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  1. Matt deserve a Lombardi, he is such a class act on and off the field.
  2. i'll just leave this here. https://youtu.be/wc2cMknlIfk the matt ryan rule at 1:21 mark
  3. This team need some beef in the trenches. I'm tried of seeing us being push around on short yardage runs...
  4. i dont think we will make the playoff this year. This year team is NOT playoff material...
  5. Dan is to much of a players coach, this is not what this team need! He is to buddy buddy with his players!
  6. getting manhandled by a backup tackle...
  7. Simple, this ATLANTA! We are the capital of the south! We are the most popular city in the southeast, they simply hate us because they are jealous.
  8. right right, we all kno that Freeman is the better back out of the two.
  9. Let be honest we all knew this when we got 2 new coordinator this off season.
  10. Because before his injury he was our best cb. Im sure he will get back to form before the season is over.
  11. i think he play like what he is, a average BACKUP RG..
  12. top 3.... 45, 51 and 59 bottom 3.... 22,2, and 92, i really wanna put 42 here also but he's a rookie...
  13. I would offer them a 5th or later, i do believe we need another big body receiver. I also think that this locker room and coaching staff can handle him. What that said it wont matter cuz Sark wont kno how to use him...
  14. im sure any HS coach can be a better play caller than Sark...
  15. lets be honest 95% of FA signing in the past 3 years suck!
  16. Sark has to go and Quinn need to starting calling plays in D.
  17. I think we are very undersize as a team. This is football, we need the beef up front on O and D line... im tired of seeing up push around in the trenches. We don't intimidate anyone with our size and it show, we are just getting man handle by bigger stronger teams..
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