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  1. by DLed for the AJC On where the team stand at safety: Moving Isaiah Oliver to safety? “We are in the beginning stages. As (general manager) Terry (Fontenot) and I are going through the roster, we are looking to add at any position. Ricardo Allen, he was a heck of player here. The circumstances of having to release him, we have all of the respect in the world for Rico. We are going to have to adapt. Isaiah is a guy that’s played inside, we feel good about him. But with a lot of our guys, we’re going to value versatility, but we are still in the early stages with how we are going
  2. by Jeff Schultz for The Athletic The Falcons have a first-time general manager and a first-time coach. So while Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith both come highly recommended — and isn’t that always the case, except maybe that time when ownership hired Marion Campbell twice — nobody really knows how this is going to turn out. The team is $20 million above the salary cap. The roster is half empty. Last season: 4-12. OK, guys: Fix it. But this much seems certain about the immediate future: No player should feel comfortable. This was reaffirmed when Fontenot and Smith visited
  3. by Tori McElhaney for The Athletic Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith’s joint news conference on Tuesday afternoon was supposed to be about the NFL Combine. That was the name of the email the media got: “Combine Media Advisory.” You know, for the combine that isn’t happening. Perhaps that’s why everything besides the non-existent combine was brought up during this call, the first time Fontenot and Smith have spoken to reporters since their introductory news conferences in January. Everything was on the table: What will they do in free agency? What are their plans for the dra
  4. This was written earlier today before the release of Rico, Allen Bailey, and Benkert. by Tori McElhaney for The Athletic In Terry Fontenot’s first appearance as the Falcons’ new general manager, he said that while he understands the realities of the salary-cap situation in Atlanta, his introductory news conference was not the time to speculate what moves he and his staff may or may not make this offseason. “We understand the challenge,” Fontenot said. “There are some talented players on the roster, but we know where we are with the salary cap and understand we are g
  5. The Indianapolis Colts have agreed to send a 2021 third-round pick and a conditional 2022 second-round (that could become a first-rounder) to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Carson Wentz, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter. With one quarterback need solved for the short-term in Indianapolis, how does this change the first round of the 2021 NFL draft? Want more NFL and NFL draft analysis and insight? Subscribe today to never miss a post. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars — QB Trevor Lawrence, Clemson Nothing changes here. The Jaguars still need a quarterback and Trevor L
  6. Thanks bud! I have added a few small drops to the higher proof ones (B520, C920, and the Knob Creek SB), but probably not enough. I really love the flavors from those, but the reflux issue has really kept me from fully enjoying them. I'll add a little more water to see if it helps. Even if it doesn't completely go away, some things are worth the discomfort.
  7. I think that I may pass on the A121. I’m finding that the higher proof bourbons just really aggravate my reflux. I had a glass of the C920 a week ago and the burn kept going for a while. The lower proof bourbons(under 100) don’t seem to bother me. Hope it’s good, bud!
  8. Hey bud. I wanted to drink this for another night before posting my thoughts. Decadent is the right word describe this bourbon. It’s almost like dessert in a glass. I like that the cinnamon is there,but muted. It’s flavorful without being “hot”. Very glad that I picked this up.
  9. Jason Butt is a good writer. He was the Falcons beat writer for The Athletic prior to being "downsized" and replaced with Tori McElhaney.
  10. by Lindsay Jones for The Athletic The NFL made it through its weirdest season ever, and crowned a new Super Bowl champion without needing an asterisk. But even though the pandemic season is over, the NFL may never return to normal. And that might not be a bad thing. “I don’t know when normal is going to occur again,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a Super Bowl week news conference. “I know this – we have learned to operate in a very difficult environment, we have found solutions and will do it again.” From virtual meetings and streamlined scouting to more time at
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