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  1. I don't remember Franks playing bad, other than missing a sack. I guess that's bad, considering the GB escapade, but his coverage was pretty good. Maybe Franks would be able to play on the outside, so the FO could finally put Dunta on the inside in sub packages...I'm sure he'd take the QB down.
  2. lol did you read the post? everybody else had single coverage...that's the effect people been talking about. the safety was in a cover 1 shell with Vontae on Jones, Smith on Roddy, and the other safety on Gonzo...2 pro bowlers that can exploit single coverage.
  3. you talking about when this board was losing it's mind after our 1st team only got 1 TD all preseason? yeah, I wish the saying was only allowed when discussing the Falcons, if anything, that saying goes out the ******* window when discussing the Falcons
  4. haven't Tony and Roddy both spoken out against needing preseason reps...lol, gots to be trolling
  5. yeah, I've never seen this one, good find.
  6. we have Turner, who's as automatic as it gets in the redzone...**** no lol
  7. reminded me of why I love Turner so much
  8. reminded me of why I love Turner so much
  9. I don't know if their one hit wonders, Rodgers has had them on the cusp for years, but I do think they're beatable and not this juggernaut automatic 16-0 some people would have you believe. on this other site with multiple fans, the Packers fans are out of control
  10. yards 08 - 3,336 yards 09 - 3,571 didn't look at the other stuff though...but you were right earlier, they were more efficient in 08, I was simply talking about an increase, statistically, in yards. I stand by it, that had more to do with injuries than the impact(or lack of) of Gonzalez though EDIT: those are pass yards btw
  11. well injuries kind of knocked that off course...all I'm saying is, the article was about our offense improving with the addition of Julio and Quizz, along with us keeping our core group together. and, statistically, we improved with Gonzo on our team in 09, from 08, with injuries across the board. I don't even get the Greatest Show on Turf comparison though, you need a back like Faulk, and Turner is nice, but he's nowhere near Faulk's style.
  12. well, I don't know about legendary, but our passing offense did improve, statistically
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