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  2. As much as I like the space we saved I di not like the fact that we released a linemen which is one of our biggest weakness. I'm sure they have his replacement though, wonder who it could be. All for the Mathis signing.
  3. Imagine what he's gonna do with a run game and when he's not running that ******* screen 5x a game.
  4. **** yes!!! Finally we are building depth. I love the new direction.
  5. I like it. Removing the kick all together just isn't football imo.
  6. WTH is a Harvey Dahl???? Ross Tucker once said something along the lines of the one place you can easily cover up is a LG. We also have like 6 people on the roster to compete for that LG position so I think we'll be just fine.
  7. I luke this signing, I remember hearing his name alot a few years ago. I assume he got hurt. Nothing special but could be decent enough. I prefer him over Tammy for sure.
  8. Lmao hahahahahahahahahahah
  9. What happened to this thread......
  10. I just remember hearing them saying Smith was all about stoping the run with Soliai and Jackson and the rest will sort itself out. But you're right. I am not completely sold in TD. We will see though in 3 days. I could just be paranoid.
  11. Just this year. It's history I am looking at. This seems to be in line with our problems from Smith era. We were told it was all Smith. Not quite sure yet.
  12. Why are you talking about the Saints? The FALCONS ... were 6th in rush defense in 2011. In 2012 they were 22nd.
  13. Abe had a ten sack year the flowing year after released (granted that defense is sick) but I also believe whole heartedly that Loftons departure was a huge reason why we went from top 10 rushing defense to one of the worst.
  14. 100% believe that's why Osi left. Think about it, when was the last time a FA succeeded here. Is it them or is it us?