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  1. Forget the top 5 look at Rod Coleman. The sacks per game is amazing.
  2. The only nonsense here is that you think Kyle was exposed. Kyle taking 2 different teams to the SB proves he is anything but exposed. Not to mention 1 team was historically ranked offense. Kyle didnt make Devonte miss the block. If you watch Gabriel was wide open and a walk in touchdown. Kyle didn't make Edelman make a miracle catch. Kyle didn't make Mathews hold and knock us out of field goal range. In SF and their SB, the only person Exposed was Garropolo. In the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, Garoppolo went 3-of-11 for 36 yards with an interception and overthrew receiver Emmanu
  3. Amazing an AJC writer put out an article that was actually professional. Then we have DOLt and his "5 things we learned" snippets, which are pathetic and his drunk bill cosby questions in interviews are equally as bad.
  4. If I ever waste my life listening to AFN video again, Im drinking bleach. wow that was painfully bad.
  5. Name one falcon player who left and "flourished"...Sidbury? Nope. Beirman? Nope. Trufant? Nope. Beasley? Nope. Name a FA we signed on the D and flourished outside of John Abraham? I mean Poole was a good nickle corner. But you really gonna hang your hat on 2 guys over the span of Smith and DQ tenures? You're the only one ignoring something here. The players named in your post and mine will not see benefit because they have already capped. They aren't secrets we stashed away. They were below average and road the bench. Senat cant sniff the field and Comisky didnt get more snaps until Takk
  6. I'm pretty sure senat and comisky and the players who are "board favorites" ala kerry meir and sunshine are just that. Board favorites who were not as good and wont be as good as people thought they were. Just like when DQ came on board and we had 53% turn over, we will see similar with this new coaching staff as they bring in guys they know. I'll bet senat isnt on the team and this is comisky last chance. Like, do we ready need another Beirman who almost gets pressure?
  7. oh...oh no..is that a highlight reel? Whew, 4 or 5 sacks came from the QB running into him not the other way around. Yikes.
  8. I had a Falcons win SB 40/1 ticket in my hand in 2016. Figured it was money in the bank about half way through the 3rd quarter.... yeah.
  9. Thanks. No clue how he doesn't understand this. 40.9(cap hit) -17.9(dead) viola, 23
  10. Or the owner that offered to play more home games away in London and then says he will still have control over draft picks. I think Jax competes in stupidity right up there with Houston.
  11. Thank you for proving you have no clue football is a team sport.
  12. I hope we get a good CB or at least a playmaker safety out of this draft. Serious note: what does his statement mean? is it supposed to mean something like "not everyone can be #1 but here I am?". My brain hurts , help!
  13. There is so much interest in the QB market pre-draft. I think thats a big clue. To me, I easily see a trade happening at the #2 or #3 slot and QBs going 1, 2, 3 in the draft. I am not sure that there will be as much trade down leverage as we as fans want there to be. There are just too many teams wanting to get a QB and there could be plenty of action before we even get to pick.
  14. 1) was an offense that Matt was learning. We see the offense he JUST came out of this year, which was long developing routes that made you hold the ball. Thats the exact offense he came out of and went into with Kyle. Kyle wanted Timing and Matt was learning that the holding the ball routine wasnt what was needed. 2) turnover mistakes. Tevin Coleman was a fumbling fool. Hankerson and Devin Hester had balls hit off their hands and go for picks. 3) center was a huge huge blackhole of failure.
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