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  1. About those mid rounds, yeah... yesh look at this (link). Smith had some horrible horrible drafts where early day 2'er were getting cut even just a year later or were complete misses. Nice to hit so well on those 1st rounders. But football teams are made up of more than just your day 1 picks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houston_Texans_draft_history#Drafts_by_year
  2. I mean..sort of? 29 other teams passed on TJ Watt. One day, the TAFT will finally understand that just because we passed on someone doesnt mean we suck. 29 teams passed on TJ watt. **** I wanted Eddie Jackson at safety and kid turns in pro bowl play now. But he went in the 3rd round so I guess everyone but the team that took him sucks? I guess the entire NFL sucks for not taking Grady before the 5th? Come on, man. Yeah it would be nice to never miss on players. But thats not reality. Keanu was probowl material before he was hurt. Deon Jones was heading towards pro bowl before whatever hap
  3. That's petty much a troll post. If you can't understand how coaches impact games via scheme, play calling, getting a team prepared the week prior, making changes at half-time, heck making changes mid game, then that's on you. Wont be replying. Just pointing out your troll post
  4. I understand your concern and there was a time I would agree. But this is a new NFL in the past 5-7 years. Where the Mcveys, Lafleurs, Shannahans, Vrabels, Petersons, Reichs are taking football teams to the playoffs and more. No HC experience specifically. Sure the Andy Reids and Belichecks are stalwarts, but really you dont see the retread coachs doing as well and instead the young OCs turn HC are the future.
  5. 1) They did have a lot to do with the OC, because his scheme cannot run the ball. With his stupid inside dive, over and over and over, we couldnt take time off the clock. Dirk and Quinn were blasted in the media for something like 3 plays used up 11 secs and punted the ball right back to the other team and they came back and won. OC calls the plays, yeah thats on the OC 2) MR threw an INT. Did you watch the routes? The OC scheme literally did nothing to help a WR come open and thats what happens. No open WRs means balls will be contested. THIS is why having a competent OC matters. If we c
  6. Technically true. Gurley ran out of bounds with 3 minutes left to play against Denver. The kid is stupid AF. Rich, but stupid.
  7. There is a thing called Team Building. You dont bring is *** hats like Earl Thomas for a reason. Just like you dont bring in Baker. You cannot look at just talent. You have to look at, will he be a problem, a distraction? IF you give him a roster spot, you are costing another person a roster spot. For example, you have your #1, #2, #3 CB and take a flier on Baker to be what, #4 #5? As soon as he is the idiot he will be, you are now looking at having to promote your #6 CB to the #4 spot where Baker would have been. Its a headache, a cancer and not what team building is about.
  8. I dont know that we need a "name" as much as we need accountability and leadership. From all the articles about Eric B in KC, he is a detail oreinted coach who hold people accountable. To me those are the first 2 things we need. Details (meaning what Ya boi J pointed out "smart play calling in crucial situations") and accountability.
  9. Yep. Couldnt even figure out how to protect against the Deon Jones blitz we ran 20 times.
  10. whats funny is, people who are on the Robert Saleh bandwagon loved that he ran a 4-3 under and switched to a wide 9. AFter that change, the SF defense went off. We line up DEs in a wide 9 and chuck and people say its too wide now. lol
  11. In 1 single thread, we have clear proof of which posters understand professional football and those who do not and think Madden is real life. Thanks for outing yourselves boys and girls. We now know to ignore your posts.
  12. Guaranteed the Op is under the age of ~28. The Rankin Smith era Falcons make the Browns look like the Patriots dynasty. OP Post is bad, and he should feel bad.
  13. Dont worry, its absolute trash. A 1st grader could write better than DOLT. Heres the basics. "no more cookies and ice cream" WTH does that mean anyway "coach" RM called in Team leaders and "asked for more" from them. Nothing about nuking the brotherhood. Nothing about no slogans. Just DOLT being DOLT
  14. This is very easy to understand. Remember Mike Smith cut Rico but Quinn turned him into a decent safety? Quinn cut Ryan Neal but look, he is doing really good in Seattle? THAT is why you don't go cutting people while waiting for a new coach. A new guy could have new ideas and new ways to get more out of players who haven't reached their potential. McKay is doing the right thing by saying, they are letting the new hires come in and do what they want. New guys might blow it up, or they might say there are some guys they want to keep who surprise you. Or cut/trade guys who someone might think w
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