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  1. 'cism thats Appalachain American! LOL
  2. When I was his age me and two other friends were running the streets acting a **** fool and I lost both of them. It help me get straight use this as a positive stay straight bro keep your head in here video games or whatever it takes dont want to loose another Falcon brother.
  3. RIP for your brother lost to young.
  4. Thats what Im talkin about!! Deacon claims to have coined the phrase sack. "He said its like when you cream a multitude you take the whole offense and put'em in a sack and beat it with a bat!" Thats the kind of attitude this Falcons team needs right now! Once again you are the man my vote for Ronnie Lott and Barry Sanders is the original NFL phenom but Flacco has not imppressed me like Ryan.
  5. Gritz you are the man bro great idea, great photoshop skills!! And so right about WP the biggest heart of any player ever, never went out of bounds looked to punish tacklers I have a tone of highlight tapes on sweetness. So dont even bother that silly banter stick to your OP. I would like to see the "Freakon" Deacon Jones! The fav so far Jim Brown wow man could dream of that all day.
  6. This quote from Smitty was in a thread yesterday and of all the things he said the we let the other team dictate our plays really stuck out. I really dont think it has to do with any one facet of our team offense or defense, nor does it have to be passing verses running. There are passing teams that know they do it well and so they come out throwing just like there are running teams that are going to impose there will running. There are also teams that are all defense all the time be it blitz crazy or laid back. I am not concerned if Smitty thinks we need to counter punch so to speak because
  7. I really hated that Smith is game planning reactively to what other teams give us. I know we are a young team and we have to gain alot of experience to get to the point to where we dictate the playcalling. I just hope he doesnt think we will always have to just take what is given to us, thats not the attitude I want as an orginization.
  8. I am not the conspiracy theorist type but after that PI, BS then JA98 roughing the passer and also some questionable spots not to mention WTF were they trying to see with the incomplete pass they tried to say was a fumble and touchdown. If not bias officiating totally and completely incompetent! And like many have mentioned today in other threads that PI in my estimation cost us the game we get that and go up and have momentum.
  9. What gives Tandy is somebody giving you a hard time does Tazz need to crack some heads? Please dont give up all together on this. I have read some of Peytons stuff and he is good no doubt but his style is realist NOBODY can breathe Falcons passion like you into writing this!
  10. LOVE the new sig to nobody is more manly than Eastwood! And I totally forgot that part perfect for the hickry stick award too!!
  11. Ill go second grade hes a ba-aa-aa-ad man!
  12. White: 8 catches, ,123 yrds, 3 tds, 13 cup of Gatoraid and takes Dehomo's wife and ruins her for any other man :blink: :blink: .
  13. I used to sit and watch Emmitt on ESPN and feel so sorry for the guy wondering WTF he just said now I read these and sometimes it takes two or three times of reading the sentence to understand so I guess thats about dead on! lol No diggidy no trout!
  14. OMFG!!!!!!!!! He destroyed Long!!!!!!!!! BUMP for the DEVASTATION!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Congrats Mozzie and so happy to be a fan of this organization GO FALCONS!!!
  16. I so looked forward to your FANtastic enthusiasm for our Falcons the season is underway and we look AWESOME!!!!!
  17. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL YEAH!!!!! I hope it doesnt but it may get yanked again try to blur the NFL/Fox/CBS/SEC logos then its good.
  18. Great food for thought here. Everyone is a casual fan to begin with then evolve I believe into the extreme as their passion for the sport grows. I personally like to watch the game as nothing but a fan not break each play down as it happens, I like getting carried away with the moment letting my emotions melt into the game. I usually record it then go back and break it down play by play. I also started off as strictly a Falcon homer. But as I have gotten older (35) I have come to appreciate all of the game. It helps that I played H.S. and some college to understand the mechanics. But it also o
  19. BUMP !!!!! mommabird I really like the avi old school sweet!!
  20. LOVE that jersey and Scott Case was a hitting machine. I was sick when he went to Dallas! But he got the best hit in the SuperBowl vs. The Steelers not sure who it was but Odonnel lead someone across the middle and Case straight clotheslined him!!!
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