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  1. I’ve got an idea for a billboard for all those Aints fans myself........
  2. Not quite..............he doesn’t have an offensive coordinator with any originality nor a head coach with the aggressive mindset!!
  3. As do I!! I just found it interesting he had us playing in the Super Bowl. You know the media wants a Brady vs Rodgers main event.
  4. Just wondering if anyone else noticed his predictions in the mock draft? Had the Falcons picking #31.........the Patriots #32.
  5. Yeah I saw that as well!! Heath Evans is the biggest $&#%> on the show!! He mentioned that it was time for Ryan to earn his nickname & defeat a banged up team in a meaningful game.
  6. Anyone want to crunch the numbers & see how many times we get pressure on QBs only for them to escape!! I'm sick of seeing this happening every single game. Is it a breakdown in lane assignment?
  7. Funny at all the criticism & they're 5-0!!! Believe me this IS NOT the same team from a year ago. Last year's squad would not have found a way to win games. Thank you Dan Quinn!
  8. I work with a guy who's a Redskins fan. When he heard we'd hired Shanahan, he said,"You can have him! Hated him in DC!" My response............"Thank you very much!"
  9. As stated in an earlier post, Shanahan has watched tape on Watt. I know he's a freak of nature, but Shanahan had the benefit of practicing against him during his stint in Houston. That should account for something...............right?
  10. It was sad to see people getting all the questions wrong. I'm a huge fan that lives in Mississippi & even I got them all right!
  11. I do like the play calling overall, but, I too, am growing tired of all the bubble screens to Julio!
  12. And in what must be a strange feeling for Falcons fans, the coach on the wrong end of a late-game decision in the Georgia Dome was somebody besides Mike Smith.
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