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  1. So all the screaming of BARF and BARF again and knee jerk WTF going on in the other thread was exactly that....knee jerk. Come on people.
  2. We are "barfing", and then "barfing" twice about a guy when we don't even know the contract details yet. Was he a better starter than Shraeder? I'll guess you would agree that he played better than Shraeder last year. Why are we barfing and complaining (read back through the thread, yes people were bashing this signing) when we don't know the contract, or the FA signings coming or even the draft outcome yet. Jeebus! Ty was a UFA, we resigned him. He played better than RS. Its a win regardless if he is a starter or depth. How much of a win will be defined by the contract details.
  3. Id say this board is fascinated with cutting large number of players, signing every FA and acting like the NFL is just a poor mans Madden video game. Sheet doesn't work that way in the real world. People want to complain about depth and then complain when we sign depth. Everyone wants to be like the Pats, and then turn around and think every player should be a HOF'er.
  4. Yup spoken like a Headcoach and NOT a GM. All those picks, how did they turn out for the Browns? 70 wants to cut everyone (see other threads) and then "just sign" improvements. Get out of your Madden football world, this is the real world. There are tons of examples that you cannot buy your way to win the superbowl.
  5. Im glad you're here to tell me who to like. When does your pick for next jersey come out? "I need to be told which to buy"
  6. Is this supposed to be purple? I hope so for your sake.
  7. 6 Guards started for us. Six not because we wanted to rotate people. No, it was SIX because we were down that many players. And our Pro-bowl RT turned into a pile of jelly. Our Probowl RB was gone too, so why would defenses respect the run at all? Where do you get that we had weak/underpowered oline? Ravens, Cowboys, Steelers, Taints all had top 10 in rushing D total yards and yards per rush. So the conclusion is our 2nd and third stringers couldn't stand up to the top 10 best NFL starting rush Defenses so therefore they were weak and underpowered? People make up their own narratives and spread it. ...You dudes smoke some real...
  8. Absofreakinlutely...QW every time and then lets see Brady or Brees try to step up into a pocket that doesnt exist!
  9. This is key for those wanting to "learn" more about football. Started 6 OGs last season. When you are quick to scream about how bad our offense was, bad our OC was or how DQ should have been fired, these are the things to pay attention to. It's a christmas miracle our offense was as good as it was.
  10. You never cease to amaze with the fairy tales you come up with. I agree with Larry, you don't actually watch the games, clearly. Sark was offered the Arizona job and he declined, and MM is in the running for the Cinn bengals DC job. Beasley only played LB becuase of injuries in know what, forget it. You obviously don't understand.
  11. I think its time to just let the people who don't understand football, have their own sandbox to play in. "Fat people make better Linemen" and "MAtt Ryan salary hinders our team" are both absurd. BTW Matt Ryan with the 14th cap hit of QBs...
  12. Never cared for this guys speech pattern. He is the white DOL. "Hey coach...Matt Ryan....Who....Can do....better....Matt.....Ryan......Falcons Fans....on twitter....thats......insane" Once my ears are done bleeding, I cannot disagree with the Matt Ryan praise. Many fans are stupid. They think you just "go get another QB". Madden football has ruined most young peoples understanding of football.
  13. So you saying the RBs had no hand it? Third string players had no hand in it? Playing from behind because our defense was decimated, thus defining we had to run less and pass more, had nothing to do with it? Just plain old "our guards suck"?
  14. yes Bill is detailed. No stone unturned. "close the roof". Yet he's the guy who knows every detail, but somehow doesn't know about the deflated balls or the filming of other teams. LMAO! You can't praise Bill in one sentence and then claim innocent in the next.
  15. Appreciate the article. I particularly like the Oline part speaking about how repetition and continuity helps the Oline play better. IE this is directly speaking to the Falcons 2018 season Guards. Yet for some reason people can grasp it and want to just plug and play new players all the time. "Madden Syndrome" in my opinion.