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  1. Congrats to Mort. I'll never forget those 50+ yarders from '95 and sending us to the Super Bowl in '98. This thread is about him btw..not TO or Kurt
  2. He also wasn't helped by 3 or 4 drops. He's playing great
  3. Hey man, I find your threads enjoyable. Sometimes the content, but mainly the responses.
  4. Somehow this reminds me of all the threads wanting Schaub to start over Ryan
  5. These games win or lose aren't proof imo. Each and every week strong offenses and defenses have bad games. 1st quarter of the year shows we have a great offense and a work in progress D.
  6. You are crazy to think the Falcons offense looked ANYTHING like this, this time last year. Re watch the games from last year.
  7. Any word on Campbell?
  8. I'm not sure you watch any other football games, but ALL quarterbacks are off on throws every once in awhile..yet people on this board find every excuse to say something negative about Ryan if he had a throw that's off.
  9. How bout you don't post cry baby threads til the game is over?
  10. That's lame, I live in Savannah, too. Thank god for game pass and my friends direct tv info for Sunday ticket on my ps4.
  11. Slightly disappointed about Shede. Was going to be disappointed too if Upshaw was inactive, but I guess it's good to have depth.
  12. I live in Georgia, but used to do the sports bar thing then 'first rowing'. After awhile spending money on food and beers got expensive..and my laptop kinda sucked. I decided to invest in a digital antenna AND game pass on my ps4. Thank GOD I did.
  13. Unless Trufant was covering tight ends, I'm not sure it would have made any difference.
  14. Worrilow looked great on special teams. I, for one, am not trying to discredit him as a player, but MLB is definitely an area that can be upgraded. I haven't seen enough of Jones..but just the thought of better play in the middle excites me.
  15. It might be costly (100 bucks), but NFL Game Pass can be your best friend. I use it on my PS4 and holy cow I couldn't live without it this time of year.