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  1. I like Matt and I believe we blew his prime. He can still win if we have a strong team around him but this will probably be the last year he can carry a team. It’s time to find a replacement so that we can have a smooth transition. We have a chance to get an elite talent with this years pick
  2. Kelce and Gronk has elite QBs throwing to them. Elite QBs will get you a Championship before a TE
  3. TEs don’t win Super Bowls. Tony G was a generational TE talent and made it to 1 Conference Championship Game
  4. I watched the workout. Dude is a hoss. High velocity throws and touch when he needed it. Most of the miss throws were because he was throwing to Rec league talent. Compared to Trevor’s workout there There wasn’t a big drop off. I wish he would of ran the 40 so to see if he is a 4.4 scrambler or 4.7
  5. The red gradient with the black pants were my favorite. With the black socks and black and red shoes. I would like to replace them with the black home jersey and make the black the alternate. I like both white on white and white and black for away games equally. They are both sharp to me. White pants for turf fields and extremely hot days and black pants for grass games
  6. Any word on who he plans to bring in for DC
  7. Dude looks coked out. Need to lay off the powder before team pictures 😂
  8. Good point. The Texans just interviewed him. I like him. He’s a winner. Proven record and have 2 rings on two different teams.
  9. He would clean up the offense for sure. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting out schemed or play calling. At his age he would probably better serve as a good combo with a defensive minded head coach. Navigate Ryan’s final years and groom an up and coming oc on staff
  10. Keep Morris and bring in Jim Caldwell to run the offense
  11. I agree Julio needs to step his game up. I hear he switched his diet to a near vegan diet and doesn’t workout as much in the off-season. Maybe he needs to start eating meat, workout more, and work on his red zone route running.
  12. I am an Old Timer and have visited the boards for over 10 years now. I never signed on to post here for a while now. I only visit to catch the latest news. My old handle was wartownrep on the old site.
  13. I bumped into Dimino at an event a couple of years ago. Couldn't have been a bigger *********.
  14. There's no way they can build the Pantheon stadium with the allotted budget. Prepare yourself for this...
  15. lmao. I need to lose a couple of pounds. I beg you pardon.
  16. It's a kick *** stadium but I'm waiting for the announcement that the retractable roof will be replaced by a sky dome like inflatable due to cost over runs or structural constraints. I have little faith that 360 can pull it off. Met Life was supposed to be a retractable roof stadium as well, but it became a lackluster generic stadium that changes colors. Also don’t count on Arthur Blank spending 100 million on a video board that spans around the perimeter of the roof. At most there will be four regular sized boards hung on each side of the octagon. I'll bet $100.
  17. Don't get me wrong. I like it. But it has an Omni - sh design.
  18. At first I loved the new design and I like that we are thinking out of the box in designing the new stadium. But the more I look at it, the cheesier it looks and over time we are going to say WTF. We had the same experience with the Omni and its "Waffle" roof design. At first it was innovative and futuristic but after 5 years we were scratching our heads.
  19. I heard that Odell is talking to the falcons and could sign with them real soon
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