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  1. Thanks Tandy dont ever leave the message board or Falcons Nation we NEEd you and love you.
  2. BUMP for A GREAT FAN READ!!!! great write up again DVR'd the game and watched it thru 3 times on D but my flat screen is only 32" so its hard to get the detail you pick up. However I noticed JA98 getting picked up by the running back more than once and the getting knocked back a yard was replayed twice by the station PATHETIC!! I noticed you started out writing as fair and balanced as you with last weeks, in particular JA98 but this week you had no choice but to call out the horrible play and you were equally harsh or fair with others. I did notice you didnt sum up your intial post later you
  3. they were giving Brown a chance to show and he did not.
  5. Falcon Hood Fans United Presents \ Real Fans of Genius Chorus: "Real Fans of Genius" Today we solute you Mr. Ookie jock loving athletic quarterback lover!!!!! Chorus: "Mr. Athletic QB Loaaaaver"! Your QB is no where close to having a 70% passer rating! Who cares your sportin his jersey anywayz! Chorus: "That Jersey Is Miiiiiiiiiiine"!!!! Lost playoff games, incomplete passes, middle fingers. You throw # 7's up like your Rollin dice. Chorus: "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh"! Ashamed of your Running Back aaaaaah I mean Quarterback! Hardly, you scream and shout Vickcitement at the top of your lungs like a Sa
  6. I wouldnt be oposed to a pick up or two nobody in particular some secondary help possibly, it lets me know that the GM is working his aspect of the game. The second thing I doubt the Eagles didnt look to sign Vick but according to McNabb himself he lobbied for it big time because they are friends.
  7. Thank you FalconLord great objective read. I went through every defensive snap on my DVR 3 times. I came to the same conclusions on JA98 and Davis. I didnt get to see the interior play as well as you did but I believe your pretty straight up. Thanks and BUMP!!!
  8. totally stocked pond with Bass I am 12 miles from the complex and its private.
  9. Sweet already in a sig with Ryan's #2! IT is far and away the best throw backs EVER in the NFL!!!!
  10. Looks good but not really the pic in the other thread shows the longer sleeves and colors on the arms. But no complaints!! At least from me I am sure the Ga. haters will bash it, because it does look like there blackout jersies.
  11. "No...Mostly it's humor, however It can be directed at ALL of us who somehow glean spurious information from pedestrian coach speak and or rambling opinions of sports talk radio jocks. NONE of us really know what is going on behind the scenes. What information coach Smith reveals is typical and not earth shattering. I say we let the preseason play out first." Good point during the season coaches go as far as out right misinformation this early its more like not tipping there hand and general respect to player personnel, I am not a fan of coaches like Del Rio who use the media to call out play
  12. wow this should get the boards going early this morning the love'm/hate'm camps for Shockley and JA98 in one thread.
  13. Good read Tandy thanks. I was not to impressed when I heard Mort was coming to TC because even though he lived in ATL for a long time not sure if he does now he was still hit or miss with his scoops and never really showed the Falcons alot of love but he does know his job I will give him that. A keen observation he brings up not often mentioned was how much our defense was benefitted from Turners ungodly workload and carries from last year that didnt have to be on the feild alot because our offense was. With all the weapons we have this year Mularkey has to remember ball/clock control again an
  14. Thanks Peyton its fans like you and a handful of REAL Falcons fans that keep me coming back day in and day out. Well written too and it brought back the memories, the order could be debated by some but I just enjoyed the perspective!
  15. This article echos my belief as well. White is good at his position great for the Falcons gameplan but not the best in the league.
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