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  1. So your argument is that one of the greatest head coaches of all time can deal with players who have temper-tantrums, get personal fouls and basically make an arse out of themselves during a coin toss, why can't any other coach do it? LOL I'll just leave that there, because nothing else needs to be said why that is so stupid. Yeah, why can't we all be Bill and have a Brady.
  2. youre right. Last place teams NEED more drama, side show players and idiots being disruptive to the team. Why didn't we sign him!
  3. haha Tru gets a pick. You said prediction not Miracle worker.
  4. Haha Duke Riley is the New Hageman. There will be the few people that swear he is good and somehow the Falcons did him wrong. And There will be a few posters who will always bring up Dukes name, even after he is cut, gone and failing for some other team, claiming we should bring him back. Just like they do for Hags. If Duke was worth a nickle, we wouldn't be scraping the barrel for Carter and Grace or letting Foye get more snaps than Duke. You see game film and its bad. Coaches see game film, practice time, meetings AND have knowledge of the play called along with responsibilities for said player. Duke sucks and the coaches are agreeing and you are seeing the evidence. Actions speak louder than words. Coach gives Duke props in the media for "really improving" yet snaps decrease, depth chart changes and more LBs are brought in. Proof is right in front of you.
  5. You're basically saying "don't call me out for not understanding NFL scheme needs". Got it, we will no longer call you out for not understanding big fatties do not do well in a zone reach block system.
  6. It's the typical fan. People call Rodgers a QB who carries his team. Yet his team is in 3rd place in the NFC north. People cite "well he was hurt last year, his Oline was hurt, Jordy Nelson was hurt/No longer there, they had a wide receiver playing RB". Thats why they lost, are losing, or can't win the division. But when you talk about Matt Ryan, there are posts about why he isn't earning his contract. Why can't he put this team on his back. It's a team sport and when your starting DT, MLB, free safety, strong safety, LG, #2 and #3 WR go down, it's hard to win games. People hold Matt to a different standard. Grass is always greener scenario. Atlanta fans are stupid, thats the bottom line. Make another trade Matt thread. Tell me again how Tyrod Taylor would save the day, I need a good laugh.
  7. If we don't get divine intervention, it means you suck at prayer.
  8. Couple things here... you know what nvm. You do you... Football will never "represent" life for me. I can't even get my head around that. What happens for you when there is a strike season? shudder you totally scare me.
  9. Exactly. How many posts and threads about Matt Ryan being the problem and how we should believe Hugh's enlightenment that Ryan doesn't make plays? Ryan getting pressured every drop back is the main issue for the offense.
  10. Cant trade our Fans they are too ignorant, not even empty stadium LA Chargers would take them.
  11. Yeah no way Rex have liked to have gone to the super bowl in 2016 and then embarrassed the #1 offense in the league last year...At their home, in the playoffs no less! /purple Im can say with near certainty, Rex is still jealous and butt-hurt over not getting the ATL job.
  12. I do think coaching is an issue. I know that your defensive captain and leaders are hurt, but you should still know how to line up. They Should not be looking around confused pre-snap. But I also think we have drafted poorly along both lines. Grady is good, but every season is "which FA will be next to grady" and can Beasley perform. DL and OL are always a rag-tag list of mid to late rounders and FA castoffs.
  13. LOL, Last year was the first time Brees has even been in the playoffs since 2013. Hurray "crunch time". Hugh is right that Matt should have made THAT one play. The fan is wrong that Matt Ryan is the cause of our teams failures.
  14. Jesuschrist. Gurley again? When will the GA homers just go away.