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  1. its no wonder this team hasn't won back to back winning seasons until TD and Smitty changed the face of the franchise.
  2. The guy has the same numbers as Ware as far as height, weight, speed but oddly enough, Sidbury has longer arms than Ware. We can make Sid be our Demarcus Ware with enough work done on him.
  3. that man is an angel. Look at the glo he has coming of that white hat. Something is shining upon him. The perfect smile also from the Ice man, I think the NFL should consider this guy as the face of the NFL from now on.
  4. Golden Tate is nothing more than an over hyped wanna be Percy Harvin player. Second rate receiver who will probably be nothing more than a 500 yard catcher and 3 tds player every season.
  5. lol. thats funny. It some what makes you feel better but not entirely lol. Can we predict a Mccoy hold out for them? They really did over spend on some of their players only to have them under perform or leave the next year. Antonio Bryant was a huge mistake for them last year. A former Cowboy reject has 1 good year with the bucs and then got a contract that I think paid him like over 50 K a catch or something crazy like that.
  6. Decoud is going to be a rising star. Much like how Reggie Nelson would be under Mike Smith's defense, Decoud is going to keep getting better with that speed, range and hitting power he has.
  7. i havent seen a 50 rating since some of the college free agent kickers on the game. I hope Corey can provide more on the real life field rather than the Madden game.
  8. Well I dont blame Roddy for not caring back when your starting leader of a QB was more worried about fighting dogs and opening up wine businesses. The QB is usually the character of the whole team, so again I don't blame Roddy for not caring those days.
  9. I predict Meier will have at least 6 or more touchdowns. Meier will be the diamond in the rough who really puts this team over. I can't wait to watch this guy play on the field.
  10. awesome video. I would of like to see Harvey Dahl do some of those drills. Kroy looks like an MMA fighter already
  11. It is only Lofton's third year. Every year he has gotten better and better. The only reason why he hasn't made the huge plays is because of a lack of pass rush or bad secondary.
  12. Antone Smith could be a speed burner in the back field this team has needed since Norwood's injuries have been going on
  13. Meier is going to be the next star on this offense.
  14. I like Owens or Grimes. There is a lot of talent in the secondary for once. We are in good hands.
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