards rushing all year.
  10. Coaching sure made a difference after the bye week on defense last year. The numbers are out there, we ran way more cover 2 in the back half of the season than the first half. Thats coaching. Super bowl? Had coaches run the ball , we win. Kick the field goal we win. Kneel the ball on the 22 3 times, we win. DQ has been so bad at clock management , he hired a game management coach last year. DQ sticking up for Beasley... I mean how many things do we need to list before you realize, people are "bugging" on the coaching front because we need to be bugging on the coaches front. Dirk run scheme couldnt open a hole for a mouse. DQs hybrid 3-4/4-3 last year was shredded. We have 2 first round DEs. We have a pro bowl MLB, a pro bowl DT. We have an all world WR, a first round #2 WR, a first round TE, one of the best Centers in the game, a first round LT, a first round RB, a first round RG, a top10 QB..... And you want to say its not the coaches, its that we are short some players. LMMMAOOOOO. I guess we need pro bowlers at every position just to win?
  11. Only Cleveland wanted Kyle when we got him and he had all sorts of bad rep about being too controlling. Thats not really a measure of success or failure.
  12. Its not about the player, its about the internet warriors. People here and on twitter, saying Hooper leaving was a huge mistake, etc etc. They couldnt understand that he was a poor blocker and couldnt stretch the field , but wanted to pay 11mill to the kid. Nope!
  13. no kidding Dirk. Probably vague becase he will keep with his up the middle, cloud of dust BS he has done for the last 10 years.
  14. #2 Look at the 4 years in Tampa and tell me how "they got better". DK got worse running the ball every year but people still hanging from his nuts because of one year with MJD 12 years ago. DK is bad, Matt and Julio weren't learning something new, they had already been in DKs offense before.
  15. Ill disagree. So false, actually. Many times Takk almost had a sack last year, as seen in his pressure pct numbers. But without much "defensive lineman help" the QB was able to simply step up or slide to avoid that single player. Had Vic been anywhere in the camera view, he could have prevented the slide and helped with a sack. People here consistently say the way to beat Brady and Brees is with up the middle pressure. The middle consists of more than 1 person at DT. Thats why we saw a top 10 defense in 2017 because Poe was there to help GJ. Then we went with Mcclain and what happened? Middle of the Dline sucked. Any coach in the NFL will tell you that Pass rush and line play is a team effort. Not one guy beating his man. If you think for a minute that putting better players next to Grady or Takk won't help, you're not a football fan. There are Stunts, E-T games, players that take on double teams so that others get one on ones. All that come from the whole Dline lining up, and doing their job. They most certainly do help each other 100%. If a QB goes against a good DE on the right and a Vic Beasley on the left, guess where the slide hole will be every single down? Your RDE will never get near the QB becuase they know Vic goes wide and up the field 5 yards past the pocket every pass rush. Means your RDE now has to account for 2 more yards to catch up to the sliding QB as he slide into Vics vacated space.
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