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  1. Ga. deserves both! I was hoping for the Nat. Champ this year and the S.B. in tow years!!
  2. Back off jackoff!!! I have been a member since 03 just lost everything last migration! lol
  3. You know what my problem with these write ups are? This is the quote from the man himself. "The goal? Try and re-create the excitement and enthusiasm of going through the week by week trials and tribulations of watching the Falcons again." Now we all know that we face our trials and tribulations this coming season, thats a fact. It just seems to me since this is a fictional account designed to try and re-create the excitment and enthusiasm, it should be that. Now if the point was to try and for-see an accurate description of how the season will unfold so one could make more links back to t
  4. He's gone so much for a message board hopefull. link
  5. DWII good read as always from an entertainment point of view. At first I thought your endeavour was exhibition in futility. But the way you write it, the attention detail and the effort is outstanding. And many have said and I agree much better than ANY ajc article! I can always feel an emotional connect with these posts. That being said......we are not just 2-2 but 0-2 in the division here buddy. I think that you while entertaining and clever are going to loose some support in this little venture if you see us loose many divisional games. I know your trying for realistic but the truth in real
  6. In December 2003, McKay left the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and was introduced as president and general manager of the Atlanta Falcons. In his first season of directing operations, the Falcons went to the NFC Championship game. link In 2004, Jim Mora was hired by the Atlanta Falcons as their head coach. He led the Falcons to a record of 11-5 and a first round bye in the playoffs. link He was here before Mora!
  7. Oh and lets not forget he passed on Lovie Smith for Jim Mora Jr. And passed on a ton of great canidates like Whisenhunt. Singeltary for Petrino!!! That should have been his death blow!!!! Off with his head! lol
  8. When you lay it all out like this, it really raises my ire! We have got nothing to show for all of McKays lofty accolades. I dont have the link handy but an article out of Tampa bosted how he had a great talent scout when he arrived in T.B. and once that scout left so did T.B.'s draft fortunes. I was also really disappointed when he was relieved of his G.M. role and got a contract extension like a week later for his team president title! WTF? I just want him out of Atl.! But he is so well connected with the ties to the compition commitee Blank will keep his sorry ars around!
  9. Great read, I sure hope it pans out like that. Dont know how I missed week 2 but thanks for the link gone to read it now!
  10. I like this but I still am not sold on Babs he shows flashes of good play but not consistant. And Lewis's numbers were paltry when he did play but has potential. Would still like to see us get a play maker for the middle of the line, but looks like we will have to "develope" one. I wouldnt mind bringing Rod and Grady in for the min. if they could give us there 06 form instead of 07 we would be set!
  11. Hmmm, I wonder if your clip was this last altercation or his first...... In a 2007 "Real Sports" interview, Walker said then teammate Brandon Marshall and his cousin exchanged heated words with two men who later confronted Williams and his group after taking offense when Marshall sprayed them with champagne. Link If this is another altercation after a champagne shower this guy is off the charts stupid and was totally asking for it!
  12. I am currently at work! But will be home in boxers soon!! :w00t:
  13. My vote goes to White!! But they did say that Cohlston has better numbers than T.O., Moss, and Rice at this point! Thats good company I just dont think he can keep up that pace, nobody is surprised by N.O. anymore defenses got Brees number now!
  14. We have to be better! The same experts who said we will be the worst team in the league this year are the same ones that said we had the worst year of any franchise in the history of all pro sports! How can we not get better than the worst in the history! **** Yeah Go Falcons!!!!
  15. Only because the biggest sports machine in the world is in bed with Bill Parcells! ESPN just loves some Tuna!
  16. I am all for the best man at the position starts. I dont care how much so and so makes or if he will be to mentally fragile. I may consider not starting Ryan just so the line can build a cohesion. Watching the NFL net. special we gave up 13 sacks the first two games! I wouldnt want to risk injury because of how that would set the team back with the cap and all until we are playing together as a team on the line.
  17. I hope that Brown can be the third down back we need. I am not just saying that to be a homer, he has all the tools elusive, speed, and strength. they said while at georgia he had the strongest bench press on the entire team! thats strong not sure if it translates to the field at his position but **** the whole team!
  18. I would buy for the vet. league min. We need d-line depth esp. until Lewis is healthy. but doubt that Dimitroff and Snead will after reading the we dont want "out of shape fat guys" comment in the ajc article last week.
  19. At this point seperate coaching staffs have looked at him and we may have to come to the realization that J-Will isnt going to make it, I say lets see if he evn makes the team this year.
  20. The numbers thrown around in the article do make you second guess the hire. All I knew before reading this was his Pitt. history and I was a huge fan of his offense up there, and loved the power running game with an occasional gadget play. Heavy on the occasional! Not alot defferent than the Reeves era here Dan loved that halfback pass. Then this clever post reminded me of something! Another thing completely overlooked by these "analysts" when judging Mularkey, look at what he had to work with in Pittsburgh. Tommy Maddox in TWO seasons with Mularkey. 6250 yards, 38 TD's, 33 INT's Tommy Madd
  21. Although the NFL.com has some respectable view points. they are just there view points and dont take in to consideration alot of other factors. Such as room for growth, development at the nNFL level, and desire of the player. Lets just hope Ryan did not hit his development, learning, and desire ceiling in college.
  22. Just wondering is that picture yours personally? I noticed they both autographed it thats quite the collector if your a MV fan or not.
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