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  1. Before even reading this topic I know OPs narrative by his name alone. A few people on this board are pretty easy to read.
  2. My post was as constructive as it gets around here..
  3. And then why can’t we just draft a qb after pick 4? Or sign a back up in FA?
  4. You guys really want to take a qb in the top 5? Especially if he’s going to sit for a few years? Wouldn’t it help the team instead of your fantasy to draft defense and a RB?
  5. You’ve seen what good qbs can do in good systems, and you’ve seen what good qbs can do in bad systems. Are you saying our system the last 2 years was good?
  6. Picking up steam by 4 eyes behind a keyboard more than likely. And hopefully only them.
  7. I’m all for trading down a few picks and selecting the BEST running back. Then go defense the rest of the way. QBs can play a lot longer than Matt’s age.
  8. You know..just because one or two people say it doesn’t mean you generalize a whole group of people.
  9. Our running backs are decent, but nothing to write home about. Our line also can’t block so it while it would be nice to have an upgrade, who knows how it would work out.
  10. If you don’t think Ryan gets angry you should probably get your eyes checked. Or do you mean calling everybody out to the media? 😂 some people don’t understand professional sports
  11. The real question is this.. will a new qb make the defense better?
  12. Ryan outplayed Mahomes today. That probably makes Ryan haters furious 😂
  13. Can you guys at least give him the rest of this season? Under Quinn this team looked like absolute dog ****. Morris took over and has won games and should be 4-0. You are a fool if you don’t think we are playing better. We need some pieces on D and more than likely a new OC. The radio thing and unwarranted hate has gotta chill. I think you guys are too scarred from DQ, you can’t see the good in anything.
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