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  1. I Luv the Falcons and the Falcon Girls

  2. Nono

    Glad your a Falcon cheerleader---your a 10

    Cheer us on to our Super Bowl victory next year!! See you in the Dome

  3. Hola... :) Good seeing you at the Dome last Sunday!

  4. Ready for Sunday... we'll be in pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Go Falcons!

  5. Tryouts here we come....... :) Loveyou.

  6. Marge

    I am going to miss dancing on the field with you!! You are so beautiful inside and out! Love you Neta.

  7. Hi <3. I forgot about this thing... cant believe we have tryouts in 24 days! new season=new memories with the marge. be prepared. :) I love you so.

  8. just remembered password to this jazz...hi. yo pretty! :)

  9. PRO BOWL Superstar... thats what you are.

  10. B to the K.

    You da bomb dot com. loves!

  11. Just now seeing your comment! LOL. This thang is so weird. Call me when you get back to the A shawty. Lurve you!

  12. Thanks for the birthday dinner last night! xo!

  13. SNT are the best. love.

  14. Awesome practice, we worked hard! love.

  15. Great practice last night! love.

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