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  1. Or he didn't want to get mixed up with Denver and the possibility of coaching 1 year then getting fired because Denver doesn't win the SB.
  2. I thought I read Denver is going with Gary Kubiak? If so, what other competition exists for us to get Quinn?
  3. Wow, how important does a comma become when reporting on SJ?
  4. I only see it if we play heavily in the FA market. Otherwise, lets stick to solving the real problems we have.
  5. Pleased to see this possible move as well. Let's see if it pans out
  6. Some players choose to make business decisions..Decoud has to be on top of that list. I wonder if pay is directly proportional to tackling stats? Worrilow didn't seem to have an issue yet his pay is bottom of the barrel. Seriously though, I have to agree with others on this. The new CBA is terrible...very restricting in what teams can and cannot do. My hope is the players recognize it and work to modify
  7. Blank almost said it directly in his presser. Improve the team, get to the playoffs or else
  8. I don't think its so much who are our leaders but what the heck does the team do well above all things? What is our identity? A jack of all trades is a master of none..regardless of leadership.
  9. ok so who starts - Davis, Cone? Any chance Robinski is ready...
  10. Maybe you missed this: "The Falcons took a streak of three straight playoff seasons into 2013". So yes, it yielded much succes
  11. So standing before the media ranting and raving does what? He certainly didn't look happy to me but talking about the issues with people who can't fix it solves nothing and could very well make things worse within the locker room
  12. Unlike past seasons where we all knew it was over before the season even started, I have to list this season as the most disappointing. We have seen in each game what our team can do; unfortunately, we can't sustain consistent productivity. So far this season I would classify us as a good 3 qtr team in a 4 qtr league!
  13. Outside of RB, the Falcons need to focus on the trenches. To me it isn't an overhaul so much as it will be a tweak. Filling the TE position may result in revolutioning what we have seen at that position. Tony G is great but he never was Graham/Davis type of TE for us in that he couldn't catch it in stride and run. His routes tended to be drive, turn around and get down. Effective but... I'm looking forward to the offseason and the start of next season. No reason to believe we can't be back in this position with different results.
  14. Ryan to Julio on the small slant that got Ryan his first TD in the NFL. Would be fitting cause I think we ran that out of an I formation so 9ers think run first
  15. If someone could guarantee me a pick 6 or fumble for a def score, I'd say defer. otherwise, take the ball. We need to get our offense settled down cause you know they will be jacked up ready to play
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