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  1. Not to kick a dead horse in the mouth or vice versa but how did you become such a literary luminary? Who was your inspiration where do you come up with this stuff?
  2. They slap put the hammer on them and refused to cage the monkey, so to speak Alright d lets go out there this week and refuse to cage the monkey!!
  3. "quite translutionally, or the other way arounds, hick-up, I see this a pick your poison kind of situation" I assure you I have NO IDEA what this means ......and its till funny. :blink:
  4. Man if Emmitt got to drink'in too much how in the **** would anyone ever understand a single word? lol And Great Joe Namath reference I guess Tandy is now Suzy Kolber man that was some funny 'ish on national tv!
  5. FREAKIN BEASTLY thats the kind of heart and soul every team should have!
  6. If not lets start a collection! Great post
  7. As soon as I read the title I thought Chicago of course. I was watching the BC ~ VT game just by chance as I didnt like either team and Matty wasnt on my radar yet. And I loved his heart and guts in the drive leading up to that and rolled when he hurrled on national tv. I also remember Fluties bomb and loved him as a player thought he never got the chance he deserved simply because he was short. Good article thanks fro the post I need to go prowl the blog scene to see if there are any more gems over there its been a couple of days.
  8. This is a great article thanks for posting. I like to think of football in theses terms in its most basic natural form is totally predicated on destroying the guy in front of you.
  9. This is the third thread since gameday about it so yeah people are taking notice. I didnt realize it but one poster said he was a track guy in college. So its true burning straight line speed. Also another poster said it looked like the clip from Forrest Gump were Forrest ran onto the practice feild and out ran the team and the ball too funny. But he did smoke the 9ers secondary like they werent there.
  10. Thanks for the post great interview.
  11. Good read brother Gritz did you send them the picture of the idiot of the week award with it? If not you should have and it should be at the top of the article too!
  12. I just voted and also wodered why Matty Ice wasnt in the air player voting? His passing yards were only bested by one of those other QB's and he had a rushing TD? What gives?
  13. Great post Tandy keep the recap coming. And when you watch turn down the volumn or you will get angry fast. They were all talking about the 9er's. To the announcers we didnt win the 9er's defense just didnt show up. Motherbird even had a link to the 9er's board and there fans even noticed the obvious bias!
  14. Thanks for the link momma this is pretty pathetic. And whats more even though we pulled off the most decisive victory look for any clips or props on ESPN or the NFL network its not happening. Still do not understand why?
  15. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that I said to myself Jenkins deserves mad props for that. The commentators mentioned it later in the game how they knew Roddy was fast but he and Jenks looked amazing outrunning the defense.
  16. I was thinking the assistant coach was telling him to see if the booth would review before we had to use a challenge.
  17. I am sure his point wasnt ill will more that TD had enough for sight to think Boley might be injury prone and was definetly underachieving while here.
  18. WOW that looks good check the refelction of the dome lights on the helmet!
  19. Great job again Barry was looking good, but so was Sayers.
  20. Good post I agree on most points. The coaches must be waiting for us to gel on the lines and start clicking on both sides of the ball. The offensive line seems to have lost some momentum from last year but no doubt they are facing stiffer compition stacking the box. On the defensive side of the line it seems like theres alot more work to be done. I am begining to buy into the idea floated here that if we dont have an every down LDE that good teams will play call or audible around whoever is in there, so the rotating idea is hurting us. The RDE spot can still be rotated I think because Abe need
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