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  1. He does and that clip proved it.
  2. ITT: People who do not understand football.
  3. Why do we run so many inside zone runs now? Obviously new OC, but ****, we are not an outside zone team anymore.
  4. Quick, someone tell matt ryan to stop doing off season team sessions in Florida with players. Apparently if you have talent, then learning the system and timing with the QB doesn't matter!. AMIRITE??!!? /purple
  5. I mean, I hardly think TAFT is a place to pick on the usage of the English language as it pertains to someone's philosophical interpretations. Clearly luck as defined as "randomness" is real. That's just math, physics and the descriptive sense of the word. There is nothing to dispute because all you are talking about is an outcome that is varied by each occurrence. But usually when someone says they do not believe in luck, they are saying they don't believe there is some god, spirit or supernatural force that imposes positive and negative outcomes. THAT is fully disputable as you cannot prove there is an external influence on events that show "good" luck or "bad" luck. Hardly fair to call it a terrible post without knowing the context.
  6. You aren't kidding. Those people are called homers. They can't see "their favorite player" as being bad when clearly, all you have to do is watch and see Trufant is soft.
  7. For the people who claim Trufant would have more INTs if he was targeted more, go look at what Deion sanders, Revis, Talib, Patrick Peterson, Marcus Peters, you know...real shutdown corners?! Look at their INTs, guys who were truly not thrown at and when you did throw at them, they picked you off. Thats what a cover/shut down corner does. Trufant is just a guy. Only Mashburn thinks this guy is "back" because of 1 pick in the GB game. He gets blocked out by Glennon, beat for TDs deep, holds and PI flags during critical moments during the DET game. Don't be a homer, look at the way this guy is playing and own up to the fact he is stealing money from this team.
  8. Lets ask PeytonManningsForhead. Just read his posts and even he pointed out how bad some of Reeds containment has been. He pointed out how poorly Reeds run fits have been. Have they cost us games? No it hasn't. But I can tell by your need to pull up a 30+ old day post, that you aren't the type of football fan who uses intelligence when watching a game. If you were, then you would have already known, Reed is having some big misses in the run game and they are directly his fault. Reed has made some good plays in pass rushing, there is no question.
  9. Horribly flawed logic. Rico being an upgrade over "those days" does not make Rico good.
  10. DQ was privy to the horrible Seattle loss in the SB at the 1 yard line, and should have "learned" to trust the high dollar RB. DQ was front and center in the last super bowl and saw us throw the ball when we should have run the ball and kicked the field goal. Easy SB win. And again, here we are with a coach that can't learn to run the ball, with a high dollar RB, with 10 defenders on the field and 6-7 in the box and the game on the line.
  11. Im a pessimist. And I blame being a falcons fan of over 30 years and 11yrs as season tix holder as the cause of my pessimism. A minor miracle win in Chi, and a major, divine miracle win in Det, and a shoot yourself in the foot loss against the Bills. I don't see this team as a good team. I think the slump/hangover/lack of fire is real. Some dudes are playing lights out like Free and other dudes are just going through the motions and we are Jerry Lewis-ing our way into wins. Hate if you will. Too much time following this team scars you.
  12. I get what the Op is saying, when talking about our top WRs being hurt. To me this game showed how unprepared our coaching staff is. You should have a plan in case of emergencies. What happens if you lose both starting CBs or safeties or LBs? You don't call the same defense you would call with the starters in there. Yes I understand you have next man up but you don't play as much man defense. Same should have gone for losing Julio and Sanu. We should have seen some design changes in the Offense. More TE plays, more mis-direction and more passes to Coleman/Freeman. But what did we do? Just kept on plugging away watching Hardy drop the ball and Williams tip it to the other team. We ran the same things we would run with our millionaire WRs. Just dumb and being unprepared.
  13. TEAM: Hate the Saints. They have the ugliest, rudest fans I have ever met in my life. 10 year season ticket holder and every year the saints fans were simply the most foul fans. Most were also drunk, poorly educated and at times unclean. Player: Cam Netwon. That whole showboat while Im winning but pouting when I lose attitude is so childish. He's the only player in the history of the NFL who I cheer when he gets hit dirty, or has unfair call go against him..etc. I want everything bad that happens to him to make him pout and cry more. As DQ said "Take a picture of that!" Karma is pretty much taking care of Cam, so all is good!
  14. Wow.... Not sure whether to laugh or cry because that is ******* hilarious and epically sad all at the same time
  15. Yup. Ive had lasik and know the world of difference it makes. Campbell admitted that he didn't wear glasses or lenses during the game. I don't know what his eye sight was prior to surgery, but if he was nearsighted, lasik is usually only for moderate to servere nearsightedness. It has to be amazing for him to be able to see 20/20 now and not guess what he thinks he sees.