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  1. Jay Adams took it and he's holding it hostage til he gets a new media job. Selfish *******
  2. I think if we were home, we would see a lot more ATL picks but since its not, it makes sense.
  3. No. That's NFL Network humor. This is what happens when someone's mom told them they were funny and the rest of the world forgot to tell them they weren't. Happens all the time, particularly in the white suburbs.
  4. I'm cool with this. Admits he was wrong and then gives a legitimate reason why we would lose. We could lose this game very easily. It won't matter if we do. We're not going 15-1. A loss has to come from somewhere and this is a good team at home.
  5. I usually start crying with a Budweiser in my chair all alone. No one here is a football fan and the ones who are, they're Broncos fans. And when we win I have no one to tell and when we lose I usually come here for moral support and to find someone to tell me everything will be ok.
  6. Well, I think Chester is our worst guard and this guy was a first round pick for a reason. Patriots release good players all the time and the fact that the Cardinals got Jones for him means he is a high value. Im all about it. Sign him! We have a year to wait anyways.
  7. That outta teach em. We have refs out there for every practice. Im sure someone would have said something if we were breaking the "rules". 5 weeks into the season they come up with this? That tells me that this is some ********.
  8. Same thing as every week. "We haven't played a defense". We play the 3rd best and demolish them. Next day. "They haven't faced a defense like the Broncos". We beat them with Lynch. "They haven't faced a QB this season". When we add 8 more wins, "they had an easy schedule". We lose to Denver, "see, they haven't played a good defense. This team is a pretender".
  9. AJ Hawk, former starter, inside info on Packers. I see nothing wrong with this. Hopefully, he is just a stop gap til Campbell gets healthy.
  10. I liked his video with Prime after the game. I laughed a couple times.
  11. That's a lot of snaps for Freeney. Hope he can hold up.
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