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  1. I like the new gradi Best combo. The new red gradient jersey reminds me of this combo. I wish they were our main home Jersey or the Jersey we wear if the home team wears white when we are on the road. The black on black looks hot
  2. Offense we need a rb and a # 2 wr. prefer a WR that’s at least 6 2. Rb and wr will need to run at least a 4.4. Rb need to be good size. A QB to groom is a nice to have. Defense we need a number 2 cb and a stud DT and DE and maybe a linebacker if we need to replace one of them
  3. I see a young Quarterback finding his way and improving every week
  4. I was in the draft Fields crowd and most of us wanted him to sit a year and learn behind Matt. Like..,Aaron Rodgers sat behind Farve. Brady behind Bledsoe. Vick behind Chandler etc
  5. **** Give Fields time it’s only his second start. The other Rookies are going through growing pains as well.
  6. It would be awesome if Matt ended his career here like John Elway. And he only has to win one for me.
  7. If we hold on to the football , the kickoff team covers, and our punter can kick more than 30 yards we should be fine
  8. I admit that I was on the Draft another QB train. But Matt is balling now. Hopefully we can get a couple of playoff runs before he hangs it up.
  9. I agree the tickets are way overpriced. Especially if you are losing
  10. I remember chase doing AJ in college. I knew he was going to be special. I was down with Pitts before I knew about the Julio situation. If Julio wanted out before the draft Chase was a no brainer. Pitts will be great as well. It isn’t easy catching the balls in those tight windows running full speed. His size and speed is amazing.
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