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  1. You and your family are in my heart and prayers.
  2. Even though I would much rather post on the better board I will show my support.
  3. doob I had to steal up on this one this is the best looking Falcons logo I have ever seen I wish this was on our helmet.
  4. PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work supes and I noticed how Falcos carrying the new hickr'y stick too.
  5. If I had I log on to the 9'ers mesage board I would definetly post a good game over there they came to play today.
  6. Been waiting Emmitt great stuff man it never disappoints.
  7. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I was a little slow going this morning and this really really helped to get the blood pumping that game was pure magic.
  8. I believe it was SportsFreak who posted last week that he wouldnt play any preseason games because he was reinjured. The injuries are killing us and a hammy at his position is big I wouldnt be surprised to see him miss time this year.
  9. Say what you want about MP all I can say about that hit is WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
  10. EXACTLY!!! This was my biggest problem when Knapp and the zone/cut blocking scheme was here. And another reason I am not fond of BVG's defensive philosophy. I dont want to trick, suprise, or finess our opponents I want to beat them up!! I want to be the most physical team on the field every Sunday both sides of the ball. Thats what the great teams do thats what they have always done. Its called the Vince Lombardi Trophy for a reason he took the Packer sweep and ran over people, he molded his team into the toughest SOB's on the field game in and game out. You may trick or finesse your way for a
  11. As I listened to the Hall of Fame Speech these threads immediatly came to mind. I thought how in the h e l l can this guy be the same guy who worked at ESPN. I truly marveled at how well spoken Emmitt was and it felt totally surreal! But non the less really enjoy your take on prognostificationism-sisms!!!
  12. Umm.... Ouch thats gotta sting abit +1
  13. Great find thanks for posting! Rodney came across as very football savy. I really liked his points on defense as well espicially the penetration from the middle and pressure from the ends to help the secondary. I wonder if he simply used what the coaches told him verbatim or if thats what he sees from watching the film. He was a bit off on the Brady to play time line and I wish Ryan was a bit more level headed than Rodney made him out to be. Dont get me wrong I LOVE Ryan's passion but he doesnt stay level headed when he makes a mistake or if someone else makes one Ryan is all over it, fuming m
  14. Happy Birthday Tandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Great article love the play breakdowns!!! The writer for this article was Jason Kirk I will be looking for more of his work. And thanks for the post as well +1.
  16. Tandy and Supes both of you make this much more than a message board you make it feel like a Falcon family.
  17. And maybe its my total lack of spelling that keeps me from making an @$$ of myself that keeps me from posting. haha
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