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  1. Hits like this are what shortens players careers and lives. CTE is not something to sell short. Better training needs to be doled out to teach better targeted tackling zones. Kind of like baseballs strike zone, especially when you know your about to decleat someone's azz.
  2. Regardless of whether he meant to or not, if the NFL adopts collegiate rules to protect players he would've been ejected and/or suspended. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2017/12/06/nfl-targeting-rule-hits-ejections-penalty/927955001/
  3. https://youtu.be/xgJ8hwpbukw What we need Major Payne to talk to the offense!
  4. Coming to ATL tomorrow, may have tickets for the game Sunday! Where is the best tail gate? Is it still the gulch?
  5. Patriot scout to himself "with enough lube I think my head would fit"
  6. Thanks man. One day I'll make it back home and bring my daughter's to a camp. They don't understand the dog days of summer in Atlanta, LOL!
  7. @mashburn*Fibonacci I've always loved your reports from Training Camp. You always have great pictures to share. Makes living up here that much more manageable. I used to go to training camp in Suwanee with my father way back in the day. Getting a milkshake from the McDonalds, and sitting on the hillside. Great times. Little known fact, in Suwanee after the season was over you could walk through the woods and find kicking balls that went over the nets all the times. Never been to Flowery Branch, but is that still a possibility?
  8. He is in Omaha at the Madonna Omaha Campus medical center. He's been in and out of the hospital since moving there this past year. He's a seriously tough dude. I can never get in a scar war with him because he wins hands down! Thanks man, I'll pass it along to him. He'd appreciate it.
  9. For a second I thought you were gonna say the earth is flat! Whew
  10. @Slappywhite thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I have a family member who has been battling Crohn's disease since he was 15. He's had two liver transplants since then, and is in another state waiting for a third. Also I used to work at Emory University in the Anesthesiology department, and met some great liver specialists while my cousin was going through his treatment at Children's Hospital. You're in good hands. Glad you could spend some special time with your son at the game. I know it'll be a lifetime memory that he will carry forth from this day to his last. Slainte
  11. Been playing some call of duty infinite warfare zombies, killing things seem to be working. That and amazon prime! Now I'm just waiting for NFL store to have some sales to get rid of Falcons gear. My way of at least getting something out of it. Daddy needs a new salute to service Falcons hoodie! And a new hat, this season's hat needs to be retired. Hehe
  12. 308 Wendell Avenue doors open at 10:30am I believe. Maybe 10. I'll be there around noon.
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