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  1. Good podcast with Dean Pees. Not sure if it was posted previously, probably was. Real smart and also sounds like its not just X's and O's. He understands people, he understands QBs. Im not claiming championship, but I do think Pees will be a very good upgrade for us at DC. https://podcasts.apple.com/mn/podcast/s02e21-gameplanning-3rd-down-w-dean-pees-former-patriots/id1473232876?i=1000496713365
  2. Mcgary love here? I dont know that I would have thought that. I would have said most here are not supports of Mcgary.
  3. No way are we a top 10 defense under Pees. BUT, all you have to do is look at how well the defense improved under Morris/Ulbrich after DQ was fired. Were they world beaters? Nah, but they were improved. Some may need to take the rose colored glasses off, but the doomsday-sayers need to wake up as well. We already have proof that coaching helped change and improve our Defense. Additional coaching, scheme change and new players may be the nudge we need to be a 16-22 ranked Defense. It makes us competitive.
  4. Hallajuher I feel that the talking media heads ignore this. More views, more ticks in viewership if they take a more radical view. "Falcons in full rebuild" or whatever the flavor is that day. The truth is, NFL is about parity. Good coaching is going to show up in games as Ws instead of Ls.
  5. Some of us have been beating the table with this message. People look at our record and yes we are what it says we are. We were bad. When you look at how we lost, you see a different picture and how EASILY we could have been 8-8 last year and how close we played the 2 SB participants.
  6. So if the question is about Xs and Os. Its been answered here already. There was not enough variation from the TENN offense from the first Ravens game to the playoff one and the Titans got punched in the face. Just as KC had Oline problems in the SB, Tenn had the same problems with their Oline. Won't blame it all on AS, but yes he could have called a better game. His players could have played better. Sometimes the other team is just better that day. The Xs and Os get complicated as I dont think AS is a direct disciple of the Shannahan system or McVeys system. So we dont know what the offe
  7. Blogging Dirty is known for some horrible horrible takes. If a reputable source tweets that there were offers, then you can start to actually wonder what the offer was. I for one, expected NE to move up for a QB. Their offseason has been unlike any of theirs for the past 2 decades. They went all out in FA, signing players. They were just missing a QB and trading up would have locked them in on one. It made sense.
  8. Ive waited an eternity to be able to add to an "artical" thread. Yes its a running gag.
  9. RE Deadrin. I have a guy I manage who is smart, talented, but his attitude sucks. I literally have to prepare new hires to know that the guy is smart but just be aware he is a grump and dont let it affect them. Point is, we saw Deadrin ragdoll Pouncy in the in Steelers game, so he has some game. But something else behind the scene must be off. We may never know, but just because we don't have the exact answer, doesn't mean that Deadrin was overlooked.
  10. From what I've seen, 2020 didn't have Julio on game covers either. But don't let that stop the conspiracy morons. Or 2019
  11. Absolutely 100% agree. I mentioned in another thread. Imagine your opponent in rock paper scissors alreaady knowing what you are going to choose. Gives them a big advantage. That was the Dirk offense. AS attempts to fool the defense on every play and he's already said, if the defense has an idea of what we are doing, the shame on us. Motion, formations, misdirections will all be huge huge huge upgrades for us. Also, THE RETURN OF YAC! Dirk and his stupid stops, hooks, and outs. Look at this: In 2020, ABrown 70 catches 432 yards of YAC versus Ridley 90 catches and 275 YAC. If Brown
  12. I think the floor is 8 wins as well. Last season we won 4 and had 4 in the bag but lost. Easier schedule this year. 8 floor might be too low actually lol. Imagine you are playing rock paper scissors and your opponent knows what your are going to do before each round. That is what a Dirk Keotter offense was, the defense knew what was coming. Hard for the OLine to be very successful when the defense knew what was coming. AS is the complete opposite, even saying he actively tries to fool the defense. Imagine a DE flying up field thinking its a pass play, and the handoff to RB runs right past
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