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  1. Please get the hit on Rhonde after the interception and with sound if at all possible!
  2. Not a popular sentimate around here but I think it bears repeating. We have a DE of the exact same mold in Biermann same size nearly the same in stats younger and cheaper. We dont always have to think the grass is greener on the otherside give our players a chance to develope.LINK
  3. I mentioned this in the Snelling appreciation thread WICKED hit. I hard the crack and jumped up from my seat. He could have been an awesome LB with hits like that!!
  4. And I almost forgot about that WICKED hit he laid out Barber with after the pic! I heard that crack and jumped up out of my seat. He looked like he could have been one **** of a LB.
  5. Way to go BC I know you just came on board here in 09 but you have quickly become one of the best posters and Falcon fans. Hope your working the hickr'y stick award this week.
  6. Not many things made me happier all year than those 25 broken tackles when it counted most.
  7. Thanks Sups you are first class. A true fan with unwavering support and that it greatly appreciated. Not to mention a taleneted artist, a gentlemen and a scholar.
  8. I cant believe a fellow falcon fan in Ks! Where were you at, Liberal, Dodge City, Garden? I was out there for over a decade thank GAWD I am back in Ga. now!! Western Ks. is the only place in america where you can still drive for hour long streches and not see a house just endless miles of cow pastures (espicially western ks.) Have fun and enjoy the game.
  9. I also think I would rather acquire a CB in offseason I want proven skills and leadership not promise and youth. And yes Oline not sure we need a pass rusher I like 71 and hopefully 55 has a little more left in the tank and he was just injured this year.
  10. Great write up!!! Voting for Babs because what he did this week is what we have needed on the Dline all year. Thanks
  11. It really is this easy I have been on this board for 7 years. I work from home and have the page open almost everyday. I have seen the board quality really go down lots of turmoil the last 3 years. Even when things were good last year the trolls kept rolling. I dreaded logging on Tuesday but was actually surprised but that only lasted a day as by the end of Tue. the same old crap was rolling. I rarely find a thread worthy of commenting on because I dont want every player cut by another team, dont want to fire the coach or bench the team. There is very little football talk anymore. We used to h
  12. I see your a season ticket holder. So I have to ask are you the fat chic that tried to have security throw out a real fan for cheering there team last week?
  13. My prayers and thoughts go out to your family. And your family here on the boards will miss your passion and optimism very much this week.
  14. Bump because its not another ridiculous thread about one poster, one player and his supporters or detractors!!
  15. Had me sweating this week you are getting it in late. But well worth the wait funny stuff.
  16. I second this. He is not a hater he gave credit were credit was due, and gave an excellent overall breakdown of game footage espicially defensively. Its not his fault if JA98 didnt deserve much credit. I read his first two dline reviews went back and watched the game and found them very accurate and fair. Of course if all I wanted was an excuse for my favorite player I would say he was a hater too. JA98 aside we have other players out there and I cant always get the indepth look he gave them. So FalconLord if you read this and have time it would be appreciated.
  17. I think Gruden is intelligent and intense I like him alot as a coach and commentator. The Bucs dont look like they made the right decision right about now. I am not trying to say for Atl. but a good coach. Anyone notice Jaws he must have a boner for Gruden he is always contridicting or picking at him what gives? Oh and on topic he is bias and likes who he likes but so what he is a good blend of color analyst and knows his stuff so can decipher and convey the play by play.
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