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  1. And I am still watching this clip thank you for posting. As an old defensive player I loved it I jumped up and ran around the living room when it happened. The audio makes it nearly irresistible.
  2. And extra points to whomever spliced in the JR call!!! That was classic and totally appropriate as I heard that playing over and over in my head as I rewound the DVR 15 times after that hit!
  3. I have to agree with you on every point. Honestly I really wanted help on the lines this off season a good tackle on O and a big body on the D line. I think Babs gets pretty good penetration from the inside mostly. So I was pessimistic coming into this game thinking we are looking at a 9-7 or 10-6 win season. This game was heart breaking as any game we loose to the Aints is. But even in the loss I felt better coming out of this game than I felt going into it. The line is O-line is horrid as many worried. I never was sold on Baker he has had one descent season since being drafted. The right sid
  4. I just logged on to say salute Monoxide that was some of the funniest stuff ever. He chewed Buck up and spit him out.
  5. I didnt really see it like this GG. Pretty sure they told our front 7 to play contain and thats what they did. I will agree that after Abe left nobody was shedding blocks but they probably had contain in mind also. I feel like our safties letting the TE run open in the soft middle of the D killed us. C4 wont be rusty next week he has missed a few games with injury and needed to get back to game speed. I expect he will be next week. And that DeCoud will have settled down as well.
  6. *recalls the last RB we drafted from Michigan State throws up a little in mouth* But seriously he looks pretty good and I am totally with ya on the bigger backs. I think that Quizz and the mousie guys should be the exception to and not the rule for a RB.
  7. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/article-1/Falcons-Release-Polite-Sign-Cox/825e2262-1507-4049-b3fd-3ba9a3677bf9
  8. Thoughts and condolences go out to the family. R.I.P. Quinton Million Ayers
  9. You must live in G-Ville! Me too I went to Cheddars last weekend. Its got to be the best resteraunt in town not the absolute greatest food, but pretty good, great prices and very nice atmosphere. I was impressed.
  10. I love the boom effect. That said like someone mentioned Pettigrew wasnt looking. When Spoon tried this on Forte he was left looking stupid. I LOVE me some big hits but dont forget wrapping up is more important!
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