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  1. Now if anything sounds gay, this has to be it....
  2. Good for him if he can get some petty cash....Von Hutchins will be ready to show his potential, so i'm not that sad actually. Good luck outthere Fox...
  3. Bucman doesn't speak ZOMG LULZ-language...it's not his kind of style
  4. Al set the tone for rookie-QB's as well so I doubt it.....
  5. I've added you to my friendslist, can we please write PM's to eachother in ZOMG LULZ -language?
  6. The Raiders don't have an unlimited bankroll. The past three seasons Al Davis has sold chunks of his majority in order to raise cash to sign free agents. I dont agree that Al cost us AH. Al cost the Raiders a lot, and especially JaMarcus, because where's the money to get him some decent recievers and tackles? Oh wait, they're stuck at secondary...
  7. My bet is this thread will be deleted... I want that empty bag sooooooo badly!!!
  8. Why? What's the relevance in duscussing him and his numbers? I just don't get it....he's history and 99% of this board is living in the present so what are you hoping to accomplish with a topic which have been discussed time and again over the past two seasons? Why???
  9. Thanks to Al for once again setting the standards... DT's starting at 6 mil per year courtesy of Tommy Kelly. WR's starting at 5 mil per year courtesy of Javon Walker. QB-prospects starting at 60 mil for 6 years courtesy of JaMarcus Russel. RB-prospects starting at 60 mil for 6 years courtesy of Darren McFadden. Safetys starting at 39 mill for 6 years courtesy of Gibril Wilson. And elite-CB's now cashing in at 15 mil per season... Can someone please stop this madness?
  10. For my part is has nothing to do with disrespect. What Brooking has done for us over the last 10 years has been nothing but amazing, but when it comes down to putting a winning-team on the field all I say is, that the money Brooking gets is way to much. I would love nothing but to see Brooking get a 1-2 year contract as a roleplayer and a mentor for players like Lofton. But lets call things by their right name, and that is that Brookings days as a starting LB are over, and that in us to move on to the next level we can't overpay Brooking. This is why I still feel he should be cut, his contract
  11. It's not the tackles he make, it's the ones he misses. And with the salary he's due to get next year, it would be flat out insanity not to cut him or restructure his contract.
  12. Wasn't the store that Arthur wouldn't let Turner leave Arthurs home unless he signed the contract? I guess thats a pretty cool way to get a free agent to sign.
  13. Eventhough I respect Brooking, a 3 round pick would be an upgrad at this point.
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