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  1. Serial lurker myself. I work on the computer from home and I bounce in and out of TATF easily 5 times every single day of the week. And have been lurking since 2005. Maybe not as much to say as some others but it is without a doubt the best place to get the most up to date team news in one place thanks atljbo and others for that. Sadly I do miss the game analyst and football minds that broke down the games or gave us great discussion threads. Seems like we replaced those guys with the harden supporters and detractors that want to make you believe there cause but instead of fact and information
  2. Cant believe I havent heard this one before simply the truth!And pretty dmn funny!
  3. Thank you sorry very much for sharing Tandy. Rev and anyone else involved great job at putting this together. I wished you could put names to the pics but I remember in the past how immature some posters can be on here so its best to keep everyone anonymous.I will make it next year and really will enjoy meeting some of my fellow Falcon family.
  4. You get +1 for that sweet sig! I was fortunate enough to get to see the headhunter in action.
  5. Thanx atljbo great stuff as always. See if you cant work some real magic and get us Kroy's MMA workout! I seriously think Beerman is something special and hope he gets ample chance to prove that this year.
  6. Ever notice how every LB that plays beside Ray Lewis in Baltimore leaves for a big payday and never pans out?
  7. This is what I found. Im am thinking shakey at best but may be better than what we have if Beirmann doesnt develope more, but like Abe and Beer-man he is smallish for a LE. 2009 Washington Redskins 16 16 62 48 14 11.0 -- 4 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 3 2008 Washington Redskins 16 14 37 23 14 4.0 -- 1 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0 2007 Washington Redskins 16 16 55 43 12 10.5 1 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 4 2006 Washington Redskins 16 16 56 47 9 6.0 -- 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0 2005 San Francisco 49ers 16 14 44 35 9 4.5 -- 2 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 0 2004 San Francisco 49ers 7 6 10 8 2 2.0 -- 1 -- -- 0.0 -- -- 1
  8. Im gonna watch the Longest yard instead its way more entertaining
  9. Name: William C Age: 35 Location: Gainesville Falcon fan since: 1984 Favorite Falcon opponent to see them beat: Saints Favorite Falcon moment: 1998 Championship Game the Greatest game ever played! Favorite move management has made in Atlanta: Authur Blank buying the team Least favorite move Falcon management has made: Firing Dan Reeves Current favorite Falcon player: Matt Ryan All-Time Favorite Falcon: Jesse Tuggle/Scott Case How many times have you seen the Falcons live and favorite moment: Just once on gameday but a few practises at the Branch.
  10. Are you spying on him with google earth again he will read this and go blackout his windows and put on a tinfoil hat!
  11. I had trouble with the yahoo link as well but heres much the same story from AOL. Brooking loved being Mr. Classless against us this year but cant take his own medicine. I say too bad Farve didnt run up in his face and do some ****** dance like he did to us. The only difference in my eyes with what Farve did and what Keith did was Farve actually had something to celebrate and didnt just perform marginally and then celebrate. His hypocrisy knows no bounds! But heres the story. At the two-minute warning of Sunday afternoon's divisional playoff game, the Minnesota Vikings had the ball with a 27-3
  12. Good post +1 for a fan of another team that sounds infinetly more positive than a "fan" from our own team. I will agree that watching its clear that Ryan was restricted. Is it scheme, is it injuries to personel, or personel failing to produce (Jenks) maybe a little of all played a part in it. I think the play calling could be better but if you have TG you do want to work him in. Is it forced or by whom? Who knows
  13. Once again you prove everyone who agrees with you that Rodgers is a QB gawd as you do is the best poster ever. I will give you the system in GB is pass happy but there are other qualities a TEAM needs and I prefer smash mouth run first ball control offenses. You dont play the game to rack up yardage, points or individual stats, "hello you play to win the games" comes to mind. So if that doesnt get me onto the best poster ever list so be it. How much better is Rodgers gonna look next week than Ryan both are home so all his numbers didnt do him any good. Seriously wouldnt this post be more suite
  14. This is exactly what I am talking about. Jenkins REC. 50 YDS 635 AVG.12.7 TDS 1 Drivers REC. 70 YDS 1061 Avg.15.2 TDS 6 Ryans TDS. 22 Rodgers TDS. 30 You give us Driver and GB Jenkins thats Ryan 27 TDS and Rodgers 25. I think Jenkins failed to progress more than anyone else on offense including the OC.
  15. I understand you started this to question the OC but is it the offensive structure or the execution by the recievers? Ok numbers man lets compare our #2 reciever against G.B.'s #2?
  16. Your basing your idea that his oline is worse with the fact that Rodgers was sacked more? I wish we had Tandy's breakdown on exactly how many seconds Rodgers had from snap to contact. I know Ryans was what 1.9 secs? To me Rodgers takes more sacks than Ryan. Seems Matt has alot more throw aways. Which in my book is better. Plus Rodgers has a better second reciever already mentioned and they played a weak schedule already mentioned and I will add to that Matt missed games, not to mention Rodgers lost the playoff game with that last play yesterday. I know I know his line didnt give him time but
  17. Snelling slaughters the monkey off our back with 25 broken tackles against TB bar none the best.
  18. And Romeo Crennel (sp?) as D-coordinator looks like New England all over again.
  19. Great write up! Snelling gets my vote loved the bulldozer action in the fourth espicially. Thanks BC
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