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  1. I think DQ gets caught in his feels too much. He likes guys and then gives them extra chances at the cost of the team even when it is obvious that we should have moved on.
  2. watching any sunday night football with Dungy on it would have told you, he lost his marbles two years ago. Like, hard to complete a sentence marbles lost.
  3. This is it. DQ thinks we are a wide zone team and we were built to be a wide zone team. DK enters the picture and we go from wide zone to inside power. Sark was a bad play caller thats a given but he ran the offense our players were drafted for. Sark is the better choice in this regard. Dirks scheme is stupid as stupid gets.
  4. So we learned nothing from the Devonta situation? Guys who are constantly hurt yet we pay them on "potential". The 5th year option puts ~6.4m on Neal this year and if he gets hurt again or fails to recover from the last 2 back to back surgeries, we are just about forced to draft for need . Why not go ahead and draft a dude now so that we arent pidgeon-holed into needing a safety next year?
  5. The thing about it is. Its the same offense Jackson failed in. Dirk's system is not wide zone. Talk all your stats from LA and get rid of them, they mean nothing here. This is an inside running team now with Dirks pulling guards at 330LBs. Not wide zone; not 300lb guys getting wide and creating lanes and cut backs. Thats what Gurley does but thats not what we do. Look in this thread and you see the same rosey glasses people who said Hageman was a beast, said Tyler was an amazing player. Not one single realist among the lot of you. Gurley will struggle and will not break 1k yards rushing here. How is that 5m servicing us?
  6. YOU DONT REMEMBER? Youre gonna say we have bad memories but you dont remember. Youre just making stuff up bro. He was hurt, he was bad. Just like Gurley. again, GTFO The year before he came here : Sep 16, 2012 Jackson leaves game with Hamstring injury later designated as groin. The St. Louis Rams were fined $20,000 by the NFL last month for failing to report running back Stephen Jackson's groin injury
  7. oh right, Steven did so well here!. in 2 years he never rushed for more than 750 yards. LOL Whose memory is shot? GTFO Same Dirk Offense, same result.
  8. A 1 year deal doesnt fix his knee and a 1 year deal doesnt fix Koetters offense. I remember the last time we signed a RB from Rams into a Dirk offense.....
  9. steven jackson. Same broken RB same broken run game offense. Why would anyone be excited?
  10. Gotcha, so the historical data of what Koetter did in TB , while picking his own groceries hold no weight? ?His historical proof that he is terrible at scoring points but master of empty yards means that we need to just let him run his scheme? Go look at his years in TB. Look at his year here. And to suggest Koetter isnt running his scheme here?. I see, yet another TAFT'er who doesnt understand football. Other than the one single solitary TE throwback play, have you seen a single play that looks anything like a WCO, or a Kyle/Sark based offense? Have you looked at YAC of ATL and YAC of a WCO offense team? They are significantly different. Koetter is near the bottom of the league in YAC while the WCO teams are all at the top. That is scheme based. Have you looked at snaps from under-center and shotgun of WCO offenses vs what ATL is doing? They are significantly different. ATL runs a disproportionate amount of shotgun. Did you not see we moved away from lighter quick Oline and brought in fatties? Did you not read that we moved to a steps based patterns versus yards based? Have you looked at avg completed yards per catch? Matt was tied for 6th in the NFL. The WCO offenses like GB, LAR and SF all were an entire yard plus shorter. Direct relationship between timing short patterns of WCO and longer "air coryell" patterns that we ran. No I know you haven't looked at any data. I know you don't understand scheme because you've proved it. You can keep believing " we are running the Kyle/Sark" play book but we are not. It is 2 totally different schemes and different philosophies. Fans and TAFTers think that because DQ said so, it must be true but completely ignore the fact that DQ admitted what he says to the public and media are mostly lies and that what he says to the team is different.
  11. "5th in yards on offense". ATL was 51.67% in the red zone. Good for 25th. With Hooper and Julio and Matt and Ridley and the best your OC can do is 25th of 32? **** Sark and his merry band of 6 OGs (third stringers) and 2 RTs did 64%. My post is directed at the topic of coaching matters.
  12. Thats your clue. Koetter is the anti-red zone guy. He can sling the ball all over the field but cant score TDs. Pathetic redzone offense, and even worse rushing attack. The worst part about it is, there was 4 years of evidence at how poor Koetter was by just watching TB.
  13. ROFL. Well, not a crap take, but a hilarious one for certain.
  14. Ill let you in on a secret. You will change no one's opinion here. Heck, simply educating people is borderline impossible. People will bleet on about how Dirk is running Kyles playbook. Which is so far from the truth it is down right damaging to people who read it and believe it. DQ told a reporter one day that the things he says to the media/fans and the things he says to the players are sometimes polar opposites. When further pushed, the reporter asked if he lies to "us" and DQ said "yes". Now go look at how many times people quote DQ and state it as fact. "DQ said we are going to do X and so that is gospel." Watch the game and see something else. I tell you this to save you heartache friend.