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  1. Had we taken BPA Gurley, he would be getting killed behind this poor line just like Teco and Ryan are. That point holds no merit. Its like Mel Kiper saying Jimmy Clauson will be the next Joe Montana. What team you go to matters, you dont just become great (IE Farve). And yes lets be precise. Trufant had a 84 grade coming into the draft and Slay had a 71. So we did in fact take the "BPA" between those 2. You can't look back and say "this player we passed on was a better player" because that is hindsight. You can only go by the evidence you have at the time of selection and at that time, Trufant was the more polished product. Peria Jerry was rated #2 DT out of 154 in the 2009 draft. You want to be precise? Jerry was ranked 21 of 2485 ranked players while Matthews was ranked 22 of 2485. That is the very definition of BPA. But people here want to play hindsight 20/20 GM. They scream BPA until facts are brought up showing at the time of the draft, the BPA ranked player was taken and this is where we are with that. DQ stopped most of that with the "reach" for Neal and the "reach" out of position LB of Jones. Both turned into great players.
  2. I was going to reply and break down the post but there is so much wrong with the OPs post, it's more sane to just ignore the whole thing.
  3. The scheme isn't the issue. 6 of the top 10 rushing teams at this moment run a zone block or hybrid gap zone system. Talent level and coordinator are our specific biggest issue. Everyone in the stadium can tell when we are running and a major of the time even know to what side/play type.
  4. Well, all the BPA people wanted BPA, low and below we went BPA with Calvin Ridley instead of DL or OL where the need was.
  5. But having 5-11 x2 and 3-8 this year, means Bowles is a better coach. Lets not forget that's what you are posting. And if Shanny took us, that was DQs hire, so not sure what your pulling at. We would have been better off with Bowles than DQ, thats your stance, evidence be darned.
  6. If Bowles was the right choice, he wouldn't be getting fired. Meanwhile DQ took us to the SB and the playoffs AND has only ONE (1) losing season. Bowles Jets: 2015 record 10-6 2016 record 5-11 2017 record 5-11 2018 record 4-8 LOOOOOL at anyone thinking Bowles is a better HC than Quinn. hahahahahahahahahaha. Whew, some people I swear.
  7. As a coordinator yes. As a HC, we made the better choice.
  8. LOL at the people with the "theres always next year" mentality. It will take more than next year. Truth is we need 4 starters. 2 OG and 1DE and 1DT. If Schraeder doesn't return to form, that's actually 5 starters. Remember the high post count people here swore up and down that Wes had improved and that there was no way we were going to let Fusco start. Yeah... Thats our talent pool we are working with. We haven't even gotten to the fact that Trufant is softer than mayo and Alford is a penalty factory. Devonta can't stay healthy and Coleman is more than likely gone. The guys you're counting on Neal and Rico, well they are coming off season ending surgery. You cannot know what player they will be when they come back, just look at Trufant now. We have holes to fix that aren't even being talked about. Here is the biggest point that you cannot refute. We don't make "splash moves" in FA and wait until the top guys are gone and the cheap players are left. Now look at our history of drafting oline men. You're saying that with drafting (look at our track record on OL) that we are just a draft away from fixing this? Lamar Holmes, Mike Person, Sean Harlow, Jake Rodgers, Peter Wizard of Knoz, Wes Schweitzer, disagree. A June FA signing and some draft picks are going to turn this team around....Riiiiighhttt.
  9. OMG we have already had this post last week. You obviously are misremembering the GA dome. People didnt show up till 2pm. When they did finally get in the door, they would cheer and make noise when we had the ball on offense and started doing the wave. Stupid stuff. Its been a joke for 2 decades. People dont show up on time and they don't support the team. So they blame church. They blame mass transit. They now blame PSLs. Fact is, this team lost more than its won and it is continuing to have a history of losing. No, its not some phony curse of saints stadium, its the junk product on the field.
  10. Never. This team will continue to be an embarrassment until they win a SB. The Georgia curse is real, regardless of what people think.
  11. I can appreciate that. I would suggest that being pushed over the top reflects that you are near the top to begin with. We are not nor were we near the top and injuries only magnified that. Yes I say Losing Neal hurt. Losing Jones hurt. Losing Rico hurt. But our defense (and oline) have suffered more than the injuries should allow. The drop off was too steep to be simply injury based. But anyone (not saying you) thinking that we were just needing to be pushed over the top by Mcclain... Not so much. We need to stop shopping at the goodwill.
  12. Im not for the Washington version of spend on FA and then post losing records. But I am certainly tired of the "we aren't making a splash" speeches that come out of Flowery Branch. We wait until June to pick up the scrap heap players and act like we are geniuses because we got grubby player #99 for 1 year prove it deal on the cheap! OL and DL need play makers not 1 year, non-invested players.
  13. Typical AJC garbage. An article about how something IS NOT news. Headline literally says they deny it's Blank. The second statement comes from Blanks group saying it's not him. Not news news.
  14. Adversity in pro sports doesn't make you stronger. It teaches and reinforces losing. Losers lose because they are used to it. They stand around waiting for "someone else to make a play". That is why there are tons of posts about the team quitting. Anyone watching the game can see this team isn't putting forth effort. They aren't lathering up in adversity, chomping at the bit to be better. ****, even Campbell came out and said they aren't prepared and are playing flat. They are down, wallowing in the adversity and losing games. Losing poorly at that. That is culture. That is LEADERSHIP letting the players down. It's been pointed out here many times that DQ has surrounded himself with rookie coaches, or out of position coaches and also coaches who are just ineffective (armstrong). If you don't make a change somewhere, somehow, then you are saying that this performance is satisfactory and allowable.