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  1. Wrong. watch the video. First play he calls it aMinimal gain? It was 8 yards and Vic played off and soft and you called it "beautiful". Literally word for word " a thing of beauty". Vic didnt close the distance between him and the ball carrier. Vic starts at the 28 yard line, retreats to the 25 yard line and lets Cook run free from his catch which started at the 31. Thats six yards cushion. WTF beautiful.
  2. First play is the opposite of beautiful. Otherwise the plays shown display what you would expect from a 12mill player.
  3. Picked in the endzone. Tell me more please.
  4. Or lots of homers who only see thru rose colored glasses.
  5. I told everyone. Falcons2012 and so many more. We couldn't stop the run in 2018 and we can't in 2019. Look what's happening. I also told everyone that they were wrong about Sark. Dirk has us shut out and looking horribly lost. Dirk was the worst hire we could have made and I said as much.
  6. You know, I kept telling people (read: the homers) that Hageman and Senat were NOT "Beasts". But as per typical, rational discussion is frowned upon on the TAFT. The surprises to me are Hill and Ollison. Means it will not be a RB by committee behind Free. All free all day, with a tid bit of Ito.
  7. 9-7 with all 7 losses coming due to Dirk.
  8. To be fair to Nolan, Smitty didn't have the brains for a multiple defense. He turned around and failed in TB too. Game just passed the old dude by. Nothing wrong with that I guess.
  9. Typical Dirk, Ill give you the whole first series. Pass on first down, incomplete. Run up the middle for 2 yards. 3rd and 8, pass to hooper for 6. Punt. Thanks Dirk. Can we have Sark back yet?
  10. That will always be the flaw in any QB win/loss discussion. Everyone says Brees is top 3, yet the Saints have numerous 7-9 season under him. Rodgers people claim he carries the team, yet they have the same RB/WR/Defense issues year in and year out. Its a team sport. But do I thank the stars every year that we have someone as good as Matt Ryan as our QB.
  11. Good finds, good post. Thanks for the Sutton stuff. We already saw Comisky drop into coverage in the preseason. I know it will happen again in the regular season. Im just hoping for more aggressive D this year.
  12. This was my thing. Every article says Davison is sooo great and unsung. But the team that knew him best (NO) wouldn't even pay him 895k which is only 100k over vet minimum. Not only does the media laud him, his teams mates do as well. How can the saints let him go and for so cheap. Hope he turns out a steal for us. But something doesnt add up.
  13. Where is the analysis for improved offensive coaching? COACHING. Not improved OL play, those are new players. Not whining and crying about Greg Williams. You have none, tahts the point. I shut you down immediately because I showed you the scoring and lack of it. You want more analysis? In both of Ryans starts, he had to pull the ball down and scramble due to lack of open receivers, too long developing routes and protection faults. You would think "coaching upgrades" would mean someone was smart enough to call shorter routers, quicker hot reads and chip blocking protection. Nope you just posted that it was the other coaches fault for being "a meanie" Nice try. Dirk has shown nothing yet. Your routine is tired and bland, always bling homerism. Hows Hageman doing btw? You were claiming how "beast" he was. Yeah...
  14. This is how I know. Your posts are the proof in and of themselves. Crap QB play huh. How many TDs did Ryan lead the team to in preseason? PRESEASON. Because that is what Gazoo thinks proves this team has a "better" offensive coach now. The title is called coaching upgrades. You blame crap QB play. Meaning its the players fault. To compare to previous offensive coaching we have to then also take into account players, IE 6 OG and 2 RT and no pro bowl RB. Yet in this post people blame Sark and the OP claims "upgrades." The results do not show the proof of the claim.
  15. Remember the Year June Jones kept 4 QBs on the 53?? /facepalm