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  1. Doesn't seem that long ago I was paying $44 per game for lower level tickets and $20 for parking. It's crazy how much it's changed. Did Gulch Lot A become a bonus add on for club level tickets?
  2. Thanks....I'll look into that. It looks like I might be buying off a secondary market though. Most of the Falcon's options are well away from the Benz.
  3. I appreciate the offer. I may check back with you once I figure out which games we'll be tailgating. Thanks!
  4. I'm seeking some suggestions on good areas to tailgate. I don't tailgate for every game as my wife doesn't enjoy it as much. But, when I bring a friend or my brother, we've always had a good time in the Gulch. Traditionally, I'll drive up MLK, drop through the tunnel and pay on the spot, but it's all permit now. The parking attendant sent us around to the other side off of Baker St. and we entered that way. I know ticket prices have increased, but I didn't realize that parking would be restricted to permit only and prices would have increased as well. I have to say, I'm amazed that regular
  5. I'm in 307 and it was an easy exit for me. Now, I left just before the two minute warning and it had cleared out a lot by then. But, the lack of exits in that one corner does seem odd. I can imagine it will be different for a game that goes down to the wire and has everyone leaving at the same time. There are some odd 'pinch' points here and there, which seems strange considering the whole place seems to dwarf the Dome. But the Dome had so much more corridor space for sure.
  6. Yes, we ended up with a better, temporary 2017 location, at no extra cost, but I'll be first in line for a new, permanent location next year. However, I will have to wait for non renewals to occur before I can be allocated a new, permanent option. While I'm a bit leery about not having a new location locked down, I was very impressed with how everything was handled. Based on my experience of being taken well care of, I expect that next year will be a mirror of this.
  7. NFL Ticket Exchange is the most legit path. Go to NFL.com and click the ´ticket´ tab. I haven't used Stubhub to sell mine since the NFL perfected that with ticketmaster.
  8. Just putting an update out there. I received a call from the Falcons' Warren Parr today and I was offered a couple of options. We ended up discussing the matter and it resulted in a win/win arrangement that I'll be happy with this year. I was very impressed with his professionalism and commitment to improving my situation. While it would have been great to have had a perfect view to begin with, I think in the long run, the Falcons stepped up and made everything right for me.
  9. I'm working on it. They're supposed to get back to me by Wednesday of next week with new options, but the first options were endzone nosebleeds or a refund. There's a good chance that it was a Legend's sales rep who was pushing that though. He wasn't very nice about it either. Personally, I wonder if Blank even knows that this is going on. He's always been so good about customer service and listening to the fans. This seems so out of character for not only the Falcons, but also his method of running a company.
  10. Thanks for the feedback Capitalist. I'll keep working those angles and see where it leads me.
  11. I currently fall under #7 above, with an obstructed view in the 300s. I'm not happy at this time and ended up waiting on hold for a real person for one hour and seven minutes today. My total time on the phone, wait and all, was one hour and 53 minutes. I probably could have strangled the first person I spoke with but luckily I got bumped up to the main guy(who was very professional) after asking to speak to a supervisor four times! I've been told that I'll have an answer on moving by Wednesday of next week. Why so long, I don't know. But, I'm hopeful that this gets resolved in a win/win fas
  12. Hopefully I'll get a call tomorrow and we'll get it settled. Sad to think that emails went out a few weeks ago for this and I will just be starting the process tomorrow. That means if there were allotted seats to take care of these issues, they've been picked over since then. Maybe that's not the case. AB has always been great about taking care of his customers, so I'm optimistic this will still be the case.
  13. Glad to hear they got you taken care of. At least you received an email letting you know that there might be a problem. I'm in 307, row 5 and I didn't receive an email at all. The couple behind me in Row 6 said they did, but I didn't. And, it's not even an issue for them. They sit above where it comes into the field of view. Looks like whoever was responsible for determining the obstruction seats missed mine by one row. I have the exact same issue you did, there's a railing directly in my line of sight and from the angle of my seat in 307, it runs directly down the hash lines from the Falcon's
  14. We loved a lot of what we've seen so far. The 'front porch' entrance with the bar and Jim N Nicks BBQ outside is great. We breezed in with zero wait and that was impressive. It's a quick path to Sec 307 for us at that point. We sit in row 5 and the field seems closer in the Benz than it did in the Dome. Not sure if that's accurate or not. The Halo board is impressive and can easily change the lighting instantly throughout the building. A few negatives...no water refills as everyone has mentioned. It seems the soda water is connected but not regular water. My wife wasn't happy about that. St
  15. 307 was obstructed 100%....because they had a 30ft x 40ft Atlanta United banner hanging over it...:-) Not sure why it was there. It was the only ceiling banner in the whole place and it looked like they forgot to pull it up to it's final height. I could see the Halo board fine from the 300 level, but I'm on row 5.
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