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  1. I cant believe anyone would be stupid enough to believe that whole "the Eagles pulled him" meme. So after countless interviews and speaking appearances including on ESPN, the Eagles "pulled him" from being on ESPN?? Seems like the Eagles would have "pulled" him from that extensive sit down he did the day before if there is some strange conspiracy that he is being "pulled" from speaking. I guess that doesn't fit this bizarre meme though.
  2. funny how out of...how many events has Vick been scheduled to appear and he's shown versus not? 2 out of 50? 75? ...yeah, funny how it "keeps" happening..must be a conspiracy of some sort.
  3. He doesn't have to pay what he owes back all at once. If he's like most Chapter 11 filers, its not like he doesn't have access to whatever he wants now anyway. He was able to buy that Porsche back in December regardless of his debt.
  4. Oakland's gonna surprise some people this year. I think they could take the AFC West.
  5. I saw this on twitter: Hate Michael Vick....check Love the Dallas Cowboys...check Still mad over Cowboy season...check Michael Vick getting keys to the city of Dallas...priceless
  6. Well from a marketing point of view, just makes more sense.
  7. I dont think they had the caliber of fans like the ones that stood and cheered for Vick at Aloha Stadium. I saw a pic of some young kids there, wearing Vick's jersey - certainly didn't think they were the same as followers of Manson and Bundy.
  8. DHall is the MVP....but he should share it with the AFC QBs, cuz they helped.
  9. At this point the AFC QBs are the NFC's MVPs.
  10. Those guys are stuffed with barbeque pig and pina coladas...of course they don't feel like playing. This is just funsies.
  11. Oh so I wasn't the only one that wanted them to go for the throat before the half?
  12. But the numbnuts on 790 and the Atlanta Junk & Crap sports writers will do nothing but rile up the masses for the next month if the NFC doesn't win after coming out with a 35 point lead. We know its just a fun game, but ugh...I can hear fathead Steak Shapiro right now.
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