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  1. By 2 yrds, whoopie, most of those yards are from bad teams.
  2. I'm also holding judgment on Matt Ryan, A rookie QB can throw over 200yrds, Ryan has yet to do that but I could see him doing that soon though.
  3. I hope the struggles don't continue, even with Baker.
  4. He's on IR, got hurt on some stairs, If I remember correctly (which can happen to anybody)
  5. I hope Turner gets at least 100+ yrds @ GB, because if he doesn't, people will slowly judge Turner and turn on him.
  6. With Baker gone, I could see why he was Struggling.
  7. What a wasted pick. Fox > Grimes
  8. Turner has run great, against weak defenses, struggles against good defenses, I hope he can run all over GB, Eagles, etc but if he doesn't, will people judgment change?
  9. I really don't see us winning, we are slowly falling back, losing to good teams.
  10. What's that scribble lines on signs and buildings? Writing?
  11. yeah, Fan's all don't have to agree on something, that's why its called "Fans", if everybody agrees on something, whats the point?
  12. For the past 5 to 6 years, the last place team won the division the next year, is it going to be the year it finally breaks?
  13. Are the Refs getting alot worse then before?
  14. They got dominated in the first half.
  15. I hate the poll, why? because its BS thats why. Oregon state beats #1 USC, yet their still unranked. USC falls to #9 after being beatin by a unranked team, while UGA has been beatin by a better team, yet falls farther then USC.
  16. USC #9, while UGA falls to #11 after being beat by a good Bama team? I don't get it, USC will never make it in the SEC.
  17. I know this but everytime something doesn't go our way, people pull that "Young team" if you want to talk about a young team, its the Atlanta Braves.
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