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  1. I don’t understand why we cannot get a decent young rb. When it’s clearly a need and they are supposed to be plentiful. We have 2 30 year old rbs. One is a converted wr and a slow practice squad rb. Hopefully the undrafted guy is legit
  2. Reports say we are looking hard to find the right fit at running back on day 2. I figure that’s 2nd rd
  3. I’m sure the Blazers wished they didn’t pass on Jordan when they had Clyde Drexler on the roster
  4. My Fields to Atlanta dreams aren’t looking too good 😂
  5. I hope we get a chance to use Patterson on punts 😂
  6. I think Wilson will be the bust of this draft. I think Mac Jones will be a serviceable starter at best. I think Lawrence may not be as good as everyone think especially going to the Jags
  7. Thanks for the insight. I guess the only way we can get out of Matt’s contact is a RICO charge. 😂
  8. Im an old timer with a new Account. I’ve been on here since the JAM days....
  9. So there is no way to renegotiate a new deal in leu of a trade? Keep the money guaranteed spread it out a year or two
  10. Let’s say we draft a QB at 4. Matt starts this year stay healthy. Throw 4400 25 touchdowns. We play the Rookie in special packages and mop duty. After the season the front office say hey we love Matt but it’s time to move in another direction. We are willing to trade you to a good team so that you can chase a ring. Wouldn’t it be in Matt’s best interest to rework his deal in 2022 so that he is tradable?
  11. Everyone with 2 eyes can see Justin is one of the top 2 QBs in this draft. This reminds me of the Deshaun Watson draft where the “Experts” hyped up the other bums and picked apart and over analyzed Watson’s game
  12. I agree if the Jets and Niners pass on Fields they will regret it
  13. Fields had an awesome pro day. If he falls to 4. We got to take him. The other teams will be fools not to take him
  14. This is football not rocket science. That beautiful mind ish won us 0 Super Bowls. I interviewed and work with guys like that, smartest in the room, and ended up being duds. I like Matt however..All of the QBs this year graded high in that area . Fields attended Harrison and I believe was a honor roll student. Just because he’s athletic doesn’t make him a dummy.
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