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  1. Let’s say we draft a QB at 4. Matt starts this year stay healthy. Throw 4400 25 touchdowns. We play the Rookie in special packages and mop duty. 

    After the season the front office say hey we love Matt but it’s time to move in another direction. We are willing to trade you to a good team so that you can chase a ring. 

    Wouldn’t it  be in Matt’s best interest to rework his deal in 2022 so that he is tradable?

  2. 20 hours ago, gazoo said:

    Super athleticism.....which quite frankly means little to me if he doesn't have the ability to read a defense, then stand tall in pocket as he hits the right target based on his read.  The tendency to rely on his physical skills first and tendency to zero in on his primary are red flags to me. 

    Give the kid a whiteboard test that requires him to quickly read a defense and tell our scouts where he would go with the ball presnap, and do it over and over. Brady aced this test. The reason I was sold on Ryan at #3 prior to the draft was he also aced the test. 

    Here is a clip from the linked article from the Athletic:

    And Ryan apparently blew the Falcons’ brass away, especially when it was time to work through football plays on the whiteboard. Never mind the 31 touchdowns to 19 interceptions he posted as a senior at Boston College. Forget the fact that he didn’t complete 60 percent of his throws in his final year. Ryan was a football savant. And he blew the minds of Dimitroff, Smith and Mularkey in that meeting.

    Ryan detailed the inner workings of the game in what was described as a football version of “A Beautiful Mind.” When he was done, Ryan sat down and was exuding a little confidence. He grabbed a pen, flipped it in the air and let it hit the table they were sitting at, as if to say, “I’m done. That’s all you need from me.”


    If we are going to take a QB in the top 5, he needs to have this level of ability to read defenses, period. I don't care if they can scramble or throw a ball 70 yards.


    This is football not rocket science. That beautiful mind ish won us 0 Super Bowls. I interviewed and work with guys like that, smartest in the room, and ended up being duds. I like Matt however..All of the QBs this year graded high in that area . Fields attended Harrison and I believe was a honor roll student. Just because he’s athletic doesn’t make him a dummy.

  3. Lance pro day made me a fan but last night I watched Fields highlights. You forget how talented a passer he is. Dude has a Cannon. He was doing the Wilson pro day one foot across the body throws in the Game. I can’t wait to see his pro day. If he falls to us he will have a chip on his shoulder and out work everyone. Bring him home Fonty

  4. Matt is a great QB but he is old.Also, he went 7 9 7 9 and 4 2 the last three years. And the way the roster is set up no I don’t think we are winning too much next year. The window to build around him has closed. It’s time to look to the future with a heir and reload. We can reload similar to Chandler to Vick. Get a young QB in to shadow Ryan and start to build around him and hit the ground running. This is probably one of the best QB classes I’ve seen. Let’s set ourselves up for the future 

  5. I watched his pro day. I like what I saw. Made every throw and ran a 4.6 40. I haven’t seen him play so I don’t know if he has game but I would pick him up in the 3rd  or 4th round if we go another route in the first

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